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How To Make Money Online From Home




How To Make Money Online From Home(2019 tips)

Making the green cash is not an easy quest to take on or if you are thinking it’s something you can


do stress free then I’m sorry to burst that jelly soft bubbles of yours because at first no matter

anyway you intend to do it you must go through that first hustling habit then as time goes on things

become to flow easy as you thought it would be before.

So before I jump into the tips I have put together that is quite awesome to take on and can majorly

affect your lifestyle in the near future you must make a promise to yourself “to never ever thinking

of quitting no matter the circumstances as it may be” On why that is necessary is because on the

long run you will definitely have some sought of giving up spirit and be discouraged to even

continue but if I may ask, what’s it gonna be after you have given up on something you’ve spent so

much time and money trying to build up. Be that as it may, the rich and successful people we know

of today constantly went all through their working time feeling depressed, sad, feeling like giving

up or even gave up and later one way or the other they still try pushing on till they got to the top.

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Let’s take Ellen degeneres (the Ellen show) for example, she was hated and treated bad for being a

lesbian and her first talk show failed because of that but today she is one of the most successful

personality on the World Wide Web due to her super successful talk show and she is a very kind and

one of the most generous person I know on the internet. She welcomes lots of celebrity guests to

her talk show and even bill gate has been to her show once where she talked about herself and Mr

Gate collecting an award from the president himself in the White House Washington DC.

Yes she has gone that far and very successful but the reason of me telling you about her story was

not for you to be motivated because if that is the case, you can go watch motivational videos on

YouTube or Something but my reason was for you to understand that the hustle at first wasn’t a

child’s play at all. So you should be ready to pay the price of sweat and discomfort and even tears so

I hope you’ll find this article very useful as you read on.

Note:  if you are looking for ideas on how to make quick money,
you’ll not find your answers here so you can kindly exit this
website and close the tab but if you are serious
on making money online then I greatly suggest you read on.

This is 2019 and ways to make money online has grown exponentially because the internet is open

and accessible to everyone and anyone so making money is quite easy to find but you must be smart

and obsessed also, so before we jump into the money making tips i have got for you let’s talk about

some key points that will guide you as you execute on your craft.

1.There Is No Get Rich Quick Charm

The thinking “when I start, things will start going smooth for me” That is a big O NO.

I myself had this thinking when I first started this blog,

I was like hopefully before six months time I’d be swimming in money and all that good stuffs but

like I said earlier there is no quick way to get money and you have to be committed in whatever you

are doing online to make it come to life and for it to be a success.

Don’t be the lazy type you have to see it, dream it, breath it and to always and constantly be

thinking about the next step towards achieving greatness in it.

so that work ethic needs to be there 100% it’s not just about hard work but also mainly about applying smart work.

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2.Too Much Research

You see this one right here “too much research” it can kill or tear you apart from your positive way of thinking.

Too much research on something you planning to execute online or any other thing and let’s say

while researching you jump into the requirements of something you wanna do and then you start

seeing what you didn’t even think about towards what you really wanna do and you say to yourself

“ can I really do all this things, can I achieve or meet all this requirements within this short period, o God I’m finished” you see?

Those are the kind of thoughts too much research will cost you and in other words,

too much research is almost the same thing as irrelevant research.

Seeing yourself reading something you did not search or make enquire for( that’s toxic)

so my conclusion on this one is tell you to do whatever you were going to do no matter all those

requirements and necessities you found on any of your irrelevant research

(sorry for the harsh words so far, but I myself needed something

like this even before I started thinking of this blog so I would have avoided so many mistakes)

we’ll talk about mistakes on the next list. My dear friend, JUST DO IT✔️.

3.Trying To Avoid Mistakes

Truth be told, if you are thinking of avoiding mistakes then I might as well tell you that you’re


Because if you are not making one mistake or another

then you might as well not be doing anything reasonable because you are just playing around. 

