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10 High School Dropouts That Became Billionaires



The words “high school dropout” are often considered synonymous with failure and poverty.

Many dropout struggled to find consistent work or get into prestigious colleges

but this formula doesn’t apply to everyone with enough hard work and determination.

Today we are looking at high school dropouts that became billionaires on our list of

10 High School Dropouts That Became Billionaires.

10. Walt Disney

Walt Disney is perhaps the most revered animator in the history of the world,

his cartoons revolutionized the film industry and made animation viable commercial pursuit. 

As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most academy awards earned by an individual,

having 122 Oscars from 59 nominations but many fans are shocked to learn that the Chicago native was a high school dropout. In 1918 while still in high school,

Disney began taking night courses at the Academy of fine arts in Chicago. Disney dropped out of high school at age 16 to join the army and because he was too young to enlist,

he joined the Red Cross with a forge birth certificate instead. 

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Disney was sent to France where he drove an ambulance that was covered from top to bottom cartoons but eventually became his film characters,

of course we all know that Disney’s characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are now some of the most iconic cartoons

in the world and they have been heavily merchandised as well. 

When Walt Disney passed away in 1966 he was worth about $1 billion Adjusted for inflation,

in the small animation house he founded on October 16,

1923 is now valued at more than $42 billion. 

9. Henry Ford

Henry Ford founder the of Ford motors is generally credited with the proliferation of the ford mobil on a large scale.

Born to an immigrant father and an orphan mother,

Ford was extremely poor growing up,

but he had a knack for mechanical projects.

His father gave him a pocket watch in his early teens and at 15 years

old Ford dismantled and reassembled the time pieces of friends and neighbors dozens of time,

Getting a reputation as a watch repairman,

Henry Ford dropped out of high school and left the family farm when he was 16,

he relocated to Detroit where he came an apprentice in a machine shop and later chief engineer at the Edison illuminating company.

Ford built his first car in 1896 and will go on to revolutionize the assembly line.

After his model T car became the first ubiquitous automobile in the history of the world, Ford went on to radically alter the realms of industrial production and labor philosophy,

his net worth today would be an unbelievable $199 billion.

This is an amazing feet considering the Ford motor company was founded in 1903

with just $28,000 in capital but Henry Ford proves it pays to pursue your passion even if it is initially difficult. 

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8. Amancio Ortega

Even if you don’t know Amancio Ortega by name,

there’s a very good chance you have seen his merchandise on numerous occasions.

He is the founder and former chairman of inditex fashion group best known for its chain of Zara clothing and accessory shops.

The fashion group also owns the chain Zara home,

Massimo dutti, Bershka, pull and bear, Stradivarius and uterque. 

Born in 1936, he started delivering shirts at age 12 after dropping out of school because his family needed the money,

he learned how to make dressing gowns and lingerie with his first wife Rosalia mera with whom he had two children,

thanks to his eye for investments,

he is considered a pioneer in fast fashions. 

Fast fashion are based on runway attire but sold at the price the average person can afford.

Ortega is now the second wealthiest person in

Europe and a sixth wealthiest overall with a net worth of over $73 billion Ortega is notoriously private and

refuses interviews with journalists but one thing is clear a

high school education was not necessary for him to create the largest textile empire in the world. 

7. Kirk Kerkorian

Kirkorian had a difficult childhood but this didn’t impede his rapid path to success as an adult, kerkorian was born into poverty in 1917,

his father was a fruit merchant who immigrated to the United States from Armenia, kerkorian dropped out of school after eighth grade but

eventually made millions in the airline industry putting him on the path to becoming a billionaire, he bought and sold MGM studios three

times And he counted Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra among his good friends,

by the time he died at 98 in 2015 he own many of the major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

  “No business health is interest as much as gaming” according to close friends, kerkorian owned operated and sold a hand full of historic strip resorts,

playing a paramount role in shaping the landscape of the strip in Las Vegas. 

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Publications and historians called kerkorian as one of the

central figures in helping Las Vegas grow into one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. 

 He was an eighth grade dropout who trained his

way to a $15 Billion fortune and for a time became the richest person in Los Angeles. 

6. Francois Pinault

François Pinault is one of the wealthiest man in France and with $30 billion in the bank he also ranks as the 30th richest person

on the planet but things are not always easy for Pinault, he was poor growing up, his family lived in a suburb in Brittany and western

France and his schoolmates teased him relentlessly for his unkempt clothes,

after quitting his high school in 1947 he joined his family’s business,

timber trading. In the 1970s when he already had the necessary business Acumen,

he started buying smaller firms and transforming them into a giant enterprise.

His strategy was taking over smaller enterprises and turning them into megabrands which helped him to establish a sprawling business empire,

his holding company Artemis Essay among many others like converse shoes, Night luggage, château Latour, the veil ski resort in Colorado and Christie’s auction house.

Artemis also owns executive life insurance company, he is also one of the biggest names in fine art collection with an art house worth in excess of $500 million,

on the magazine art reviews 2006 List of Most powerful people in modern art, he was ranked first place. After the Notre Dame the Paris fire of April 15,

2019 he pledged €100 million as a donation for the reconstruction works and repairs at the cathedral. 

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5. David H. Murdock

With a net worth of $3 Billion, 91-year-old David H Murdock has

made some huge contributions to the fields of medical research and higher education. 

Murdoch is the owner and chairman of the dole food company,

the world’s largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, packaged meals and frozen foods. As if that wasn’t enough,

he’s also the owner and CEO of the real estate development company Castle & Cooke but Murdoch wasn’t always the epitome of success,

he dropped out of high school  and was drafted into the army during World War II and was homeless in Detroit after the war,

but he got experience in the real estate market and then he moved to Los Angeles and took Over the nearly bankrupt firm Castle and Cooke,

which own the pineapple and banana producer dole foods company. 

 In 2013 he took dole foods private and a deal that valued his company at $1.6 billion,

now Murdoch is determined to find medical research that will help improve life for people all over the world. 

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4. Richard Branson

Though Richard Branson is not one of the wealthiest people in the world,

his the kind of billionaire with remarkable ideas and flashy businesses that gun attention from the media,

as a result he is a household name in his virgin group which control 400 companies in various fields,

is present all over the world but Branson had a rocky start in life

“I was seen as the dumbest person at school”

the founder and CEO of Virgin group told reporters. “the idea that I could be successful didn’t dawn on me”

as a young student Branson struggled with dyslexia,

He had a hard time keeping up with his classes but what was perceived as a weakness became a source of strength and what’s interesting

about people who are dyslexic is that they cannot excel at

things that they love and have a passion for and I have a passion for quite a lot of things branson said. 

In order to pursue these passions,

Branson dropped out of school when he was seventeen Years old, he found a magazine called students and advertised mail order

records for much cheaper prices as they were generally available from time, the resulting business was Virgin records his first successful venture,

the company now includes virgin Atlantic,

virgin media and virgin galactic, a Space exploration Company. 

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3. Carl Lindner jr

Carl Linda Junior was an Ohio native who founded the dairy empire and died as one of the wealthiest people in the world in 2011.

Linda was a delivery boy for his family’s dairy company during the Great Depression.

With two brothers Robert and Richard and a sister Dorothy,

he opened an ice cream shop with a $1200 loan in 1940..

After dropping out of school at 14 during the great depression he helped to expand his family’s dairy business into United dairy farmers,

a large chain of convenience stores.

Linder left the business and started investing in savings and loans in 1959 then went into insurance in 1971.

The American financial group he bought “Chiquita Brands international” in 1984,

Linda ran banana company until 2001. 

Linder also a big sports fan, opted to buy the Cincinnati Reds which proved to be extremely profitable until he sold his stake in the franchise in 2005,

in his later years Linder focused more on philanthropy and

politics but none of this would’ve been possible without his industrious spirit and work ethic. 

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2. Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis dropped out of high school at 15 to run his father’s catering business

Tavistock banqueting and he is currently worth about $5.3 billion according to forbes. 

The businessman who works from his yacht most of the year,

\owns a planned community in Lake Nona near Orlando  

Which is now one of the fastest growing development in America and houses a medical city that includes numerous medical facilities and university research centers,

after selling the family business in the late 1970s, Lewis moved into currency trading in the 1980s and 1990s,

resulting  in his moved to the Bahamas where he is now a tax exile. 

