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How To Read A Book



Books are often gateways to make the human mind free and versatile, a good book is like a portal to another realm something that can take you to magic kingdoms and futuristic city view, spooky mansions and uncharted landscapes. Whether you’re interested in fiction or non-fiction, poetry or textbooks, there are a number of techniques you can use to get the most out of your literary experience.

1. Beginning with the Basic Steps.

Pick A Book

When you’re reading for your own pleasure, you will probably want to choose a general interest fiction or non-fiction book. There are basically millions of such books, so finding one that’s right for you can be a hard nut to crack. A perfect place to start is by thinking about what you like, and also about what you dislike. Keep to record how many different types of books are out there. There are fictional books like *To Kill A Mockingbird*. There are fantasy books like *The Lord Of The Rings*. And so many others.

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  • Knowing your personal interest can really help you find a book you’ll find enjoyable. Just because someone else says a book is healthy doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily enjoy it. Some people enjoy fantasy novels, other people hate them. Think about what kind of an experience you want to have while reading. Do you want a rousing adventure tale? A cerebral exploration of ideas? An emotional journey through the lives of believable characters? How long of a book do you want to read? How challenging do you want it to be? Are there certain perspectives you want your book to embrace or avoid? Answering these questions will narrow down the field of possible books.
  • Non-fiction books can be a little easier to narrow down than fiction ones. Most popular nonfiction books are histories or biographies of famous people. Is there a famous person you’d like to know more about? Do you want to know more about a country, a landmark, a war, a historical event? Do you want to know more about oceans, or dinosaurs, or pirates, or stage magic? Pretty much anything you can think of has had a nonfiction book written about it.
    • Just because you find a nonfiction book about something that interests you doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like the book. Some books are well written and interesting, others are poorly written and boring. If you find a nonfiction book about something you like, read the first couple of pages first to see if you like the writer’s style. If you find the book difficult or boring on the first page, it probably won’t get any better as you read through.

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  • Go to the library. Your local library is a good place to browse books, since if you see one that interests you, you won’t even have to pay anything to read it. Tell the librarian what you’re interested in, and ask him or her to point you to one or two areas of the library where you might find interesting books related to your interests.
  • Don’t judge the book by its cover. The title and cover illustrations may seem boring or not your taste, but inside the book could be a whole world of pleasure and enjoyment that you will be enthralled by. This, however, is not always the case, so make sure you pick wisely! Also, look at the thickness of the book. If a quick read is what you’re looking for, a big, heavy book wouldn’t be suitable, and vice versa. Lastly, if you are buying the book for someone other than yourself, think about their age and interests, if you are purchasing for a child, young adult books such as Fifty Shades of Grey may not be the ideal choice.
  • Ask those around you. Good friends and close relatives may be able to recommend books to you based on what they enjoyed and thought you would also enjoy. But be careful because some people like to read long stories while others don’t. If you love science for example, search for science books.
  • Check online. The Internet is filled with book lovers who are more than happy to share their opinions about various titles. Find a community that discusses books and search for the subjects you like, or just visit online retail sites and browse user reviews of books that look good. Either way is a great method for getting a quick idea of the most popular and best-liked titles in any category of book.
  • Make it a group event. Book clubs and readings are both fun ways to expose yourself to new books.
    • Many clubs are focused around a particular genre of book, such as science fiction or romance, but some are more general.
    • Fiction readings happen regularly at many independent bookstores.
    • Nonfiction writers can sometimes be found giving readings or even free guest lectures at nearby colleges. Go and listen to see if their book sounds like something you would like to read, and learn a little about something that interests you at the same time. Some books starts with easily understood explanation so don’t get bored after the first few pages; remember every story has a lesson.

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Get the book you will like to read.

There are different ways to accomplish this:

  • Check out the book from the library. If you don’t have a library membership, just walk into the library and ask for one.
    • Be aware that if you’re trying to read a widely known book, you may end up weeks or months down the waiting list for a copy.
  • Buy the book. Visit a bookstore or newsstand and purchase your own copy to keep for as long as you like. The advantage of this method is that with a little work, you can usually find even the hottest books and read them right away; the downside is that you have to pay money to buy the book.
    • Since you’re paying, be sure to pick up the book and read a few pages of it in the store first, so you can tell if you’ll enjoy the author’s writing style when you crack it open at home.
  • Borrow the book. Friends and relatives who recommend a book to you will often have their own copy and be glad to led it to you for as long as it takes you to finish.
    • Be sure to take good care of books you have been loaned, and read them in a timely fashion so you don’t forget about them and leave them gathering dust on a shelf for the next year.
  • Electronically purchase the book. With the advent of portable e-readers and smartphones over the last several years, electronically published editions of print books are becoming more and more common. It also means that the book can be taken with you anywhere where your phone/tablet/iPod is.
    • The cost of purchasing a virtual book is often slightly less than the cost of purchasing a physical copy, so if you have a reader already, you might save a little cash. Don’t buy huge books if you know you won’t finish it. good types of apps for these are the Kindle apps or if you have a new version of an iProduct, iBooks.
    • Like a paper-and-ink book, an electronic book is yours to keep once you’ve paid for it. The only downside to this is that, unlike paper books, you cannot pawn them off because the book is installed in your device.
    • Remember that electronic editions are more difficult than regular books to bring with you on long vacations or camping trips.

