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Dessi media investment

A major investor in racksterli just launched his own investment platform a few days ago called Dessi media investment  and from my own point of view it’s going to be big and very legit and it’s here to stay for the long term.


Now before I begin this review, you need to understand that this not financial advise and mobonews is not affiliated with any investment platform I review on this site.

I’m a major investor in both racksterli and dessi media and so far racksterli has proved to be legit and they intend to remain even 5 to 10 years from now and I pretty much think I can say the same for dessi media investment too.

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What Is Dessi Media Investment All About?

Dessi Media Investment is an affiiliate and Investment platform which pays members 55% ROI on both simple and compound basis by engaging into forex, real estate, international trade and other back up investment entreprise.

Dessi media investment review

Now here’s why dessi media investment is a much better choice, They do not offer daily tasks to their investors, withdrawal is done after 30 days / 120 days upon investment.

How To Register?

Click on the register button, provide all the needed details, and click register.

Get a coupon code

Contact one of the listed coupon vendors, make payment to the account details you will be supplied, contact same vendor to approve payment and get a coupon code after verification of payment.


How To Make Withdrawals For Your Money?

Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours upon applying for withdrawals. That I guarantee!

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Dessi Media Investment Packages Are As Follow;


Amount: NGN 10,000

ROI: NGN 15,000


Amount: NGN 20,000

ROI: NGN 31,000


Amount: NGN 50,000

ROI: NGN 77,500


Amount: NGN 100,000

ROI: NGN 155,000


Amount: NGN 200,000

ROI: NGN 310,000


Amount: NGN 300,000

ROI: NGN 465,000


Amount: NGN 500,000

ROI: NGN 775,000


Amount: NGN 1,000,000

ROI: NGN 1,550,000


Amount: NGN 2,000,000

ROI: NGN 3,100,000


Amount: NGN 5,000,000

ROI: NGN 7,550,000


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Now, Dessii Media Investment has another category of packages and it’s called;

Compound Packages

Silicon (Compound)

Amount: 100,000

ROI: NGN 577,000

Gold (Compound)

Amount: 200,000

ROI: NGN 1,154,000

Dessi media investment review scam or legitDessi media investment review scam or legit

Jewel (Compound)

Amount: 500,000

ROI: NGN 2,885,000

Pearl (Compound)

Amount: 1,000,000

ROI: NGN 5,770,000

Ruby (Compound) 

Amount: 2,000,000  Dessi media investment review

ROI: NGN 11,540,000

To give you all my readers some boost of confidence to invest in Dessi media, I personally invested in the Gold Compound Interest Package and I’m 101% sure of them to deliver their promises, so fear not and invest your money.

Now if you have any questions at all whatsoever feel free to drop them on the comment section below and I will be happy to answer all of them. Cheers!

Dessi media investment review scam or legit Dessi media investment review scam or legit

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  1. Dessii Media LTD is legit and has started payments yesterday March 2nd,2021… Invest now,early birds win

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