In September 1992, Louis teamed up with George Saurus to bet on the pound crashing out of the European exchange rate mechanism,

the event which was dub black Wednesday made Lewis very wealthy and some said he made more than saurus,

though many believed that Lewis made his money in a Dishonest manner,

it’s impossible to deny that he use Street Smart and common sense to pivot among numerous industries and become one of the wealthiest man in England. 

Lewis is also an avid art collector,

Lewis’s art collection is estimated to be worth $1 billion it includes works by Picasso, tease,

Lucian And sculptor Henry Moore.

Lewis bought Francis Bacon’s triptych 1974-1977 in 2008 for 26,300,000 pounds,

then a record for postwar artwork bought in Europe. 

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1. John D. Rockefeller

John Rockefeller was born in upstate New York in 1839, his mother Eliza Davison Rockefeller was very religious and very disciplined,

she taught John to work to save and to give to charities. 

By the age of 12 he had saved over $50 from working for neighbors and raising some turkeys for his mother, at the urging of his mother,

he loaned a local Farmer $50 at 7% interest payable in one year,

when the farmer paid him back with interest the next year Rockefeller was impressed and decided to follow his first dollar. 

Rockefeller who barely attended formal school at all in his formative years left to pursue a career in business when he was only 16 years old,

In 1870 Rockefeller founded standard oil company which eventually became a domineering monopoly in the oil industry.

Rockefellers leadership in standard oil brought him great wealth as well as controversy because many oppose Rockefeller’s business practices,

his adjusted net worth was $490 Billion meaning that

he was one of the wealthiest people in history and many times richer than anyone living today.








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This story was written by a Chinese Military Intelligence Officer and has said to remain anonymous. 

WARNING: Shocking And Disturbing Death Stories Ahead!!!!!

I am a senior Chinese military intelligence officer and I know the truth about the coronavirus outbreak.

It is far worse than the media are telling you.

I am a Chinese citizen in Wuhan who occupies — or perhaps occupied — a high-ranking position in military intelligence. I am also a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

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As a senior official near the top of the Party, I have access to a great deal of classified information and I have been involved in many top secret government projects.

I have a doctorate from a leading university in a western country, which is why I am able to write my account in English.

I have information that I believe could lead to the overthrow of my government. It is also relevant to billions of people outside of China, all of whom are now in existential peril.

It will not surprise you to hear that if my identity were to be revealed, my life would be in grave danger, as would those of my wife and son.

I ask you to respect the fact that I have stripped out of this account all facts that would make it easy to identify me.

By now you will be familiar with the recent outbreak of 2019-nCoV, also known as NCP, or simply “coronavirus”.

You will have heard that it originated in Wuhan, an industrial city in China, and that it came from an animal — most likely a bat or a pangolin — that was sold in a wild animal market. You will have been told that it is an influenza-like illness that can in severe cases cause pneumonia, respiratory failure and death.

Finally, you may have heard that although the disease is highly infectious, it is dangerous only to the elderly or to those who have a compromised immune system. The official lethality rate is approximately 2% or so.

All of that is a bunch of lies concocted by the Chinese state with the tacit support of the U.S. deep state and its friends in the European Union, Russia and Australia, and spread by the docile media in all of those countries.

Let me start by telling you that the world does not operate the way you think it does. Although countries like the US and China vie for global dominance, that competition is restricted to certain limited areas. In most ways, the two countries are more interested in cooperation so that they can stop other competing countries from gaining more power.

They also have a shared interest in keeping real power out of the hands of their “ordinary” citizens. To this end, they have many different mechanisms by which they control the overwhelming majority of their media outlets.

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The Americans in particular have perfected the art of creating made-up “divisions” between their two main parties which are designed to hide the fact that both serve the same masters.

These same nations also posses technology that is far more advanced than you can imagine and which is kept carefully hidden from public view.

This includes advanced artificial intelligence capable of undermining and deciding any election in the world; biological and chemical agents that can manipulate and control the thinking patterns and behaviours of citizens to terrifying degrees;

highly sophisticated manipulation techniques using hypnotic practices entirely unknown to the public; and other things that I will not go into now.

My point is that the great nations do not compete so much as work together. Their principal goal is to shield the true workings of the world from the “uninitiated” public.

Just to give you one example, there aren’t actually any nuclear weapons anywhere in the world. The U.S. and the Soviet Union scrapped them all in the 1970s, as did their client states.

Everyone realised that those weapons could not be used without destroying the whole world, so there was no need for them; but by pretending that they still had them, the big players were able to keep the non-nuclear powers in line.

Let me return to the virus.

Last year, large-scale anti-government protests erupted in Hong Kong.

The Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party considered these to be a grave threat to the integrity and stability of the motherland.

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The U.S. government and the EU both knew that the Chinese were secretly working on a biological agent that was supposed to make the protesters docile and obedient.

Without going into detail, I worked on that project. We tried to develop a sort of spray that could be dispersed from helicopters or drones and that would lead to mental retardation and behavioural change.

Naturally, as Hong Kong is one of the most open and international cities in the world, the Party decided that it was too risky to release the agent in Hong Kong without first testing it.

For this, it needed a great number of human guinea pigs.

Two groups were identified for this.

First, we rounded up a large number of so-called “islamic radicals” in Xinjiang Province and took them to what we called “training camps”.

We had already been using these camps for human experimentation for several years, but the Hong Kong protests meant that we redoubled our efforts.

We exposed the inmates to various “alpha” experimental agents.

As these were odourless and invisible, the subjects were not aware that they were taking part in medical trials. The resulting high rates of cancer, premature dementia, suicidal depression and death by organ failure could easily be suppressed, as the camps are located in very remote parts of our motherland.

Once the initial experiments had yielded a “beta” agent, it was transported to Hubei Province, where it was deployed in a special military testing facility outside the city of Wuhan.

This was not even a particularly well-kept secret: the existence of this facility has been reported in international news.

Even the fact that it is located close to the wild animal market is a known fact.

By then our President had already introduced a “social credit” system that allowed us to identify disloyal, counter-revolutionary and bourgeois elements in our society.

Using the social credit scores — which are taken from online activity, electronic shopping behaviour and reports from informers in civil society — we selected some of the worst offenders.

These included human rights lawyers and activists, Christians, homosexuals, artists, intellectuals, people who speak foreign languages, and other undesirables.

Once these troublemakers had been collected and placed in the testing facility, we exposed them to the Agent, which is biochemical in nature and spread in an invisible aerosol, akin to certain viruses. Initial results were encouraging, as we saw significant cognitive decline and reduction in higher mental processing facilities.

Essentially, our undesirables were becoming mildly mentally disabled, which is precisely the effect we wanted to produce in order to pacify the restive population of Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that the Agent also had other effects. About one week after the retardation set in, our subjects developed major anxiety and panic attacks.

Eventually they developed symptoms akin to those of paranoid schizophrenics.

At that point, their bodies rapidly deteriorated. They developed massive internal bleeding; the walls of their arteries dissolved; they bled out of their eyes and orifices, and their tissue disintegrated.

To put it in a more direct Western manner, they started to melt.

Death usually occurred through multiple organ failure. This was preceded by at least five days of severe agony which could not be alleviated by painkillers.

It was at this time that I first violated our protocol: one subject, an elderly lady who had published defamatory cartoons of our President, begged me for death with such insistence that I took pity and shot her. I was reprimanded, but fortunately the complaint was dropped when I agreed to reimburse the cost of the bullet.

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I swore to myself never again to show such unnecessary emotion.

We decided that our Agent was unusable. It was far too destructive for our purposes. We wanted the population of Hong Kong to submit to us; we did not want to exterminate it.

Naturally, our American friends had by then taken an interest in our work and asked us for a sample for their own research and testing purposes.

They hinted that they wished to use it to resolve certain difficulties in Venezuela. Normally we would have agreed, as we maintain friendly relations with the CIA, but given the extremely toxic nature of the Agent, we declined.

This, as it turned out, was a grave mistake.

The CIA was convinced that we had developed something very powerful and wanted to keep it to ourselves. They offered a great deal of money to one of our researchers.

Foolishly, he agreed to sell them a specimen. We found out just in time for the handover and tried to stop it from happening.

In the ensuing shoot-out — don’t bother to look for it in the news, it was never reported anywhere — several dozen people were killed.

More importantly, however, the Agent escaped.

The shoot-out took place at the wild animal market which has been reported as the location of the “animal to human” transmission that started the outbreak.

But of course there was no such transmission; it was just the location where the CIA was supposed to receive the sealed vial containing the Agent.

