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Mobonews was created early 2019 by Newton Onukwusi, it’s a a website that is focused on versatility( Wide )…


We at mobonews.com.ng are here to share our occurrence, encounter and belief thought thereby making our voice heard, loud and clear.😉

About Newton Onukwusi

Yo, what’s up guys?

Newton here, taking over the about page!

I created Mobonews for a lot of reasons.

i am a kid who has always despised the idea of schooling , i never liked school not just for the fact that i wasn’t good at it. when faced in a classroom taking lectures i constantly kept asking myself one question ” what am i doing here” and for that reason, i always ended up with bad grades and being sad, teachers talking about how dull I am and not being able to grasp what is being taught in class. All those negativities forced me to quit school and i am on a mission to finding an answer to this question [ what is the big idea behind life itself]…

So thank you for visiting mobonews, and being a part of my community.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site, and view our latest articles before you leave thank you.

All the best,


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