How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube.


How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube.

Getting your first 1000 thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube can sometimes be a pain in the ass but don’t worry i am here to ease that pain and turn it to a glory hole.


Before i give you my tips on how you can get it done within a few days you must be willing to invest a few bucks into making it happen, First of all you must enjoy making those videos you will be publishing on the platform.

Note: these tips might not work for every body but it might work for you so if you are still positive then I’d advise you keep reading.

Tips On How You Can Get Your First 1000 subscribers.

If you already have a huge audience via instagram, Facebook etc. then what are you doing here? Go do something with those audiences of yours but if your case is slight different then follow these tips:


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You don’t know what sharee is? I’ll tell you, sharee is a working giants dedicated to helping content creators like you. How it works is this, you pay a fee of few dollars and they pin your YouTube channel to the front page of their site hence, reaching a huge amount of audience who some of them will click and get a look of your channel and might kindly hit the red subscribe button.

Note: when you are using sharee, I advice you already have some videos on your channel before attempting using sharee (so when people click on your channel link from their site and land on your channel, they should have some ideas as to what your channel is about and that will greatly increase your subscribe click rate).


When I say Facebook I don’t mean paid ads that’s quite expensive for a beginner. I suggest you go on Facebook and find those YouTube groups lurking around and request a membership and patiently wait until you are accepted to the groups and I advice to join at least 7 to 10 of them.

You will get accepted to almost all of them as long as you do what some of the group owners want you to do in other To join the respective groups, now you have been accepted to the groups all you have to do is to post your channel link with a little write up attached to it (try to be smart and creative on the write up) then you post it to the groups.

Note: you should only do this once on each of the groups, you don’t want to be seen as spam. And don’t do the sub4sub ones.


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3.Commenting On Other People’s Video

This one might seem small to you but it is really powerful if you know how to apply it to grow your channel little by little.

From your wise comment on other peoples videos, you will definitely get some connections with video creators on same niche as yours so you can exchange mentions on both channels and grow exponentially and you should also be replying to comments on your videos as it create this sought of connections with your audience they will definitely look forward to your upcoming videos, why don’t you check out my YouTube channel I just started before I published this article, it should be at a thousand subscribers as of this time.

Note: you should continue this one simple trick on and on even when you’re already a really big channel.

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4.Growth Is Slow At The Beginning 

You Should exercise patience right after you get your channel setup because the growth are usually slow if you are just starting from the scratch. I mean you are not Will Smith that gained over 250k subscribers the same day he created his channel you are not a public figure you are just a regular person so you should be patient with your channel growth and the good thing about YouTube is as soon as you start getting your subscribers little by little then it just keep getting easier and it becomes a snowball effect so it just keep going and going. That’s how most of the big channels of today started and you can see for yourself how big they are now.


Note: Everything good takes time just be patient, your time will come.

5.Niche Choice

This one right here needs to be treated at the first thoughts of having a channel. Your niche choice or rather your type of content choice, needs to be the type you know you are good at or you will be good at as time goes on because like I said earlier, you need to enjoy making those videos you want your audience to be watching because if you don’t like your video at first then I don’t know how your audience will see your video as something worth watching.

These tips I have listed above might just be the answer to your youtube subscriber problem but I don’t really know so drop your thoughts in the comment section. And be on your way to YouTube success. 


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