The vial shattered when it was dropped by the traitor who had agreed to sell it to the Americans.

By now I understand you will be sceptical.

If I really am who I say I am, why would I be sharing this information on the internet? Let me assure you that I am no friend of the Western system of governance.

I love my motherland and I am loyal to the Communist Party. It has lifted hundreds of millions of my compatriots out of squalor and poverty.

However, I am also a human being and I have a conscience.

Most importantly, I have a wife and a son.

Once we realised that the Agent had escaped and would start to spread, we swiftly put all of Wuhan into lockdown.

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I was one of those tasked to manage the fallout of the contamination.

Of course we could not keep such a huge undertaking secret, so we decided to order our state media to report that a “coronavirus” had broken out in Wuhan.

In reality, of course, there is no “coronavirus”. It was all made up.

It was one of my colleagues who came up with the genius idea of pretending that people with the common flu suffered from the coronavirus.

This allowed us to hide the true nature of the disease. Let me explain.

It is currently flu season in China. When we realised that we could no longer control the spread of the Agent, we sent our men to all the hospitals and instructed all doctors to diagnose every case of the common flu as “coronavirus”.

We came up with a new name — 2019-nCoV — and handed out “factsheets” that described a made-up illness.

The result of this decision was that tens of thousands of individuals who were simply suffering from a cold or flu were now diagnosed as having a mysterious coronavirus that, although infectious, was not often lethal.

While this frightened the public, it allowed us to push the narrative that the disease was not that deadly; it also gave us time to prepare for the catastrophe that was sure to come by imposing a lockdown on Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province.

You have not heard this in the news — and given the size of Wuhan, with its population of 11 million, it is not known even to many of the residents — but within days thousands upon thousands were infected and before long they suffered the agonising deaths that I have already described.

Within a week, there were so many corpses that we did not know what to do with them, so we ordered the surviving social credit prisoners to drive the bodies into the countryside and bury them in mass graves. But it was very difficult to keep this activity secret, and we could not even keep up as there were so many corpses.

We planted a story that five million residents had “fled” Wuhan.

In reality, of course, many of those people had died from the Agent.

I was working around the clock helping to orchestrate this cover-up. When I think back to my actions now, I feel great shame.

At the time I still believed that I was fighting for my motherland and that the rule of the Party was right and just. But deep down, I had already begun to have doubts.

My faith in the Party was shaken even more deeply when I learnt what had happened to Dr Li Wenliang. He was one of the few doctors who refused falsely to diagnose flu patients with the “coronavirus”.

As a punishment, he was sent to help transport dead bodies to mass graves. The expectation was that he would be infected with the Agent and die an agonising death, but to our great surprise, he did not contract the illness.

You have of course read that he died of “coronavirus”.

You have been misinformed.

A sergeant of the People’s Armed Police injected him with a mixture of heroin and mercury that caused his lungs to deflate.

When I found out about this I became unsure whether or not I was doing the right thing.

While I believe that it is appropriate for a government to rule with a severe hand, I do not think that it was right to kill Dr Li.

He was a compassionate and kind man and he cared about his patients; how can our motherland not benefit from having such a doctor?

I shared my concerns with my wife, but she convinced me that I should not say anything to my superiors. She said that it was too dangerous; that they valued loyalty above everything else; and that I would only find trouble if I admitted to my doubts about their practices. She also pointed out that we benefited from priority medical treatment.

As senior officials, we received regular supplies of the highly-sophisticated hazmat masks that are the only known technology that can prevent infection.

She implored me to think of our son, who is still small. If I spoke out and were caught, our lives would be at risk.

Around the same time, it became clear that the Agent was entirely beyond our control. It was spreading like wildfire throughout Hubei Province and beyond, infecting tens of millions and causing them all to die.

I understand that what I just said is difficult to believe, because you have been told that there have been only about 50,000 infections, and far fewer deaths.

But these are the influenza infections that have been falsely passed off as the non-existent “coronavirus”.

The Agent is far, far more contagious than that, and its fatality rate, unlike the “coronavirus”, is not 2%.

No, its fatality rate is 100%.

Nobody recovers from it. Everybody who contracts it dies.

And a lot of people are contracting it.

Hubei Province lies in ruins. The various travel restrictions and lockdowns that have been imposed were not created to stop the spread of the Agent — none of them can stop it, not embargoes, not face masks or hand sanitiser — but to stop the survivors from seeing the catastrophe with their own eyes.

I am part of the greatest cover-up in human history: the hiding of the deaths of tens of millions. Very soon, Hubei Province will be no more than a giant mortuary, and the truth will come out.

For me, the turning point came when the Party told yet another lie, and that lie was too dreadful even for me to accept.

You may have heard that China built a new hospital, called Huoshen Shan Hospital, in Wuhan, in order to provide additional quarantine and isolation facilities for infected patients.

You may have heard that they built it in only ten days.

That too is a lie.

Sure, they did build something in six days.

But it was not a hospital.

The true nature of the building was top secret. Initially, I was naive enough to believe that the Party was demonstrating its compassion and care for the people. But then my superiors sent me to Hu Shahenshah.

I was shown around the installation by a military police officer called Corporal Meng (this is not his real name). It was there that I saw the truth.

As I have mentioned, the only way to protect oneself from the Agent is by wearing a special protective mask that is entirely unlike those available commercially.

Even medical professionals do not have access to it. It is available only to biomedical warfare researchers and it contains extremely advanced technology.

These masks need to be kept at a particular temperature to offer full protection, and lose their effectiveness very quickly.

As I have also already said, one of the benefits of my position was that both my family and I had access to regular supplies, which is why were safe when compared to civilians, doctors and even lower-level government officials, all of whom wore utterly ineffective surgical masks in the misguided belief that they would protect them.

And so, wearing this special equipment, I went to Huoshenshan with Corporal Meng.

Whatever you want to call that place, it is not a hospital.

Sure, the entrance looks like a hospital and in the ward at the front of the complex, there are what appear to be normal medical beds.

There, thousands of infected patients lie, all of them in the early stages of the disease. I walked along those long, white corridors next to Corporal Meng, his angular face dispassionate in his military fatigues, and saw hundreds upon hundreds of identical hospital beds on which squirmed the terrified and diseased inhabitants of Wuhan.

Their cries and pleads haunt me in the long nights in which I now am unable to sleep.

But this was merely the beginning. Eventually the Corporal took me to the rear of this front section. There, locked metal gates led to what he called the “middle section”.

The patients in the front are unaware of its existence. It is there that the more advanced cases are kept, in what most closely resembles a mental asylum.

Immediately upon entering this part of Huoshenshan I was struck by the dim lighting and stench of vomit and human waste.

Here the unfortunates roamed freely, their minds gradually disintegrating in endless panic attacks and psychotic episodes. Here too there were no more doctors, merely gorilla-faced men in black uniforms who belonged to some secret branch of the military police I had never heard of.

They appeared to have been selected for their cruelty, for they beat and degraded the patients in the most sadistic manner. Many of the inmates had regressed to childlike states and lay on the floor weeping like infants and begging for compassion that they did not receive.

There was cruel pleasure in the eyes of these thugs as they brutalised the unfortunates. They beat them with batons, sprayed pepper spray into their eyes and kicked them with their steel-capped boots. As I was from military intelligence, the guards did not even attempt to hide their activities. They even invited me to join; in every way, they treated me as one of them.

Yes, one of them.

I stood in the grey staff bathroom of Huoshen Shan and looked into a cheap mirror and asked myself — is this really what you are? Are you really like them?

But the violence was not merely an expression of sadism, for the poor inmates were not there to be cared for.

They were there to work.

There was one more set of doors, and beyond them lay what the Corporal called the “Core”. And it was there that I saw it — piles and piles of dead bodies, stacked on top of one another all the way to the ceiling.

There were men, women and children, elderlies and toddlers, rich and poor, beautiful and misshapen, proud and humble.

They were all of them dead.

Our Agent made no distinction between any of them.

I gasped when the Corporal led me to the Core. I cannot count how many there were, but it was many, many thousands.

And in the midst of the piles of corpses was a kind of path, and I heard a roaring sound in the distance.

The miserable patients from the middle section picked up the dead and carried and dragged them away into the dark, even as the guards beat them with truncheons.

It took me a little while before I grasped what was happening. I simply could not believe what lay at the end of that path in the Core.

It was an enormous furnace, with great fires roaring within.