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Interactional Reading

Inhabit the writing inside the book and make it a part of your own life by emphasizing your favorite parts. You will enjoy it much more than if you try to dryly deconstruct it or push through it in a linear fashion.

  • Keep track of what you read. Write down page numbers or author names for items you particularly enjoy so that you can revisit them easily in the future.
  • Use a pencil. If you own the book, consider lightly marking it with a pencil wherever you see a line or a word that grabs your attention.
  • “If we know what specific interactions are occurring between caregiver and child and we can link that to language outcomes, then it wouldn’t just be telling parents, ‘Read a lot of books to your kids also,’” Gros-Louis adds. “That would definitely be important to tell them, but you could also identify specific behaviors to do during book reading.”

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2.Reading a Textbook

Taking notes

It is possible to read a textbook for fun, But Most people read a textbook because they need to get some sought of  information from it, and textbooks are an excellent source of concentrated, clearly-organized information on many topics. To get the most from reading your textbook, have a notepad open beside you while you read so you can note down some key points.

  • Set a pattern. Read one paragraph at a time, then stop and make a note about what that paragraph said. Try to put it into one or two quick phrases or sentences.
  •  At the end of your session, Review your results. you’ll have a personal copy of all the information you need. Read over it to ensure that everything makes sense to you.

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Reading by chapter.

In most cases, it isn’t a must to read a textbook straight through from start to finish, but it isn’t very useful to jump from section to section, either. Instead, every time you have to read even part of a chapter, if you haven’t done so already, plan to read that entire chapter.

  • Understand more of what you read. Reading the whole chapter in order once will put all the information you need into a solid context, making it easier to understand and easier to remember.
  • Take a victory lap. There’s no need to read back through the whole chapter once you’ve done it the first time. You can cherry-pick from the chapter as needed afterward.

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Try To Keep up

When you’re reading a textbook, it’s probably for a class you’re trying to pass an exam or test. Textbooks are dense, slow reads, so the best way to tackle them is to start early and try to make steady progress every time you open one up.

  • Make it a date. Schedule regular space at least a few days a week to read your textbook, and it’ll go by much more easily than if you tried to cram it all in right before each test.

I hope you find these methods helpful, please share with your friends.

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3 Insightful Things You Need To Know About Inksnation Decentralized Blockchain Ledger.





Officially or publicly, it all started with an open letter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

from a Nigerian publicly now known as Omotade Amos Sparks,

the founder and author of the charitable blockchain ledger known as IBCash (the official coin) of Inksnation

Inksnation Letter To EFCC

Dear sir,

NEEDING #theEagle To Sentence Me To Life Imprisonment For National Scam If This Mission Fails. 

I Omotade Sparks Amos Sewanu the founder of IBSmartify is writing to inform your agency that IBSmartify will be embarking on a poverty eradication and smart urbanization scheme

from the 12th of November with the aim of ending poverty in Nigeria in 6-9 months and smart urbanization of states in 1-4 years with our IBledger Blockchain’s first token called IBNaira. 

In regards to this, I know this will be huge and massive, so i want your anti-graft agency to understand that blockchain is not a scam but an opportunity to transform Africa.

This lBledger blockchain promises to generate funds running into 100’s of billions of dollars to be controlled by the government because our major use cases are governance,

finance(money) and Real Estate (Building of Smart Cities) and this blockchain Will pay Nigerians a minimum of 120,00 Thousand Naira Monthly for life.

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After giving the ease of doing business for the said 6-9 months period,

If Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewahu fails to achieve the aforementioned,

please do not hesitate to sentence me to life imprisonment for national scam because if i can not achieve my life’s purpose and calling, then I do not deserve to exist. 

Thanks for being my chief whip,

I sure do need this in order to seriously carry this cross of uniting the world and protecting my universal children from the self coming annihilation posed upon humanity. 