If you and I want to be successful then we must know making mistakes is necessary and it’s one of

those things that leads us to something quite different and great which will have a huge positive

effects on us to carry out greatness, so the more you fight the idea of mistake the more damage you

are doing to yourself so just let it flow like a river overflows and be grateful to those mistakes

because it can lead you to places you never thought possible. PS I am writing from my own

perspective and if you read to this point then I must say you are really into achieving real success.

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4.You Must Be Willing To Invest Time And Money.

Let me guess! You want that sweet success result at the end right? It’ll cost money and most

expectably  time and time they say is no friend of ours so you must use it wisely.

Nothing is free in this life except LIFE itself,

so don’t waste your life around and you must be willing to spend money and time.

You see there is no time so I quickly need to jump to the next key point.


This is the last thing that needs to be done. So even after those negative distortions you must still carry out the ultimate goal of executing your passion and focus so Execute It to achieve it.🙂

So here are some money making ideas I
have put together for you as you start your journey
on online business. 2019 Business Tips

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1.Content Creation

Obey Content!!!

Because CONTENT is King. Deal with it. 😉

Right now the internet have a question for you, the internet

I’m a buyer hence, what do you have to sell” that is the question so what will be your answer? 

For me I’d say content creation and when I say content creation it can be vlogging(YouTube),

blogging, writing Ebooks yeah books . You just have to be creative and even a bit funny to get your

audience coming back for more of your contents so what are you waiting for,

I think you should get into content creation.

Just choose any of the platforms I listed above or if you know of

any other platform you’re interested in then I think you should get into it.

2. Youtube

This one here shouldn’t be new to you and you might have

heard of how people are making huge amounts of money from this subsidiary of google.

If only you can you can open your laptop or any other device right now

and create a YouTube channel and get your channel art ready and your profile well organized and start making contents for your channel,

it can be anything like seriously anything why I said anything is because right now 2019 you can

watch almost anything on YouTube platform and you can be among the YouTube creators creating

some of those videos you like watching on YouTube. If you are a newbie,

you can read the requirements and how to meet these requirements to become a monetized YouTube creator.

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It’s pretty easy, buh you just need to find your niche and it should be something you enjoy making

something quite fun to you hence, it should be an hobby that fetches you the green bags.

Once you start your journey on YouTube and you’re progressing,

it becomes even more fun and your life becomes easy as easy can ever be (snowball effect).

3.Running A Website 

Related to Content Creation.

Website can be your main source of income, you just have to answer the question of the internet above. 

It can be an e-commerce website or a normal content creating website like mine.

You can start a Shopify store, you just need to find your products you’d like to sell and you need to

be consistent and reliable and allow your customer to gain your trust. Don’t sell crap!

Don’t take my words for it take Steve job’s. 

Don’t want to run an e-commerce website? Then you can choose a normal content creating one like

mine right here you just need to know what topics you’d like to start writing on, it can be a news

blog or something more fun to read and don’t get me started on the money you can be making from

this kind of website because it’s quite breathtaking so you just need to make a lot little research on

it and start your own success journey.

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4.Invest In Cryptocurrency 

Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin!!! Cryptocurrency is here to stay and you can gain a lot from it.

You just need to have a mind of an investor and know how the business works so you too can

partake from it massively.

You can store your coin on luno wallet, Blockchain, paxful etc.

  You just have to be smart in the game of Bitcoin Trading.

I hope this article has greatly impacted in your money making mindsets thank you for reading and please SHARE. 


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Newton is a Nigerian blogger, video creator and also a crypto trader that is always aspiring GROWTH in knowledge and finance as well his blogging career...


Laycon: Biography, Networth And All You Need To Know




Laycon Biography


Olamilekan Agbeleshie popularly known as Laycon is BBNaija’s housemate for this year’s Lockdown Edition. Laycon before joining the house is a singer and a rapper who hails from Lagos.

The 26 year old was born in 1996 to Mr & Mrs Agbeleshe.


Laycon started his music journey at an early age. Many have tagged Laycon as the new school of rap music in Nigeria. He is a graduate of the University Of Lagos with philosophy.

Laycon also describes himself as being versatile and able to coin words together to soothe scenarios and moods.