One by one, their minds destroyed and their bodies twisted, the dying men and women carried the corpses to the furnace and cast them inside in a doomed attempt to hide the dreadful truth. I saw several of them collapse from exhaustion only for their lifeless bodies to be added to the mountains of corpses on both sides.

In a seemingly endless line they went, their emaciated bodies clad in grey overalls, their backs bent under the weight of their dreadful cargo.

Many howled and groaned in terror and their voices joined in a sorrowful cacophony that lingered over the roar of the fires.

In deep shock, I stared at the boundless horror before me. Beside me stood Corporal Meng, his freshly-shaved face as emotionless as before.

When I turned to face him, he looked at me.

His mouth smiled, but his eyes did not.

“We use the energy to operate Huoshenshan,” he said.

“We save the state considerable resources in this way. And look,” — he waved at the gallery of the dead — “there are so many of them here. You could almost describe it as renewable energy.

” He laughed and waved his hand in a strangely camp gesture.

I stood speechless and stared at the infernal scenes before me. Men in black uniforms screamed like daemons at the wretches who were disposing of the corpses for them.

They stripped the dead of anything that had value — jewellery, cash, expensive clothing — and tossed these items onto an enormous pile next to the furnace.

When I asked the Corporal what would be done with the items, they said that they would be used to pay for the “healthcare expenses” incurred by the patients’ stay in Huoshen Shan.

I vomited in the toilet. When I flushed and came out of the stall, Corporal Meng stood by the door and looked at me.

His face was as blank as before, but in his eyes I thought I registered a very faint trace of contempt.

You are ten years my senior, the look said, but you are soft.

I thanked him for his service and went home.

When I arrived, I saw that I had received hundreds of updates on the encrypted device the Party uses to communicate to insiders. The news were unimaginably grim.

The State Legal and Economic Commission had allocated funds for the construction of dozens of facilities like Huoshen Shan all throughout China.

The Agent had spread not only to every single province of the motherland, but to most other nations in the world.

Fortunately, we had agreements in place with other governments — they agreed to pretend that the infections were due to a coronavirus.

They were just as worried as we were that a panic might break out in their countries. The Americans in particular were terrified that the S&P 500 might decline.

This, they said, would be unacceptable in an election year, so we could count on their full support.

Of course the World Health Organisation also helped us. For a long time, the only issue with the WHO has been that we have been locked in a contest with the Americans about who bribes them more.

They released all sorts of sophisticated misinformation about having decoded the DNA of the so-called coronavirus. All this has allowed us to stave off a global panic.

For now.

Yet the situation was worsening with astonishing speed. I am reluctant to reveal too much on this point, as it would make it too easy for my enemies to identify me, but we quickly began to implement measures to protect our most senior leaders. If you look at the world news, you will see that Xi Jinping, our President, disappeared for approximately one week after the outbreak, before being seen again with the leader of Cambodia.

You should know that the person who met the Cambodian leader was not President Xi. It was a body double who had, for many years, been trained to look and sound just like our President.

President Xi is of course not careless enough to risk his own life.

He is safely ensconced in a secret bunker underneath Zhongnanhai, the headquarters of the Party in Beijing.

Nor was he the only leader who is in hiding. In fact, I can assure you that over half of all senior Party members are currently being imitated by trained actors who are following instructions given to them via special implants.

Do you really think that our Prime Minister would risk his life by going to Wuhan?

All of this means that our government has become utterly paralysed and the functions of the state have been taken over by the military.

It became clear to me that our efforts were pointless. Yes, the lockdowns, travel bans and targeted assassinations of rebellious journalists allowed us to hide the true situation in Wuhan; but I knew that this would not last.

Once the mass deaths begin in the rest of the world — in our estimation, this should happen within the next week or so — everyone will know the truth. It will become clear that we cannot protect ourselves from the Agent.

Surgical masks, hand sanitiser, gloves — nothing can stop it. Nothing except the special hazmat masks, but those cannot be produced in anything like sufficient quantities.

You, an ordinary person, will never even receive one, let alone a sufficient number to see you through the coming holocaust.

For those of you reading this, therefore, all I can suggest is that you keep your loved ones close to you. Hug them, tell them what they mean to you.

Enjoy the time you have left with them.

It is not typical in Chinese culture to express one’s feelings in this way, but I have learnt the importance of such gestures.

I promised my wife that I would show this document to her before I posted it.

Yet I broke my word.

I hear her weep in loud, hoarse sobs in the bedroom, and the keyboard of my laptop is wet with my own tears. Not long ago, we received results of the regular tests that are part of our “priority medical treatment”,

and we learnt that my son had been infected with the Agent.

The military police that has supplied me with the special protective mask had been giving expired and ineffective masks to my son, masks that senior officials had already worn and then discarded when they ceased to protect them. My own masks, on the other hand, had always been of the necessary quality.

I suppose they decided that my son was of lower priority than me. I suppose my son could not help them with their cover-up.

We had long ago decided that we would be different — we would be honest with him, always. And so when he asked us, we told him the truth.

We told him that he was very sick. He asked more, and we told him he would not get better.

He continued asking, and we told him that he would die.

He is very small, but he was old enough to understand.

His terrified wails will haunt me for the rest of my miserable days in this world.

Let them come. Let them do with me as they will. I no longer care.



coronavirus vaccine

coronavirus symptoms

coronavirus treatment

coronavirus china

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How To Promote Your Music — Upcoming Artists




how to promote your music

Finding that you have fantastic music but no one’s actually listening,

you’re not alone. Here are the three best ways to promote your music in this new year 2020.  

2019 has ended and I hope you all had an amazing year for your music,

it has been marketed well and you’ve gotten out to a bigger audience, but what’s happening in 2020?

Is the techniques that you have been using going to still be effective?

which ones are the most effective? are some of them not gonna be effective at all?

Well in this article I’m going to tell you all about that, I’m gonna prepare you for 2020 by giving you my three best promotional techniques for any artist that wants to succeed in the new year,

it’ll guarantee that you are prepared for 2020 with the three best marketing techniques you could possibly have to ensure

you actually break through the noise to ensure that your Fanbase actually grows and to ensure the 2020 is a lot better than your 2019. 

If you are an upcoming artist then these three techniques that I’m going to tell you are actually going to get you good results and yes they’re working currently even bigger and better in this new year which means you’re gonna be on top of it,

you’re gonna be way ahead all of the other artistes fighting to get heard so it’s definitely worth sticking around till the end because i’m going to be talking about the predictions for 2020,

what’s going to happen in the new year And these are not just opinions from me but it’s also going to be opinions from marketing managers at major labels,

leading booking agencies, streaming platforms. 

You might thinking get into it already, what are these three things that’s going to help my music succeed,

help me get my music out to a bigger audience so let’s jump straight into it. 

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If you are an upcoming artists then I am most certain you’re not utilizing social media in the best absolute way, so let’s start with that:

How To Promote Your Music On Social Media

1. Promotional Strategy 

The first thing or rather the one thing that’s going to be a massive part of every artist promotional

strategy from the new year will be social media advertising and the reason for this is because the

organic reach currently on social media platforms is getting lower and lower every single day and in this 2020,

it’s gonna be lower even more. 

If you are looking at Facebook, Facebook Pages used to be so kit for an artists but now the organic reach is  around 2% with Instagram,

the organic reach used to be huge because post would be chronological on someone’s feed but now it’s not like that,

it’s all based on the algorithm and often I don’t know what’s going on inside Facebook,

Instagram and Snapchat or any of these places but the truth is that they are there to get money and the best way to do this is through ads so it’s going to become more and more popular and people will be fighting for that space a lot more.

This doesn’t mean you need a huge budget but what it does mean is every single artist needs to be using social media advertising but you need to be using it in a smart efficient way. 

I have seen endless amounts of comments from upcoming artistes saying that social media advertising doesn’t work, it just isn’t true. 

As an upcoming artistes you can have insane engagement through social media advertising which will definitely lead to tons of followers on your social media handles and more importantly tons of engagement and this cannot be done by just putting out a post of the artist face and putting out a little snippet from the music video,  it has to be creative. 

Before doing anything else you need to know where your end goal is,

you need to know whether you’re doing these ads to get Instagram followers, to get streams or to get ticket sales and this is key because you can’t do all three of these things via one ad,

you need to know what that end gold is because the best thing to do on social media advertising is using a funnel. 

