10 Things You Didn’t Know About BMW


BMW is recognised as a beacon of German engineering, for more than a century they have been


constructing world-class motors for both aeroplanes civilian cars

and race cars with more than 2.3 million vehicles produced since their inception. 

 BMW is the 12 largest producer of motor vehicles in world history

but even though other manufacturers have produced more cars, few surpassed BMW in quality. 

Today we are exploring

10 Things You Didn’t Know About BMW

10. History

As many People know BMW didn’t get it started making cars in fact the Bayerische Motoren Werke was founded in 1916 to make jet engines,

motorcycles and farm equipment. Discontinued after the end of World War I with one exception,

the end of the war brought a heart to the construction of Aircraft engines as the Treaty of Versailles

forbade Germany from building them so BMW shifted its focus to railway breaks and built-in motors,

during World War II BMW manufactured war materials for the German military this was not

uncommon as most of the manufacturing facilities in production plants in Germany came under the

control of the government following the Nazi invasion of Poland during this time BMW was

devoted almost entirely to making aircraft for the German air force and motorcycles for the German army. 


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Civilian automobile production came to a complete stop until after the war, this was a decidedly

dark period in BMW’s history as they use political prisoners as workers and supported the Nazi Regime,

after the Nazis lost the war BMW had another major upheaval because BMW provided armaments

to the German military the Allied forces took control of each of the BMW plants and dismantled

them to prevent the total destruction of their company, BMW begin to produce pots,

pans and other kitchen utensils until they can once again produce motorcycles and automobiles,

finally after World War II the car manufacturer as we know today was formed.

In 1951 BMW was able to produce its first automobile since the start of the war

the car was called the 501 and it started a lineage of cars that brings us to today. 

9. Armored Cars

Though we mostly think of BMW producing luxury subilium cars,

They also offer a few models that would appeal the military personnel,

they have worked with politicians, diplomats,

celebrities and other elite clientele to deliver maximum safety

and peace of mind while working with luxury vehicles that have professionally finished interiors.

 BMW actually offers three different levels of protection and different armoured models security,

security class and high security, in the case of

the newest car it will take fire from an AK-47 assault rifle at a distance of 10 m and keep on rolling,

unique features include security glass and an armoured passenger sell with sealed joints that won’t

let hot lead through, options allow buyers to add even more protection for example extra under

body armour is available that can withstand an attack from my hand grenade,

if drones could be a concern an armoured roof can handle a blast from up to 200 g C4.


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In order to prove the vehicles efficacy, one of BMW’s employees had a job of shooting and exploding

Prototype cars in addition to the normal dangers of road traffic customers who buy an armoured

car are exposed to special threat such as attacks with firearms and explosives setting.

Protecting our customers from these dangers is both the challenge of my job and motivation behind it. 

8. Early Electric Car

As fossil fuel is continue to in parallel future and our environment electric cars have become

increasingly popular but these vehicles are far from In fact BMW produced a model as early as 1972

the 16 02E conceived as a prototype in 1969 this battery-powered beamer premiered at the 1972

Olympic Games in Munich conveniently in time for the Opec crisis, at the 1972 Olympic Games

BMW use the two prototype vehicles as support cars for the marathon but even then they recognise

that the specific drawbacks of the electric drive could only be resolved by advances in the field of

battery technology the 16 02E use 1212 V batteries Combined they weighed in at an alarming 771 lb

as you might imagine this massive weight from the batteries took its toll on the cars performance

with the sprinter 31 mph taking eight seconds on route to a top speed of only 62 mph because the

car can only travel 37 miles on one charge the overall project isn’t considered to be a massive

success regardless it set the tone for a whole lineage of cars that have continued from 1972 until today. 


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7. Fake Engine Noise

Believe it or not, certain BMW engines actually run so quietly but they produce fake engine noise os the driver is not alarmed.

BMW active sound design tech replicates engine noise inside the rent fives cabin using the car stereo speakers,

the precise sample is determined by engine nodes in RPM, some of the engine nodes are still

audible to the driver so the recording is more of a backing track. BMW says the set up helps the

driver shift by ear and reduces the chances of bumping the rev limiter when using the full RPM

range, BMW was hardly alone with Enhancing engine sounds, when Lexus launched the LFA the

company wanted drivers to experience the full range of the cars V10, to achieve this Lexus

contracted Yamaha not the Yamaha that build the F1 engines in the 80s and 90s

but rather than musical instrument division to produced it’s engine noise,

this is the opposite of the active noise cancellation technology employed by Honda and its Odyssey

minivan which uses the car speakers to cancel out cabin noise with anaphase sound waves

and an inversion of the previous proximity notification system which uses external speakers to

make the silent hybrids presence known to pedestrians however,

this car has become increasingly silent, these fake engine noises may become more common. 

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6. Shape Shifting Cars

Back in 2016, BMW celebrated it centenary year by unveiling a series of future looking concept looking vehicles. 

The first of which is a shape shifting autonomous car with artificial intelligence,

the BMW vision next 100 is an attempt by the manufacturer to predict what cars will look like in

the not too distant future when driver of this vehicle is a commonplace in artificial intelligence

can learn and then predict the passengers behavior.