Yours sincerely

 Omotade Sparks Amos

CEO/UDI(Universal Daddy Ink)

The inksnation letter to EFCC went viral immediately after it was posted on twitter and people were talking about it. But the replies from people under the thread wasn’t pleasant as expected.

It was literally insults here and there while some were claiming to have been into crypto technology for a very long time hence,

there was nothing like that in their years of experience. 

But from another aspect,

I understood the resistance behavior and response the post got due to the level of scams that has occurred before in Nigeria, that of MMM (a Ponzi scheme)

that was introduced to Nigerians few years ago and some Nigerians that jumped onboard MMM lost more than 12 billion Naira in total and MMM was owned by a foreigner called Marv Rodin

and he was rumored to have been a Russian as some people say, so that alone has spoilt the hearts of most Nigerians regarding online money so you can’t possibly blame them. 

I myself gave the letter a second thought and I went further to do my own research regarding inksnation and it’s true mission

and I found out that the owner who goes by the name Omotade Amos Sparks has been planning this endeavor for a very long time now and has finally decided to execute the calling now.

And I picked out some pictures from my research, see below:

And I got to find out the real name of his business called IBSmartify on CAC officially website and that proves that it’s a registered business with a real person with the RC number of 2956459. 

With the research part done, I went straight to the inksnation website and navigated around and know what the website is about and I got to know that to be a part of the charitable organization,

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you have to purchase a membership plan sought of thing.

Why people have to pay Is a different case and I will unravel as we go on.

So here are the membership plans I found on the website:

After that,

I still wanted to know more about this guy and his organization so I did not register but I used the contact number I found also on website to reach whoever is handling the support area via WhatsApp

and behold it was the founder and we talked and I got some enlightenment regarding his charitable organization and I got to know the reason behind the membership subscription and why it’s a paid one and he said

“It could have easily been free but if he made it free then the people will not value it, value not in terms of money but in terms of attending the meetings that usually holds on telegram on Tuesdays,

Thursdays and Saturdays” and the reason for the meeting was for whoever gets on board to know what he/she got herself into and to understand the structure of the endeavor by inksnation. 

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Still yet, I did not register but I joined the telegram group and attended the meetings and with time,

I began to understand what this guy’s mission really is and how he tends to go about it and on the long run I was convinced that inksnation was not a scam but a savior of humanity so I got myself registered. 

That’s my dashboard and Don’t worry,

I’ll break down the entire website for you to understand what you’re seeing. 

and as of writing this article,

there’s been flooding of registered prospects on their database and it’s growing day by day and it’s set to start paying registered members starting from August 12 2020.

There was a time when the registration was made free to anybody that wants to register but that’s over now and the registration has gone back to normal but  you can always settle for the lowest one which costs 1000 Naira that’s about $2.80 or so.

I’m personally recommending it because I have done my research about it and it all came out clean,

besides it doesn’t cost much so why not give it a try. 

How to Register For Inksnation 

The different types of membership packages are bronze, silver, gold and diamond which are all discussed below:


You can subscribe for this package to become a member for as low as #1000. Bronze features include sign up bonus and monthly salary, see below.Sign up bonus (IBGrant #1,800,000).

Monthly salary is #120,000.


You have to pay #10,000 for silver subscription.

See features below.

Sign up bonus is #5,480,000.Monthly salary is #180,000.


To subscribe for this package, you’ll have to pay #100,000.Sign up bonus is #11,040,000 worth of IBNaira.

Monthly salary is #240,000.


This is the biggest of them all.

You have to pay #1,000,000 to become a member of diamond package.

Features include;

Sign up bonus (IBGrant #99,300,000 worth of IB naira).Monthly salary is #300,000.

NOTE: the currencies are all in Nigerian Naira…

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Inksnation Login

Now to work you around the Dashboard and understand everything it,

I will do some infographics kind of stuff with the images so you will understand. 

After login, your dashboard will display like this:

when you click the toggle bar i indicated with red, a drop down menu will appear likes:

After registration, you will have to edit your account info and input yours correctly.

Transaction is where they record your credit and debit of funds, see below for examples:

Regarding the “pinkard” part:

The pinkard serves as a registration card for now. When there’s further use for it, I won’t hesitate to include it on this article. 

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From this article, you should have at least understood what inksnation is all about.

Me recommending it,

is not a must that you must register yourself.

That’s on you,

and if you want to do further research yourself before you are convinced enough then feel free.

If you are finding it difficult to get yourself registered,

do reach out to me via WhatsApp on: +2348069642677.