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This funnel is so important because with brands it takes about seven ads for someone to actually make a purchase and with music that’s gonna be even harder because you need to push the music without even having the sound on sometimes

so it might be seven or it might be ten times that you need to push it out in front of someone and that doesn’t mean just one singular ad,

that means different ads that is putting your brand across putting that colors that font whatever it is that someone can recognize and grip on to. 

So the best method is a funnel, how this funnel is done is that right on top of that funnel it needs to raise awareness so all you’re doing is introducing yourself to a new audience so that can’t be too much sales,

it needs to be something that adds value and everything in between the top and right at the bottom of that funnel Just need to be pushing and pushing and pushing towards the bottom of the funnel which could be getting a follow on Instagram,

which could also be getting a stream. 

It sounds like a lot of effort but it does work because you’re building a connection with that person and you can see in the date how many people are engaging so you can actually only retarget the people that are engaging so you’re not wasting your money. 

You got to remember that these platforms are actually free.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube all of them are free to use so you can’t complain that the organic reach is dropping.

It’s a free platform so the fact that you even got it the first place is fantastic. 

Technology is always going to change and you just have to adapt with it and that doesn’t mean spending thousands on ads,

it just means using that funnel,

being creative with it. 

The main thing to remember about all of these ads is that they are not going to be effective if you are pushing people to something which isn’t high-quality,

so if you’re pushing people to Spotify and you’ve only got one song on there then you’re spending a lot of money on people just to stream one song,

if you’re pushing people to Instagram and there’s basically no content on that then you are wasting money again. 

You need to have that platform populated,

it needs to have that content on there which leaves me nicely into tip number two which is: 


Content is King and that will stay forever,

yes the platforms might change, yes people may move across to TikTok,

you might move across to a new platform we haven’t even seen yet but it’s always gonna be content,

everyone are always gonna be engaged with content because that is how people are gonna be speaking to artists,

engaging with them,

falling in love with them and their music because the best thing besides that is playing live and artist can’t play live every single day. 

In this year 2020 content is going to be even more powerful because more artists are gonna release music,

more artists are often going to be creating more high-quality content which you’re going to be competing with. 

The latest stats from Spotify was that 40,000 tracks are loaded to the platform everyday, Imagine what it’s gonna be like in 2020,

you’re going to be competing with tens of thousands of songs every single day which means all of those artists are going to create Instagram profiles, are going to create a Twitter profile,

a TikTok profile and you’re going to be competing with them so imagine you are ahead of the game and you released so much content that the algorithm favors you hugely,

imagine you’ve got one piece of content with people constantly coming back to and it constantly keeps coming out of people’s Facebook timelines and the only way that’s going to happen is if you’re creating good content consistently. 

The main power of content, the main reason it works is because it tells the story, it’s so personal, for example:

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YouTube, there were tons of YouTubers doing the exact same content,

the people you subscribe to you subscribe them for a reason you follow it because of a story, you fall in love with the story, you understand the story, you have that relationship with the person as an artist you need to tell that story you need to take those people (the consumers) on that story with you, take them on that journey. 

For plenty of artists, that story is just the story of them and how they’ve become an artist,

how they want to get signed or perhaps they’ve been signed already and they’re taking the fans on that journey with them. 

Your story might be a little more personal than that,

everything in your content should relate to your story. 

Take Billie Eilish for example,

simple things like her clothes, the clothes she wears represent her story she wants to be able to be relatable for her gender side and she wants to be able to get into the minds of them,

speak like them, give them music which they can relate to so what she does is she wears baggy clothes,

she wears really stylish clothes but they are baggy and it favors her as well even with her massive hoodies and tracksuit and the reason

she does this is because she feels that women in music are being sexualized and she never wants to be sexualized, she wants to be her own artist and people love her for the music. 

That in itself is a story assigned people want to hear more of and that is portrayed through her content so find what your story is.

You may not even be able to think of it so you may have to sit down and speak with your band, speak with your manager,

speak with your friends who been there from the beginning and don’t just focus on one platform as well because as i said in the previous tip about using social media and the reason you have to use ads is because the organic reach is dropping,

but the more ads that run on a platform the more the consumer gets frustrated and wants to leave so that could become the case with a lot of these platforms, people might stop using Facebook,

people might stop using Instagram and if that’s the case then all your followers are on there and they are a little bit stuffed so make sure you’re in all of them

but some you’ll probably be more naturally and you can put more effort in those and once you’ve got that cool audience you need to make sure that you can bring them across to whatever platform you want them to go see. 

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So you will see plenty of YouTubers that are doing equally as well on Instagram or TickTock. 

3.The Perfect Release Strategy

A few of you might be thinking that a release strategy is not a way to promote your music,

but in 2020 is going to be because algorithm are going to completely take over which means if you’re not releasing your music correctly it’s not going to be getting the reach it could be getting and you’re not gonna be able to promote it as well. Spotify’s algorithm,

Instagram’s algorithm,

YouTube algorithm all of these things in factual music release and if you’re not releasing in the most efficient way then your music is not be put out to as many people as it can,

so the best really strategy that you can possibly follow in 2020 is releasing singles often, so i suggest releasing one single every other month,

the reason for this is because this gives you time prior to the single to release it, to promote it, to hype it up and then actually after the release you have some time to push out to your audiences,

get those streams, get that engagement and also start working on the next one. Some of you may think this is a lot to deal with that that’s a lot of songs but majority of artists wants to release an album a year so instead just spread that out into singles,

the reason this is so important is because of the algorithm,

Spotify favors artists who are populating their platform so if you’re putting out music they’re gonna love you rather than an artist that is releasing one product a year and then just hoping for the best. 

If you’re releasing a single every other month or every month then they’ll be willing to test it out more with the audience and same with other platforms with your content.

If you’re putting out content on Instagram,

on YouTube the algorithm is going to favor you because you’re keeping people in the classroom for longer,

with YouTubers there’s always this rumor that it takes 100 videos for you to fully get pushed out by the algorithm. 

Algorithms are fantastic for artists because it means that that gatekeeper has disappeared it’s all down to the market,

they decide whether the content is good and if you’re creating high-quality music,

high-quality content you’re telling that story you’re being authentic then the algorithm will always work in your favor. 

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The conclusion I’ve come to is two things the first thing is that Algorithms are massively going to take over and I think this is fantastic because

as i just said it means there’s not gonna be a gatekeeper so if you’re a good artist these algorithms are going to mean that you will smash it. 

Spotify editors said dealing with 40,000 tracks daily is just not doable,

that algorithm is going to have to take more and more control which means editorial playlist perhaps some of them are going to be completely algorithmic perhaps half and half which they’ve started to bring in recently or perhaps,

they just stop pulling them entirely and based all of the playlist on the Algorithm so I guess we’ll see but I do genuinely believe that this algorithm for majority of platforms is going to get more powerful. 

Final Tiktok, Tiktok is only going to get bigger, since last year Tiktok has seen growth of 500%. 

They uses the money that they are bringing in, the engagement, the amount of time spent on the platform and all of it’s growing, people spend on average 52 minutes on TikTok a day,

compare to Facebook which is 58 minutes, Facebook has been around for about 15 years so that comparison is insane. 

People are calling Tiktok the new Facebook,

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Tiktok is only about two years old and the growth seen in that time is phenomenal and the more people come into the platform the more the range of contents. 

It has been amazing, it’s started very much as a bit of a childish platform just like Instagram, Snapchat did.

It was just young people playing around on the app like they always do because children are more likely to be on these platforms than more tech savvy but more recently a lot of different content creators are now on the platform.

TV presenters, sportsman, gamers etc are now on the platform. 

And they are all using it in a different way,

there’s so much creative freedom with TikTok and the growth you see on there is fantastic because that algorithm right now is pretty simple it’s a bit like Spotify where they will take your track and put it out to the audience and test the reaction and if it does well, then they will push it out even more so I see exact same with Tik Tok and if your Tik Tok is doing well then they will keep pushing it out more and more. 

I hope you find this article helpful, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below because I love hearing from my readers. 

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How To Make ₦50,000 To ₦150,000 Monthly Using Inksnation Pinkard.




Firstly, you must have already purchased a membership plan and also have done your KYC and printed and also activated your pinkard. 

Thereafter, you will be credited with ₦70,000 registration slots to your pinkard which you will then use to start registering people

and then return ₦20,000 back to the system and you keep the remaining ₦50,000 for yourself. 

