Flowextra Review: Everything You Need To Know About Flow Extra Income Program

flowextra review

Before I begin with this Flowextra review, you must have known that these days a lot of websites are coming up with their online income programs and it’s beginning to make “internet money” sound stupid and very easy to get.


Let me take you back to one popular one called NNU, GiftalWorld and how it all went down. Although GiftalWorld is running till this very moment.

Flowextra is basically the same as NNU and GiftalWorld, the only difference is just the name of the platforms and whoever is running them. The earning strategy is the same, referral and all the other BS.

NNU did version 1 some years back and it crashed and they came back later with version 2 last year August and as of writing this post, NNU has also stopped paying(not like they paid most people that joined tho) but they’ve stopped paying(crashed).

And their(Flowextra) earning procedure is almost thesame as NNU.

And this brings us to GiftalWorld that is still running.  Before I talk about GiftalWorld do check out the in-depth post I wrote about how it works here.

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Flowextra is exactly the same with GiftalWorld but they just have different names and different owners but they operate exactly the same.

NNU has crashed, GiftalWorld will be the next very soon, people have started to notice how fraudulent GiftalWorld is and very soon it will crash just like NNU.

Why these platforms are crashing is basically because of the referral programs. Yes they will tell you that referral is not compulsory but what they actually do is treat people that refer other people to their system as Kings and queens(paying them on a steady) while the ones that are just regular members are treated like trash. And if you check the stats, the ones that refer other people are very few while the regular members are basically like 90% of the entire members on the platforms and as time goes on people will start to getting angry and then little by little everyone will know that it’s 50% scam and 50% legit.

So my advice is if you’re not good at referring people then don’t waste your precious time and your money in joining these platforms.

But if you’re good at marketing then you can jump on board and make yourself some money but before doing that, let me take you through how Flowextra works.

Do You Get Paid without referrals?

Yes(not true), they pay non-referral earners 100% on this platform(F A E) earnings every month from Top activity earners to low earners till the revenue gets Exhausted.

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How Does Flowextra Pay?

They pay Earnings with Minimum of ₦3,000 every day, they pay within 2hrs of request (Any day).

While F.A.E Earners are paid on 10th of Every month with minimum earnings of 5,500 FAE( Flowextra Activity Earnings)


What is F.A.E ?

Flowextra Activities Earnings.

Flowextra Activities Earnings.

This is based on your Daily Activities earning on their Website for reading, sharing, commenting on any of their daily articles.

Now that is a break down of how Flowextra works. My advice to you as someone that wants to be a regular earner on their website is to not be a regular member because you won’t be treated like anything and you most definitely might not get paid (90% of the time).

It’s normal, they will tell you that referral is not compulsory but that’s definitely not true. If you must earn then you must refer.

Now that’s my 2 cents on how Flowextra works, the rest is up to you. flowextra review flowextra review

Please do leave your thoughts in the comment section below I’d be glad to hear them. flowextra review

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flowextra review



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