Mind you, I have done every possible research there is consigning inksnation and it’s initiative though but if you find anything worth sharing, please do so in the comment section below. 

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10 High School Dropouts That Became Billionaires




The words “high school dropout” are often considered synonymous with failure and poverty.

Many dropout struggled to find consistent work or get into prestigious colleges

but this formula doesn’t apply to everyone with enough hard work and determination.

Today we are looking at high school dropouts that became billionaires on our list of

10 High School Dropouts That Became Billionaires.

10. Walt Disney

Walt Disney is perhaps the most revered animator in the history of the world,

his cartoons revolutionized the film industry and made animation viable commercial pursuit. 

As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most academy awards earned by an individual,

having 122 Oscars from 59 nominations but many fans are shocked to learn that the Chicago native was a high school dropout. In 1918 while still in high school,

Disney began taking night courses at the Academy of fine arts in Chicago. Disney dropped out of high school at age 16 to join the army and because he was too young to enlist,

he joined the Red Cross with a forge birth certificate instead. 

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Disney was sent to France where he drove an ambulance that was covered from top to bottom cartoons but eventually became his film characters,

of course we all know that Disney’s characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are now some of the most iconic cartoons

in the world and they have been heavily merchandised as well. 

When Walt Disney passed away in 1966 he was worth about $1 billion Adjusted for inflation,

in the small animation house he founded on October 16,

1923 is now valued at more than $42 billion. 

9. Henry Ford

Henry Ford founder the of Ford motors is generally credited with the proliferation of the ford mobil on a large scale.

Born to an immigrant father and an orphan mother,

Ford was extremely poor growing up,

but he had a knack for mechanical projects.

His father gave him a pocket watch in his early teens and at 15 years

old Ford dismantled and reassembled the time pieces of friends and neighbors dozens of time,

Getting a reputation as a watch repairman,

Henry Ford dropped out of high school and left the family farm when he was 16,

he relocated to Detroit where he came an apprentice in a machine shop and later chief engineer at the Edison illuminating company.

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Ford built his first car in 1896 and will go on to revolutionize the assembly line.

After his model T car became the first ubiquitous automobile in the history of the world, Ford went on to radically alter the realms of industrial production and labor philosophy,

his net worth today would be an unbelievable $199 billion.

This is an amazing feet considering the Ford motor company was founded in 1903

with just $28,000 in capital but Henry Ford proves it pays to pursue your passion even if it is initially difficult. 

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8. Amancio Ortega

Even if you don’t know Amancio Ortega by name,

there’s a very good chance you have seen his merchandise on numerous occasions.

He is the founder and former chairman of inditex fashion group best known for its chain of Zara clothing and accessory shops.

The fashion group also owns the chain Zara home,

Massimo dutti, Bershka, pull and bear, Stradivarius and uterque. 

Born in 1936, he started delivering shirts at age 12 after dropping out of school because his family needed the money,

he learned how to make dressing gowns and lingerie with his first wife Rosalia mera with whom he had two children,

thanks to his eye for investments,

he is considered a pioneer in fast fashions. 

Fast fahion are based on runway attire but sold at the price the average person can afford.

Ortega is now the second wealthiest person in

Europe and a sixth wealthiest overall with a net worth of over $73 billion Ortega is notoriously private and

refuses interviews with journalists but one thing is clear a

high school education was not necessary for him to create the largest textile empire in the world. 

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7. Kirk Kerkorian

Kirkorian had a difficult childhood but this didn’t impede his rapid path to success as an adult, kerkhorian was born into poverty in 1917,

his father was a fruit merchant who immigrated to the United States from Armenia, kerkhorian dropped out of school after eighth grade but

eventually made millions in the airline industry putting him on the path to becoming a billionaire, he bought and sold MGM studios three

times And he counted Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra among his good friends,

by the time he died at 98 in 2015 he own many of the major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

  “No business health is interest as much as gaming” according to close friends, kerkhorian owned operated and sold a hand full of historic strip resorts,

playing a paramount role in shaping the landscape of the strip in Las Vegas. 

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Publications and historians called kerkhorian as one of the

central figures in helping Las Vegas grow into one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. 

 He was an eighth grade dropout who trained his

way to a $15 Billion fortune and for a time became the richest person in Los Angeles. 

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6. Francois Pinault

François Pinault is one of the wealthiest man in France and with $30 billion in the bank he also ranks as the 30th richest person

on the planet but things are not always easy for Pinault, he was poor growing up, his family lived in a suburb in Brittany and western

France and his schoolmates teased him relentlessly for his unkept clothes,

after quitting his high school in 1947 he joined his family’s business,

timber trading. In the 1970s when he already had the necessary business Acumen,

he started buying smaller firms and transforming them into a giant enterprise.