So I will unravel how that can be done from start to finish on this article but if you have not registered yet then I strongly recommend this article I put together on how to get started with that and also some pretty interesting stuffs along with the article,so do check that out before proceeding with this one. 

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Okay, so here we go:

How to register a new member with pinkard using Pay4Me or paying directly from the person’s account. 

In other to simplify the use of inksnation pinkard for registration of new members,

inksnation introduced pay4me and pay directly from the person’s account. 

NOTE: Pinkard is only for members who are ready to use it to bring in new members and have received the initial capital of ₦70,000 on the pinkard after activation. 

These are members that are ready to make over ₦50,000 to ₦150,000 every month before August 2020 and the process is initiated to speed up the journey to a poverty free Nigeria and financial inclusion for ensuring swift registration process for the ongoing poverty eradication scheme for Nigeria. 

Kids, old people and members who are not ready to do the humanitarian work of using pinkard to bring in new members are advised to keep their pinkard without activating it till August 2020. 

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How To Use Pay4Me

Enter on your web address and then login to your inksnation account by entering your login details, Once you’ve gained access to your dashboard,

locate “Pay4Me” from your dashboard and click on it then it will show you some drop down items then proceed further to filling in the persons details correctly such as

membership plan, beneficiary username, card number, wallet ID, expiration date and card pin. 


Choose the membership plan of either Bronze, Gold, Silver or Diamond in which the new member is interested in. 

Beneficiary username:

This is the beneficiary username of the person to be paid for, the username must be filled correctly. 

Card number:

Enter the card number of your pinkard which you can easily locate at the front page of your pinkard. 

NOTE: only use your personal pinkard because other people’s pinkard will not work here. 

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Wallet ID:

Enter the wallet ID of your pinkard which you can easily locate at the back of your pinkard and it starts with the number “5”.  

Card expiration date:

Enter your card expiration date, the month and the year which you can easily locate at the front of your pinkard. 

Card pin:

Lastly, enter your card pin which is your 4 digit pin, once you have successfully done that then click on pay and the exact amount of the membership plan chosen would be deducted from your account. 

Now you have successfully registered a new member and you are to continue in that process until your balance is exhausted. 

After exhausting the ₦70,000 your profit is ₦50,000 while you return ₦20,000 back to get another ₦70,000 as top up to continue the cycle of registration and top up over and over again. (making  ₦50,000 for every single topping up).

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How To Register Directly From The Person’s Account 

Visit the insknation website at and click on sign up to register a new member,

once the registration is done then payment option will pop up on the screen for you to choose a membership plan and pay with pinkard. 

So you pick a plan of either bronze, silver, gold or diamond and select pay with pinkard after which you have inputted your card number, wallet ID, card expiration date and pin you will then click on pay which will automatically deduct the exact amount from your pinkard according to the exact amount chosen and the new member will be funded automatically and always make sure you collect your cash from whoever you are paying for with your pinkard. 

NOTE: No one is allowed to charge above or even below the specific amount  for the membership plans. 


The whole process of registering with pinkard right now is to increase the growth of the inksnation members as to also increase the federal reserve. 

So whenever you register someone, do make sure you tell them or walk them through the whole process of registering a new member and you can also refer them to this article for smooth registration process.

That will not only speed up the process of acquiring more living nodes but will also put money in your pocket over and over again before August 12th. 

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How to start your journey as a freelance writer: A Step by Step Guide.




how to start your journey as a freelance writer

So you wanna start freelance writing but you have no experience and you’ve already done some research and looked into it,

probably seeing people recommend things like upwork or fiverr content mills that wanna pay you 1 penny per word. 

Those sites are just the worst,

I mean more often than not,

you barely get paid anything and you don’t get any real experience working with clients or doing work that will help you improve your portfolio and

building for work also means a race to the bottom so you’re competing on price and not on value and that really sucks for you. 

And you might be thinking “well doesn’t everybody start somewhere, doesn’t everyone start out on a platform or using contact mills”

well everybody does starts somewhere but that somewhere doesn’t have to be a sh**ty bidding site where you end up getting paid less than minimum wage for your work,

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so today we are going to break down the exact steps that you can take to start a freelance writing business on your own terms without using content mills and bidding sites. 

But before I drop the steps to take on conquering freelance writing,

let us first understand what freelance writing is:

What Is Freelance Writing 

Freelance writing is writing words online and getting paid. Seriously, That’s it. 

You are basically a pen for hire, well not really a pen but you know what I mean.

All you have to do is type stuff up on your laptop and submit stuff to clients on time and you are a freelance writer. 

Now of course there’s a lot more to it than that which I’m gonna cover here in just a minute but freelance writing is one of the greatest ways to get started making money online.

There’s a big stigma out there that it’s really tough to make money online or that YOU have to have

all this experience and you have to have all these tech skills but to be honest with you that’s just not the case. 

The truth is if you have a knowledge and have basic writing skills then you can make money as a freelance writer so how do you actually get started as a freelance writer?

well that’s a great thing,

there is content needs in every niche whether you want to write about theater or film or Golf or football whatever it is there is absolutely a niche that you can write in and make money. 

That’s the cool thing about freelance writing is that everyone has a specific set of skills that people will pay you for. 

Now there’s a lot of different writing out there,

you can be a copy writer for emails, you can be a content writer,

you can write resumes you can do all kinds of different niches.

But the thing I really recommend if you have no experience as a writer and really want to just get your foot in the door and actually start making money online then

I highly recommend becoming a content writer because you don’t have to have a ton of persuasive skills that you do for email copywriting and working on sales pages and letters and things like that,

with content writing you’re basically just writing either a how to guide or doing a review for a camera,

golf club or a book or whatever you’re writing about and it’s a lot easier to format and pay isn’t quite as good if you’re doing like sales pages and copy but if you don’t have any experience it’s a phenomenal place to start. 

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Now we can go over to the steps you can take to become a really good freelance writer:

Step 1

Pick A Freelance Writing Niche

Picking a freelance writing niche is one of the most important things you will do to grow your freelance writing and when i say your niche,

a niche is just a fancy word for your area of specialty as a writer. 

This is so so important because it’s what helps you stand out to potential clients,

I mean especially if you’re new then you probably don’t have a lot going for you but your niche can really help you establish your expertise and help you compete with writers who actually have more professional experience than you do.

High paying client is going to be looking for a writer who specializes in the exact type of content they need for example a technology company is going to want to work with

the technology writer and not just a general freelance writer who may or may not be able to help them with the kind of content they need so make sure you pick a niche and

get ready to market the life out of your expertise in that niche and please do not skip this step because it is the most important things you will do to grow your business. 

Step 2

Freelance Writing Website 

Set up a freelance writing website for yourself, when you create the site, you want to have a professional domain so you need to get good hosting company to host your site,

you need to make sure you go to a website builder and you really want this site to look good because it’s what’s going to make a first impression on any potential clients who finds you online that want to work with you.

Now look, I’ve heard and seen a lot of freelance writers say things like “wait a second,

I have to pay for hosting and pay to get a website built? I’m not gonna pay for anything until I’m already started making money freelance writing” that is a bounce backward as it gets,

I’m not telling you to just go drop $5000 on a web developer and designer to set up a site for you,

you don’t have to do that, at least invest in hosting and get a custom domain and spend some time putting together a site that really makes you look your best because being a good writer is not enough to win you work it’s really not,

there are a lot of good writers out there,

what will win you work is your online presence,

potential clients are going to judge you based on how your website looks so don’t bullsh*t yourself into thinking that Upwork profile is enough or that some 1990s looking website you built back in the days is enough because it’s not so. 

Step 3

Relevant Writing Samples

So once you’ve got your good looking website all set up and good to go then it’s time to start beefing up your portfolio but you shouldn’t just throw a ton of different samples in there,

the thing you need to think about is writing relevant samples the keyword there is relevant.

So you have to think about your feelings writing niche, think about your target client based on that niche and be strategic,

write samples that are specifically made to attract that type of target client,

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so if your niche is writing blog post for technology companies you’re not going to create a bunch of samples about lawn care or pet grooming because those kind of things wouldn’t position your technology expertise and expertise in the technology industry would be what your clients are looking for.

What you would do if you specialize in Technology blog post is actually go write some technology blog post as your writing samples,

you don’t even have to win clients to do this you can use medium or even start your own blog page on your freelance writing website and publish these blog posts there,

something else I strongly suggest doing too is publishing some guest blog posts on popular blogs in your niche,

that’s super important you want to pitch publications in your niche,

everything should kind of work together to really position your niche expertise online because that’s how you attract a very specific chart clientele and get them to want to hire you. 