According to Laycon he said during the lockdown, he developed the ability of singing and reading my bible.


His song ‘Fierce’ featuring rapper Reminisce and Chinko Ekun making it to MTV BASE Top ten charts for six months is one of his biggest achievements.

After his inclusion, Laycon has gotten numerous endorsements from most celebrities just for him being a rapper.

Laycon Social Media Handle

You can follow Laycon on his instagram account @itslaycon and on twitter @itsLaycoon

According to reports, Laycon is networth is estimated to be around $7,000

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“When the disqualified appears in the house before the winner” – Titans hail their queen as she addresses #BBNaija Lockdown housemates (Video)






Fans of former Big Brother Naija housemate, Natacha Akide a.k.a Trident Queen have hailed her on social media after she addressed the present BBNaija housemates.

Tacha Akide was disqualified from the show last year after she got into a fight with Mercy Eke, who later won the show.

Prior to her disqualification and even after her disqualification, some Nigerians dragged her name in the mud, saying no brand would want to associate with her.

However things turned out differently for the influencer as she did not only secure deals, she also joined global telecom company, Oppo, as a brand partner.

Her fans were amazed today as she confidently addressed the current housemates. Since then, they have been disturbing the streets of social media, sharing the video on their IG stories and showering praises on their fave.

Watch the video below;

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8 Things You Don’t Know About BBNaija Dorothy Bachor (Biography)




dorothy bbn



Big Brother Naija BBNaija Season 5 housemate, Dorathy Lynda Bachor also known as Dorothy has been able to gather a huge fan base hours after she entered into the BBN house.

We at Gistvic Blog have been able to put together Eight solid things you don’t know about BBN Dorathy.

See 8 Things/Biography Of BBNaija Dorothy Bachor:

  1. Dorathy full name is Dorathy Bachor Lynda.

  2. Dorathy Bachor obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) in 2016.

  3. Dorathy Discloses Her Celebrity Crush, It’s A Senator, See Who

One housemate who has gotten the attention of many is Dorothy. Many identify her by her heavy melons and her skin color. Most men on social media are seriously crushing on her because she’s naturally and heavily endowed. Dorothy doesn’t lose any chance by flaunting her assets on screens for her viewers.

However, Dorothy made a disclosure to the house who her favorite celebrity crush is. She revealed that she’s seriously crushing on Senator Dino Melaye, a former Kogi State lawmaker.

See how some social media users reacted to Dorothy’s choice of crush.

  1. Dorathy was born in the year 1996.

  2. Dorathy Bachor is from Delta State But Lives In Lagos.

  3. Dorathy finished from Lagos State Model college, Igbokuta.

  4. Dorathy Bachor lost Her Father at Age 14.

  5. Dorathy Bachor Lost Her Dad On November 2nd, 2010 at 2:37pm.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now worth $100 billion





Mark Zuckerberg has joined the world’s most exclusive club of the ultra rich.


The Facebook CEO on Thursday became a centibillionaire, someone who is worth at least $100 billion.

He crossed the milestone after shares in the social network surged. Only two other men, Amazon (AMZN)’s Jeff Bezos and Microsoft (MSFT)’s Bill Gates, have bigger personal fortunes.

mark zuckerberg

Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook from his Harvard dorm room in 2004, and his biggest asset is still his 13% stake in the company, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index, which tracks the world’s wealthiest people.

The 36-year-old is also Facebook’s chairman and controlling shareholder.

Zuckerberg’s wealth got its latest bump as Facebook’s stock climbed 6.5% Thursday, a day after the company launched its TikTok clone, Reels, on Instagram.

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BBNaija 2020: Nengi BBNaija Housemate Profile & Biography | BBN Pictures, Age, State, Occupation




nengi bbn


Rebecca “Nengi” Hampson is a 22 years old entrepreneur from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. She is a former model and MBGN Top 5 contestant who loves learning new things, having fun, travelling, taking on new adventures, and being true to herself.

Nengi, as she prefers to be called, studied communications at the University of Port Harcourt and is a proud Capricorn. She proclaims: “If you want the job done right, give it to a Capricorn. I give 110% of my energy and enthusiasm into everything I do.”