His strategy was taking over smaller enterprises and turning them into megabrands which helped him to establish a sprawling business empire,

his holding company Artemis Essay among many others like converse shoes, Night luggage, château Latour, the veil ski resort in Colorado and Christie’s auction house.

Artemis also owns executive life insurance company, he is also one of the biggest names in fine art collection with an art house worth in excess of $500 million,

on the magazine art reviews 2006 List of Most powerful people in modern art, he was ranked first place. After the Notre Dame the Paris fire of April 15,

2019 he pledged €100 million as a donation for the reconstruction works and repairs at the cathedral. 

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5. David H. Murdock

With a net worth of $3 Billion, 91-year-old David H Murdock has

made some huge contributions to the fields of medical research and higher education. 

Murdoch is the owner and chairman of the dole food company,

the world’s largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, packaged meals and frozen foods. As if that wasn’t enough,

he’s also the owner and CEO of the real estate development company Castle & Cooke but Murdoch wasn’t always the epitome of success,

he dropped out of high school  and was drafted into the army during World War II and was homeless in Detroit after the war,

but he got experience in the real estate market and then he moved to Los Angeles and took Over the nearly bankrupt firm Castle and Cooke,

which own the pineapple and banana producer dole foods company. 

 In 2013 he took dole foods private and a deal that valued his company at $1.6 billion,

now Murdoch is determined to find medical research that will help improve life for people all over the world. 

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4. Richard Branson

Though Richard Branson is not one of the wealthiest people in the world,

his the kind of billionaire with remarkable ideas and flashy businesses that gun attention from the media,

as a result he is a household name in his virgin group which control 400 companies in various fields,

is present all over the world but Branson had a rocky start in life

“I was seen as the dumbest person at school”

the founder and CEO of Virgin group told reporters. “the idea that I could be successful didn’t dawn on me”

as a young student Branson struggled with dyslexia,

He had a hard time keeping up with his classes but what was perceived as a weakness became a source of strength and what’s interesting

about people who are dyslexic is that they cannot excel at

things that they love and have a passion for and I have a passion for quite a lot of things branson said. 

In order to pursue these passions,

Branson dropped out of school when he was seventeen Years old, he found a magazine called students and advertised mail order

records for much cheaper prices as they were generally available from time, the resulting business was Virgin records his first successful venture,

the company now includes virgin Atlantic,

virgin media and virgin galactic, a Space exploration Company. 

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3. Carl Linder jr

Carl Linda Junior was an Ohio native who founded the dairy empire and died as one of the wealthiest people in the world in 2011.

Linda was a delivery boy for his family’s dairy company during the Great Depression.

With two brothers Robert and Richard and a sister Dorothy,

he opened an ice cream shop with a $1200 loan in 1940..

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After dropping out of school at 14 during the great depression he helped to expand his family’s dairy business into United dairy farmers,

a large chain of convenience stores.

Linder left the business and started investing in savings and loans in 1959 then went into insurance in 1971.

The American financial group he bought “Chiquita Brands international” in 1984,

Linda ran banana company until 2001. 

Linder also a big sports fan, opted to buy the Cincinnati Reds which proved to be extremely profitable until he sold his stake in the franchise in 2005,

in his later years Linder focused more on philanthropy and

politics but none of this would’ve been possible without his industrious spirit and work ethic. 

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2. Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis dropped out of high school at 15 to run his father’s catering business

Tavistock banqueting and he is currently worth about $5.3 billion according to forbes. 

The businessman who works from his yacht most of the year,

\owns a planned community in Lake Nona near Orlando  

Which is now one of the fastest growing development in America and houses a medical city that includes numerous medical facilities and university research centers,

after selling the family business in the late 1970s, Lewis moved into currency trading in the 1980s and 1990s,

resulting  in his moved to the Bahamas where he is now a tax exile. 

In September 1992, Louis teamed up with George Saurus to bet on the pound crashing out of the European exchange rate mechanism,

the event which was dub black Wednesday made Lewis very wealthy and some said he made more than saurus,

though many believed that Lewis made his money in a Dishonest manner,

it’s impossible to deny that he use Street Smart and common sense to pivot among numerous industries and become one of the wealthiest man in England. 

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Lewis is also an avid art collector,

Lewis’s art collection is estimated to be worth $1 billion it includes works by Picasso, tease,

Lucian And sculptor Henry Moore.

Lewis bought Francis Bacon’s triptych 1974-1977 in 2008 for 26,300,000 pounds,

then a record for postwar artwork bought in Europe. 