Step 4

Start Pitching Your Service

I’m talking about cold emailing, gather the email addresses of clients in your freelance writing niche and start sending out personalize tailored cold emails were you tell each clients how you can help them in every cold email. 

You also want to do things like build your credibility if possible,

make a genuine connection with the reader and definitely include a call to action at the end.

It’s super important anytime you write a cold email it has to be personalized and it has to be tailored to the reader,

they should know without a doubt that this email is for them only that you’ve taken the time to research them and research their business website and that this isn’t just some super annoying copied and paste of pitch that you sent out to 1000 people because nobody likes to get those and I’ll be honest with you here,

this strategy can take a lot of work and can take some time and you know what?

you’re going to get rejected a whole lot but you really just can’t let that stop you and you can’t take it personally because if you get rejected or a client doesn’t respond to your email,

you just keep going and move on to the next client and just keep trying until you get a yes because a lot of the time getting rejected doesn’t have anything to do with who you are or your writing quality

maybe the client just doesn’t need writing help right now because they already have someone in house who handles that or maybe they just don’t understand the value of Content marketing

So you just move on to the next one and keep going.

Now with this strategy I recommend sending 20 to 25 cold emails per day if you really wanna grow a freelance writing business quickly.  

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So cold emailing should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. 

Step 5

Sound Confident Even If You Aren’t 

Now I saved my number one point for last because it is the most important,

if you don’t think that you can be an asset to a client then they won’t believe you can either. 

Even if you are just starting out, you have life experience to offer and you can draw upon that mentally to feel more confident and mind you,

never mention to your prospective client that you have no experience or that you just want to be given a chance or anything similar that have that lack of confidence around it. 

Sound confident and direct even if you don’t feel it.

You don’t need confident to start a freelance writing career,

you just need courage and to be able to sound like you’re confident.

Believe me, the confidence comes as you act like you want to be. 

If you’ve learn a thing or two from this article, please do share and drop your thoughts below in the comment section.


how to start freelance writing

how to start freelance writing with no experience

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3 Insightful Things You Need To Know About Inksnation Decentralized Blockchain Ledger.





Officially or publicly, it all started with an open letter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

from a Nigerian publicly now known as Omotade Amos Sparks,

the founder and author of the charitable blockchain ledger known as IBCash (the official coin) of Inksnation

Inksnation Letter To EFCC

Dear sir,

NEEDING #theEagle To Sentence Me To Life Imprisonment For National Scam If This Mission Fails. 

I Omotade Sparks Amos Sewanu the founder of IBSmartify is writing to inform your agency that IBSmartify will be embarking on a poverty eradication and smart urbanization scheme

from the 12th of November with the aim of ending poverty in Nigeria in 6-9 months and smart urbanization of states in 1-4 years with our IBledger Blockchain’s first token called IBNaira. 

In regards to this, I know this will be huge and massive, so i want your anti-graft agency to understand that blockchain is not a scam but an opportunity to transform Africa.

This lBledger blockchain promises to generate funds running into 100’s of billions of dollars to be controlled by the government because our major use cases are governance,

finance(money) and Real Estate (Building of Smart Cities) and this blockchain Will pay Nigerians a minimum of 120,00 Thousand Naira Monthly for life.

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After giving the ease of doing business for the said 6-9 months period,

If Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewahu fails to achieve the aforementioned,

please do not hesitate to sentence me to life imprisonment for national scam because if i can not achieve my life’s purpose and calling, then I do not deserve to exist. 

Thanks for being my chief whip,

I sure do need this in order to seriously carry this cross of uniting the world and protecting my universal children from the self coming annihilation posed upon humanity. 

Yours sincerely

 Omotade Sparks Amos

CEO/UDI(Universal Daddy Ink)

The inksnation letter to EFCC went viral immediately after it was posted on twitter and people were talking about it. But the replies from people under the thread wasn’t pleasant as expected.

It was literally insults here and there while some were claiming to have been into crypto technology for a very long time hence,

there was nothing like that in their years of experience. 

But from another aspect,

I understood the resistance behavior and response the post got due to the level of scams that has occurred before in Nigeria, that of MMM (a Ponzi scheme)

that was introduced to Nigerians few years ago and some Nigerians that jumped onboard MMM lost more than 12 billion Naira in total and MMM was owned by a foreigner called Marv Rodin

and he was rumored to have been a Russian as some people say, so that alone has spoilt the hearts of most Nigerians regarding online money so you can’t possibly blame them. 


I myself gave the letter a second thought and I went further to do my own research regarding inksnation and it’s true mission

and I found out that the owner who goes by the name Omotade Amos Sparks has been planning this endeavor for a very long time now and has finally decided to execute the calling now.

And I picked out some pictures from my research, see below:

And I got to find out the real name of his business called IBSmartify on CAC officially website and that proves that it’s a registered business with a real person with the RC number of 2956459. 

With the research part done, I went straight to the inksnation website and navigated around and know what the website is about and I got to know that to be a part of the charitable organization,

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you have to purchase a membership plan sought of thing.

Why people have to pay Is a different case and I will unravel as we go on.

So here are the membership plans I found on the website:

After that,

I still wanted to know more about this guy and his organization so I did not register but I used the contact number I found also on website to reach whoever is handling the support area via WhatsApp

and behold it was the founder and we talked and I got some enlightenment regarding his charitable organization and I got to know the reason behind the membership subscription and why it’s a paid one and he said

“It could have easily been free but if he made it free then the people will not value it, value not in terms of money but in terms of attending the meetings that usually holds on telegram on Tuesdays,

Thursdays and Saturdays” and the reason for the meeting was for whoever gets on board to know what he/she got herself into and to understand the structure of the endeavor by inksnation. 

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Still yet, I did not register but I joined the telegram group and attended the meetings and with time,

I began to understand what this guy’s mission really is and how he tends to go about it and on the long run I was convinced that inksnation was not a scam but a savior of humanity so I got myself registered. 

That’s my dashboard and Don’t worry,

I’ll break down the entire website for you to understand what you’re seeing. 

and as of writing this article,

there’s been flooding of registered prospects on their database and it’s growing day by day and it’s set to start paying registered members starting from August 12 2020.

There was a time when the registration was made free to anybody that wants to register but that’s over now and the registration has gone back to normal but  you can always settle for the lowest one which costs 1000 Naira that’s about $2.80 or so.

I’m personally recommending it because I have done my research about it and it all came out clean,

besides it doesn’t cost much so why not give it a try. 

How to Register For Inksnation 

The different types of membership packages are bronze, silver, gold and diamond which are all discussed below:


You can subscribe for this package to become a member for as low as #1000. Bronze features include sign up bonus and monthly salary, see below.Sign up bonus (IBGrant #1,800,000).

Monthly salary is #120,000.


You have to pay #10,000 for silver subscription.

See features below.

Sign up bonus is #5,480,000.Monthly salary is #180,000.


To subscribe for this package, you’ll have to pay #100,000.Sign up bonus is #11,040,000 worth of IBNaira.

Monthly salary is #240,000.


This is the biggest of them all.

You have to pay #1,000,000 to become a member of diamond package.

Features include;

Sign up bonus (IBGrant #99,300,000 worth of IB naira).Monthly salary is #300,000.

NOTE: the currencies are all in Nigerian Naira…

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Inksnation Login

Now to work you around the Dashboard and understand everything it,

I will do some infographics kind of stuff with the images so you will understand. 

After login, your dashboard will display like this:

when you click the toggle bar i indicated with red, a drop down menu will appear likes:

After registration, you will have to edit your account info and input yours correctly.

Transaction is where they record your credit and debit of funds, see below for examples:

Regarding the “pinkard” part:

The pinkard serves as a registration card for now. When there’s further use for it, I won’t hesitate to include it in this article.  UPDATE: read about the inksnation pinkard and how you can make money with it here

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From this article, you should have at least understood what inksnation is all about.

Me recommending it,

is not a must that you must register yourself.

That’s on you,

and if you want to do further research yourself before you are convinced enough then feel free.

If you are finding it difficult to get yourself registered,

do reach out to me via WhatsApp on: +2348069642677.

Mind you, I have done every possible research there is consigning inksnation and it’s initiative though but if you find anything worth sharing, please do so in the comment section below. 

