How To Make A Homemade Pepper Spray


Here is a step by step guide:


Step 1: Get your ingredients; how to make pepper spray

our very own rodo which is habanero pepper (highly rated on the Scoville scale), a container for your mix(empty body mist container is fine), Alcohol (one of the greatest solvents, anything from dry gin to whiskey), oil (preferably g/nut oil)

Step 2: Grind the pepper without water, ensure all the seeds are added and put the paste in a to make pepper spray

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Step 3: Add alcohol, just enough to completely submerge the paste.

Step 4: Add a few teaspoons of g/nut oil, stir well and cover the mixture with a nylon and allow to seat to make pepper spray

Step 5: Sieve out the large particle and drain the solution into your “body mist” container and cover appropriately.

Extras ingredients: a squeeze of lemon, alligator pepper and black pepper to increase the heat level of our to make pepper spray

And there you have it.

Incase of contact with your eyes, please wash them under running water for atleast 5 to make pepper spray

I hope this is helpful to someone.

Note: Pepperspray is a non lethal self defense weapon which should only be used in times of potential harm or threat.

Stay safe guys. how to make pepper spray

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