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1. John D. Rockefeller

John Rockefeller was born in upstate New York in 1839, his mother Eliza Davison Rockefeller was very religious and very disciplined,

she taught John to work to save and to give to charities. 

By the age of 12 he had saved over $50 from working for neighbors and raising some turkeys for his mother, at the urging of his mother,

he loaned a local Farmer $50 at 7% interest payable in one year,

when the farmer paid him back with interest the next year Rockefeller was impressed and decided to follow his first dollar. 

Rockefeller who barely attended formal school at all in his formative years left to pursue a career in business when he was only 16 years old,

In 1870 Rockefeller founded standard oil company which eventually became a domineering monopoly in the oil industry.

Rockefellers leadership in standard oil brought him great wealth as well as controversy because many oppose Rockefeller’s business practices,

his adjusted net worth was $490 Billion meaning that

he was one of the wealthiest people in history and many times richer than anyone living today.

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12 Companies That Secretly Rip You Off




The average person is determined to maximize their salary by finding deals and

discounts but corporations are well aware of this tactic

and create products to intentionally confused and over charge their customers,

from under field chip bags to Overhyped precious stones. 

The world is full of scams, today we’re looking at 15 industries that actually rip you off your money on our list of

12 Companies That Secretly Rip You Off 

12. Diamonds

Diamonds are the stones most closely associated with wealth and prosperity.

Most people have the perception that diamonds have been an integral part of human culture for millennia but it turns out they are just a result of a century old marketing scam.

The  Debeer’s corporation was founded in 1888 with mining operations in South Africa,

Namibia and Botswana.

Before this moment, the concept of exchanging engagement rings wasn’t even a common custom in

most of the world but after a 1938 ad campaign spearheaded by Debeer’s Americans

And Europeans began to embrace the tradition but not only is this ritual contrive,  

de beers and other diamond distributors intentionally restrict the release of their stock to create the illusion of scarcity.

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The fact is diamonds are extremely common minerals,

with a full supply release to the public,

the price would plummet but Debeer’s and their elk stock pile these precious stones in order to rip off the public. 

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11. Bottled Water

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pure ice cold hydration.

Some of us get our water for free from the tap but the rest pay for it at the cost of roughly $100 billion

a year and the number of people getting their water exclusively in bottles Is growing at a rate of 10% a year.

The first issue is that bottled water is 300 times more

expensive than tap water and then there’s the fact that most of the biggest brands including Aquafina

and Nestlé pure life are actually filled from the tap as well, in fact a recent report found out almost half of all bottled water is actually derived

from the tap meaning that they are up charging customers 30,000% for the same product.

Add to this, the horrific environmental impact of millions of tons of plastic

dumped into landfills and bottled water is easily one of the biggest corporate ripoffs in history. 

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10. Lotteries

It comes as no surprise that the average person has Minuscule chance of winning the lottery,

the chances of winning a top prize in the average lottery are almost 68,000,000 to 1 but in some cases there is literally no chance that people can win,

that’s because most lotteries continue to sell tickets to unknown customers Even after the price is already been distributed and then

there’s the quick pick tickets sold through Powerball lottery,

these tickets are intentionally printed without the winning numbers so you only stand a chance of winning if you choose your own numbers.

Expects advice that the average person would have better luck placing their money on any random stock or bond,

the chances of this investment appreciating our millions of times more likely than on a lotto ticket. 

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9. Career Sites

It’s no secret that sitess like monster and CareerBuilder are not effective for finding a high-quality long-term job. 

Most of the best jobs never even make their way to job boards but it turns out this game goes even further,

most of these companies will sell your information In order to turn a profit, even if you never find a job in the process,

this can lead to more serious scams for example many users will receive emails with reference personal information obtained from

these job sites they will then offer the user Job only to scam them into transferring money to pay for a background check or training done.

Though they can seem tantalizing to the unemployed, most job sites are actually a recipe for disaster. 

8. ATM Surcharges 

Consumers hate all kinds of things but the idea of being charged to access your

own money in the form of ATM fees can elevate the frustration to a new level. 

But consumers learned in 2016 that the ATM fees charged by many big banks are not merely annoying but that they violate antitrust laws,

it’s hard to tell just how much ATM operators may have overcharged every day consumers for accessing their money over the years.

The average ATM fee hits a new record high each time it’s measured.

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The latest bank rate survey found out that the average customer using an out of network ATM will pay a total of $4.57 in

fees with an average of $2.90 going to the ATM owner and another $67 Going to the customers own bank. In many cases,

the consumer is only taking out $50 or less meaning they are paying a roughly

10% fee just for the service of accessing their own money. 