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12 Companies That Secretly Rip You Off




The average person is determined to maximize their salary by finding deals and

discounts but corporations are well aware of this tactic

and create products to intentionally confused and over charge their customers,

from under field chip bags to Overhyped precious stones. 

The world is full of scams, today we’re looking at 15 industries that actually rip you off your money on our list of

12 Companies That Secretly Rip You Off 

12. Diamonds

Diamonds are the stones most closely associated with wealth and prosperity.

Most people have the perception that diamonds have been an integral part of human culture for millennia but it turns out they are just a result of a century old marketing scam.

The  Debeer’s corporation was founded in 1888 with mining operations in South Africa,

Namibia and Botswana.

Before this moment, the concept of exchanging engagement rings wasn’t even a common custom in

most of the world but after a 1938 ad campaign spearheaded by Debeer’s Americans

And Europeans began to embrace the tradition but not only is this ritual contrive,  

de beers and other diamond distributors intentionally restrict the release of their stock to create the illusion of scarcity.

The fact is diamonds are extremely common minerals,

with a full supply release to the public,

the price would plummet but Debeer’s and their elk stock pile these precious stones in order to rip off the public. 

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11. Bottled Water

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pure ice cold hydration.

Some of us get our water for free from the tap but the rest pay for it at the cost of roughly $100 billion

a year and the number of people getting their water exclusively in bottles Is growing at a rate of 10% a year.

The first issue is that bottled water is 300 times more

expensive than tap water and then there’s the fact that most of the biggest brands including Aquafina

and Nestlé pure life are actually filled from the tap as well, in fact a recent report found out almost half of all bottled water is actually derived

from the tap meaning that they are up charging customers 30,000% for the same product.

Add to this, the horrific environmental impact of millions of tons of plastic

dumped into landfills and bottled water is easily one of the biggest corporate ripoffs in history. 

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10. Lotteries

It comes as no surprise that the average person has Minuscule chance of winning the lottery,

the chances of winning a top prize in the average lottery are almost 68,000,000 to 1 but in some cases there is literally no chance that people can win,

that’s because most lotteries continue to sell tickets to unknown customers Even after the price is already been distributed and then

there’s the quick pick tickets sold through Powerball lottery,

these tickets are intentionally printed without the winning numbers so you only stand a chance of winning if you choose your own numbers.

Expects advice that the average person would have better luck placing their money on any random stock or bond,

the chances of this investment appreciating our millions of times more likely than on a lotto ticket. 

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9. Career Sites

It’s no secret that sites like monster and CareerBuilder are not effective for finding a high-quality long-term job. 

Most of the best jobs never even make their way to job boards but it turns out this game goes even further,

most of these companies will sell your information In order to turn a profit, even if you never find a job in the process,

this can lead to more serious scams for example many users will receive emails with reference personal information obtained from

these job sites they will then offer the user Job only to scam them into transferring money to pay for a background check or training done.

Though they can seem tantalizing to the unemployed, most job sites are actually a recipe for disaster. 

8. ATM Surcharges 

Consumers hate all kinds of things but the idea of being charged to access your

own money in the form of ATM fees can elevate the frustration to a new level. 

But consumers learned in 2016 that the ATM fees charged by many big banks are not merely annoying but that they violate antitrust laws,

it’s hard to tell just how much ATM operators may have overcharged every day consumers for accessing their money over the years.

The average ATM fee hits a new record high each time it’s measured.

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The latest bank rate survey found out that the average customer using an out of network ATM will pay a total of $4.57 in

fees with an average of $2.90 going to the ATM owner and another $67 Going to the customers own bank. In many cases,

the consumer is only taking out $50 or less meaning they are paying a roughly

10% fee just for the service of accessing their own money. 

7. College Textbooks 

Most people already know that the American higher education system is needlessly expensive, US universities cost more than 500% more than the average college elsewhere on earth,

even including prestigious names like Cambridge and The Sorbonne, today over 44 million Americans hold a total of

$1.4 trillion in student debt but this debt doesn’t just come from the greatest tuition and fees,

a huge percentage results from grossly overpriced textbooks.

Often times textbooks cost hundreds of dollars and colleges explicitly prohibit the purchase of used textbooks, if they do allow used textbooks,

classes often require the purchase of a one time use code

which leads to supplementary materials most of which are never actually used.

And an even more devious cases, professors will assign their own textbooks or the textbooks of their friends in order to reap the benefits from this corrupt industry.

A handful of students have sued University in the last few years,

demanding the option to study for an affordable price but these cases are still working their way through the court system. 

In the meantime, many students are turning to

downloading free PDF textbooks online in an effort to get through college without Massive debt. 

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6. Electronics Companies 

Apple is the second most valuable company in the world and those several other competitors of a similar products, none come close to the market capitalization.

That’s because Apple has a series of stringent policies meant

to rip every last cent from their customers. 

The first is the massive over pricing of their products, when accounting for costs Apple charges as much as 800% more for their

products than for the costs of parts, labor, transportation and marketing. And then there’s the issue of accessories,

Apple makes their products incompatible with other charges

and add-ons meaning you need to buy their overpriced gadgets. 

Lastly is a phenomenon called The obsolescence,

Apple has admitted to hardwiring that products to lose battery life and malfunction after only a few years, this creates the illusion that

your device is failing forcing users to buy a new product. Thus, boosting the astronomical Profits. 

5. Starbucks

It’s easy to sympathize with the Starbucks customer who is suing

the coffee giant for providing two little Java in its grande, Venti, Trenta and tall iced coffee’s.

After doing the math on iced coffee,

studies revealing that a 12 ounce cup of the conversion should be a dollar less than the hot version,

that’s because the ice in Frappuccinos which is virtually free

displaces much of the coffee and other ingredients which are actually expensive,

Of course the courts ruled that this was not illegal but that doesn’t

mean it isn’t unfair, many customers are willing to pay more

for their coffee in order to guarantee that farmers are making a

living wage and beans are collected in a sustainable way.

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But That is simply not the case for Starbucks and other corporate coffee behemoths. 

4. Fad Diets

The next time you watch an infomercial read an advertisement or spot a new supplement reporting miraculous weight-loss results,

Be wary that the company behind it may not have your best interest in mind,

when evaluating claims for weight loss products,

the federal commission recommends a healthy portion of

skepticism and most don’t come close to fulfilling their claims and in

the rare case Where a product might result in some

temporary weight loss it’s almost never a permanent solution and is usually on safe. 

There is no known diet regimen that makes people skinny without exercise or dietary changes

so any company Cording to have these qualities is lying and it gets worse,

more than 50% of diet study are actually harmful to participants. 

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3. Glasses and Contacts

The glasses and contact industry in the United States is considered a scam by many consumers. 

Here’s how it works, in the US, contact lenses are regulated

no matter how old you are or how long it’s been since your vision has changed,

you need a doctor’s prescription less than one year old to be able to order Contact but in reality,

consumers need to check the prescription much less

frequently and this only leads to a multi hundred dollar fee for the optometrist and

the glasses manufacturer and the frames are massively overpriced as well. 

According to History insider, you can get amazingly good frames

with Warby Parker level of quality for 4 to 8 dollars.

For $15 you can get designer quality frames like what you get from Prada. 

2. Toilet Papers

The truth is that for years toilet paper manufacturer Have been selling less

product and masking the shrinkage with hyper bowl and hard to quantify claims. 

According to John T Kerrville a marketing professor at Harvard business school,

“they get away with it because consumers have a better grasp

of how much an item cost than they do of the size it should be,

they have in their minds that this toilet paper cost 79 cents and that one cost 89 cents.

They are not taking into account that one has fewer sheets”. 

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In fact the average toilet paper manufacturer reduce the number

of Sheets in their roles were margin of 15% sometimes inflating the price in the process. 

1. Movie Theatre Popcorn 

It’s been estimated that movie theaters make an 85% profit at the concession stand on over priced soda,

candy, nachos, hotdogs and of course popcorn. 

Movie theater popcorn has been called one of America’s biggest rip

offs with a retail price of nine times what it cost to make.

In 2012 after a Michigan man sued The movie theater for overcharging customers on snacks,

one theater owner spoke up in defense of charging eight dollars for a Coke and a box of goobers. 

The majority of a price charged for a movie tickets,

he explains goes to the studios and distribution company not the theater.

Theaters it’s been said are really in the popcorn and candy business,

the showing your films is just an excuse to gather a crowd and try to

sell them battery snacks and sugary drinks. 

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