Full Name Rebecca Nengi Hampson
Age 22 Years (2020)
Sex Female
Nationality Nigerian
Place of Birth Bayelsa
Marital status Single
Occupation Model and Entrepreneur

Facts about Nengi

  • What new habit or skill did you acquire during lockdown?

The ability to talk to myself and enjoy the conversation.

  • What are your words to live by?

Live and let live.

  • What is your biggest achievement?

Getting my BSc. So many times, I could have dropped out, but I persevered.

Pictures of Nengi BBNaija

Nengi BBNaija

Meet Nengi

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#BBNaija: Throwback photos of Lucy selling roasted plantain and fish






Big brother Naija 2020 housemate, Lucy Essien once revealed to her fellow housemates that she used to sell roasted plantain (Bole) in Calabar.

BBNaija Lucy

Lucy who was Head of House in the show’s second week, is a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Lagos state. Here are throwback photos of her from the hustle days.

Lucy is a self-proclaimed simple girl and assures everyone that she is far from average. She believes in fairy tales, and hopefully, Biggie’s House will deliver just that for her.

According to Lucy, her biggest achievement is her grill business, getting into Big Brother Naija, graduating with a 2.1 and not falling pregnant after all these years.

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BBNaija 2020: 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Erica






Obviously, all of the housemates in the house had lives before going into the house and although we have access to these housemates lives 24/7, there are some things we still don’t know about them from watching the television.

So, We did some digging from the archives and we’re here today to share with you 11 things you didn’t know about BBNaija’s Erica.

1. She won Miss Photogenic at MBGN 2014.
You might not know this but Erica KNOWS that she’s good looking. In fact, she is so confident in her looks that she contested in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant in 2014. Although she didn’t take home the overall crown, she did win Miss Photogenic!

2. She was in a hit Nollywood movie.
Did you see or hear of the movie, Hire a Woman? Of course you did. But, did you know that Erica acted in this movie? In fact she did!

She played the character of Nifemi in the movie. Did you spot her? Maybe go and rewatch the movie then you’ll see her. It’s available on Netflix.

3. She’s a WORKING model.
When Erica says she’s a model, she’s just saying it simply for bants. No, Erica is an ACTUAL WORKING model, no be struggling.

She has done modelling work for companies including Nature’s Gentle Touch, Zaron Cosmetics, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Hollandia, Globacom, Jumia, Stanbic IBTC, Etisalat and Peak Milk.

4. Her dream is to lead an action movie.
In an interview with The Guardian magazine, when asked what her dream is, Erica said:

My dream role would be to be the main character in an action film. I have always loved female action stars like Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron and dreamed of acting like them. I’m currently training myself to be ready whenever that role presents itself.

5. She has a foundation.
Erica is a girl who gives back. In 2018, she launched the Erica Nlewedim Foundation, a foundation that at one time, fed 1000 people during the Christmas holidays.

6. She worked in an oil company
Yup! Erica worked as the marketing manager for MEI Oil and Gas before going into the Big Brother house.

7. She has a hair company
Erica is also a business woman. She runs a hair company named Beluxia Hair of which she is the CEO.

8. Her name is special to her.
Erica posted (but has now deleted) an explanation about her name to Instagram and which part of it she doesn’t like answering to. She said:

My dad’s name is Eric Nlewedim. He calls me junior cos I’m named after him – Erica Nlewedim, my full name is Erica Ngozi Ugomma Blessing Nlewedim

9. She is an only child
Her and her mum are also really close.

10. She has a solid educational background
She started her secondary school education at Victory Grammar School in Lagos and completed the 6 years secondary school program at Command Secondary School in Ikeja, Lagos.

She then went on to pursue a BSc in Business Administration from Covenant university before later going to the Met Film School, London to learn acting for screen.

11. She won’t act nude.
For any casting directors or people fantasizing out there, squash your hopes now. In her personal profile for, a website for creatives to upload their profiles and find work, Erica disclosed that she will NOT perform nude.

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