7. College Textbooks 

Most people already know that the American higher education system is needlessly expensive, US universities cost more than 500% more than the average college elsewhere on earth,

even including prestigious names like Cambridge and The Sorbonne, today over 44 million Americans hold a total of

$1.4 trillion in student debt but this debt doesn’t just come from the greatest tuition and fees,

a huge percentage results from grossly overpriced textbooks.

Often times textbooks cost hundreds of dollars and colleges explicitly prohibit the purchase of used textbooks, if they do allow used textbooks,

classes often require the purchase of a one time use code

which leads to supplementary materials most of which are never actually used.

And an even more devious cases, professors will assign their own textbooks or the textbooks of their friends in order to reap the benefits from this corrupt industry.

A handful of students have sued University in the last few years,

demanding the option to study for an affordable price but these cases are still working their way through the court system. 

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In the meantime, many students are turning to

downloading free PDF textbooks online in an effort to get through college without Massive debt. 

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6. Electronics Companies 

Apple is the second most valuable company in the world and those several other competitors of a similar products, none come close to the market capitalization.

That’s because Apple has a series of stringent policies meant

to rip every last cent from their customers. 

The first is the massive over pricing of their products, when accounting for costs Apple charges as much as 800% more for their

products than for the costs of parts, labor, transportation and marketing. And then there’s the issue of accessories,

Apple makes their products incompatible with other charges

and add-ons meaning you need to buy their overpriced gadgets. 

Lastly is a phenomenon called The obsolescence,

Apple has admitted to hardwiring that products to lose battery life and malfunction after only a few years, this creates the illusion that

your device is failing forcing users to buy a new product. Thus, boosting the astronomical Profits. 

5. Starbucks

It’s easy to sympathize with the Starbucks customer who is suing

the coffee giant for providing two little Java in its grande, Venti, Trenta and tall iced coffee’s.

After doing the math on iced coffee’s,

studies revealing that a 12 ounce cup of the conversion should be a dollar less than the hot version,

that’s because the ice in Frappuccinos which is virtually free

displaces much of the coffee and other ingredients which are actually expensive,

Of course the courts ruled that this was not illegal but that doesn’t

mean it isn’t unfair, many customers are willing to pay more

for their coffee in order to guarantee that farmers are making a

living wage and beans are collected in a sustainable way.

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But That is simply not the case for Starbucks and other corporate coffee behemoths. 

4. Fad Diets

The next time you watch an infomercial read an advertisement or spot a new supplement reporting miraculous weight-loss results,

Be wary that the company behind it may not have your best interest in mind,

when evaluating claims for weight loss products,

the federal commission recommends a healthy portion of

skepticism and most don’t come close to fulfilling their claims and in

the rare case Where a product might result in some

temporary weight loss it’s almost never a permanent solution and is usually on safe. 

There is no known diet regimen that makes people skinny without exercise or dietary changes

so any company Cording to have these qualities is lying and it gets worse,

more than 50% of diet study are actually harmful to participants. 

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3. Glasses and Contacts

The glasses and contact industry in the United States is considered a scam by many consumers. 

Here’s how it works, in the US, contact lenses are regulated

no matter how old you are or how long it’s been since your vision has changed,

you need a doctor’s prescription less than one year old to be able to order Contact but in reality,

consumers need to check the prescription much less

frequently and this only leads to a multi hundred dollar fee for the optometrist and

the glasses manufacturer and the frames are massively overpriced as well. 

According to History insider, you can get amazingly good frames

with Warby Parker level of quality for 4 to 8 dollars.

For $15 you can get designer quality frames like what you get from Prada. 

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2. Toilet Papers

The truth is that for years toilet paper manufacturer Have been selling less

product and masking the shrinkage with hyper bowl and hard to quantify claims. 

According to John T Kerrville a marketing professor at Harvard business school,

“they get away with it because consumers have a better grasp

of how much an item cost than they do of the size it should be,

they have in their minds that this toilet paper cost 79 cents and that one cost 89 cents.

They are not taking into account that one has fewer sheets”. 

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In fact the average toilet paper manufacturer reduce the number

of Sheets in their roles were margin of 15% sometimes inflating the price in the process. 

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1. Movie Theatre Popcorn 

It’s been estimated that movie theaters make an 85% profit at the concession stand on over priced soda,

candy, nachos, hotdogs and of course popcorn. 

Movie theater popcorn has been called one of America’s biggest rip

offs with a retail price of nine times what it cost to make.