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If it’s a designer you’re able to imagine something there’s a good chance I could one-day become

reality said BMW’s design chief Adrian Van Houten so our objective with the BMW vision next 100

was to develop a future scenario that people would engage with.

Instead of steel aluminium or even carbon fibre the jinom Live visionary model has a body of

seamless fabric stretched over a movable metal frame that allows the driver to change it shape at

will, it includes over 800 independently moving triangles which then shape the elastic Skin and it

resist high or low temperatures does not swell or shrink and the movement is not slacking or

damage to the fabric the body changes its shape according to exterior conditions in speeds and it

also allows the driver to change the shape at will. 

5. BMW Lamborghini 

The BMW M1 is extremely unique in that it represents a briefing story collaboration with the Italian

sports car manufacturer Lamborghini but due to the letters money problems at the time,

BMW ended up taking over the project entirely while production began

In 1978 and lasted until 1981 just for 150 road cars were built. 


The BMW M1 holds a place in Fams hearts because that was a short lived experiment it became the

patriarch of an entire family of cars, it passed along with engine engineering Components and

aerodynamic developments to the popular in long-lasting M3 and M5, out of the 453 cars

constructed 399 were roadgoing unit while 53 were made for motorsport specifically racing. 

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Designed in 1977 by the Italian master Giorgetto Giugiaro. BMW built the M1 to compete against

the less expensive more powerful Porsche cars willing a special European competition series called

group 4 and group 5, the M1 finally took to the race track in 1979 but failure dug it from the first,

the pro car series brought mixed reviews providing a show of brilliance but also evidence of early engine problems,

it was discontinued in 1980. 

4. Hackers Open BMW Doors

 Paradoxically as computers are increasingly incorporated into cars they are also much more susceptible to hacking,

a recent bug allowed hackers to access BMW’s and operate their car doors remotely,

the flaw affected models were fitted with BMW’s connectedDrive software which uses an on-board SIM card.

The software operated door locks, air-conditioning and traffic update but no driving firmware such as brakes or steering BMW said,

German automobile Association ADAC which reported the bug to BMW said it had demonstrated

on several models that hackers could use their mobile phone

to open the car within minutes without leaving a trace. 


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ADAC didn’t provide much detail on the attack other than to say it would only take a few minutes

for a hacker to execute. according to Reuters, researchers at the Association created a fake cell

network which are used to trick the BMW vehicles into taking commands from their mobile phones,

manufacturers are attempting to create new security features

but it is difficult to safeguard against a new generation of cyber criminals. 

3. BMW Flamethrowers

 South Africa has three of the top 50 most dangerous cities in the world and ordinary defence

systems don’t always work well in this country soon after the end of apartheid,

South Africa was improving politically but it was still in pretty bad shape because

South Africa in 1998 had the highest rate per Capita of murder, assault, rape and carjacking. 

Enter the BMW flamethrower also nickname the blaster, the blaster was a liquefied petroleum gas

flame to our installed along the side of the vehicle under the doors should a group of carjacker

suddenly attacked the vehicle well its stock In traffic, the occupant could flip a switch and direct five

meter plumes of flame upward into the facial area of anyone trying to enter

the vehicle through the doors or windows. 


The flamethrower was invented within legal bounds considering that in South Africa it was and still

is legal to use force Self defence and R3900 or $655 it offers a cheap dramatic defence against


while the device didn’t catch on around the world it’s certainly an interesting invention. 

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2. BMW Drifts

 BMW claims to make the ultimate driving Machine and now it’s made the ultimate drifting machine,

the modified two series coupe and six series gran coupe are able to head around a racetrack

and control the power slide without any driver intervention using 360° radar ultrasonic sensors and cameras,

The car sense and adapt to their surroundings,

the new active assist feature can bring the vehicle back into line and into bending driving situations without any input from the driver,

according to BMW this is just the latest inauguration of BMW’s autonomous driving tech which

began  with it’s Track trainer project that use GPS waypoint markers and upload the track maps to

run around the Gunasekera in the Norberg ring nearby as fast as a professional Hatchel. 

This new suite of systems has been undergoing testing in Germany for the better part of the year

logging some 9000 mile of real world driving in cities and on the autobahn keeping up with 80 mph traffic.

further proof that your next car will be a better driver than the average citizen. 


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1. California Man Sues BMW

This reads like a tabloid but it’s absolutely true. 

According to USA Today, California man Henry Woof was alleged in the 2012 lawsuit that a four

hour ride on his 1990 BMW K 1100 RS motorcycle lead to a severe priapism or prolonged erection that lasted 20 months,

woof claimed in his suit against BMW sit maker corbin Pacific that the rich like seat of the bike has

a painful condition that left him unable to engage in sexual activity

which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish. 

My client has suffered a serious injury a complete erection for a year and a half,

lawyer  Vernon From Sausalito California told WBTV on Monday afternoon now he suffers from


Bradley says Woof got medical opinions from three different doctors including an expert on prior visit from the University of California San Francisco,

there is no medical opinion consistent with Addition but that hasn’t stopped woof from pursuing this case.

Let us know what you think about BMW in the comment section below. 


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