In 2012 after a Michigan man sued The movie theater for overcharging customers on snacks,

one theater owner spoke up in defense of charging eight dollars for a Coke and a box of goobers. 

The majority of a price charged for a movie tickets,

he explains goes to the studios and distribution company not the theater.

Theaters it’s been said are really in the popcorn and candy business,

the showing your films is just an excuse to gather a crowd and try to

sell them battery snacks and sugary drinks. 

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8 Richest Kids Of Dubai




Over the past 50 years Dubai has become the epicenter of the lavish living in the

Middle East and oil boom and relax tax laws have made it a heaven for the world rich and famous. 

Now the Emirate is starting to experience generational wealth with children born to ultra rich parents.

  Today we’re looking at the lives of the richest kids in Dubai on our

8 Richest Kids Of Dubai list we put together. 

8. Rashed Saif Belhasa

Rashed saif Belhasa  is better known by his alias “money kicks” is renowned for his unreal lifestyle

which he shares daily with his 1.6 million Instagram followers and 2.2 million YouTube subscribers and his fans tune in

to watching him mingle with celebrities and high rollers alike Lionel Messi,

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan among some of the names on his speed dial. 

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They all want to spend time on our family farm and see our Tigers,

Belhasa told the Dubai-based news paper.

Sometimes I have to say no I don’t have the time and it is tiring. 

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The 16-year-old has many possessions that the average person could never dream of,

Among his many Instagram flaunts is his Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with a 6.3 L’V12 engine

which he got wrapped in a Louis Vuitton supreme collaboration Print,

now the sad part is he will not be able to drive the powerful car until he turns 18 because that is the legal driving age in Dubai.

He even lives in a mansion in UAE that has its own private zoo filled with over 500 exotic animals,

inside the private zoo you’ll find lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, cheaters, giraffes and even bears,

Belhasa revealed that the zoo isn’t open to the public and the family don’t make a profit from it

but there’s some concern regarding how the animals are treated,

so where did all this money come from?

his father Said Ahmed Belhasa is one of the richest people in the country having an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion. 

Belhasa owns many companies in various factors like energy, transportation, trading, real estate, advertising, technology, education etc.

Belhasa also owns Dubai’s largest swimming pool construction company which receives seven

awards at the masters pool guild excellence awards in 2011. Rashed has followed in his father’s footsteps

and like many people with inherited wealth he’s s launching his own clothing

brand with shoes Sold for more than $30,000 each.

Money kicks is the proud owner of a vast shoe collection boasting of Limited edition Yeezy’s,

pipes and air Jordans all stored in bespoke cases and reported to be worth an estimated $1 million. 

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7. Mo Vlogs

Mo vlogs is the face of vlogging in the Middle East, the 23-year-old

who’s real name is Mohammed Beiraghdar shot to fame largely thanks to his fanatical interest in the luxury cars of Dubai with almost 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube,

he commence a powerful following in his native Dubai with videos regularly getting millions of views and more than 1 billion total channel views,

most of his view center around his everyday life however, his daily life is much

more exciting than the average person because he flies around the world and rubs elbows with celebrities,

it also can’t be denied that a major chunk of Mo Vlogs viewership comes from automotive enthusiast who are there to witness some amazing cars,

Mo often visits various car events that feature beauties like the Bugatti Veyron,

Pagani Zonda, Nissan GTR and many other vehicles. 

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Mo Vlogs also uses very clever branding in order to entice new fans,

For example he was recently looking out for a new car to replace the Ford mustang and

repeatedly mention considering the Nissan GTR and the Ferrari 458 a couple of days later he

rented a yellow Ferrari 458 spider and packed it in his garage where ideally his Mustang is

parked and used the title “I got a Ferrari” obviously this would make people think that he finally went for a Ferrari as his next car. 

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However, he did mention in the video that the car was rented unlike money kicks,

Mohammed Didn’t n’t come from an ultra wealthy family but his success

as an influencer has earned him more than $7 million. 

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6. Sheikh Hamdan 

 Sheikh Hamdan Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum better known as sheikh hamdan is the crown prince of Dubai.

Though he is technically not a kid, the 37-year-old Prince grew up in the lap of luxury and flaunts his wealth whenever possible.

Obviously hamdan attended all of devise most prestigious schools before getting a masters degree at the London school of economics.

Sheikh is beloved by most of Dubai’s residents viewing him as down-to-earth and

approachable despite his tattling net worth of more than $400 million.

He is also famous for his love of animals, his 8.8 million

Instagram followers have witnessed his love for Camels, Dogs, Fish and many other creatures,

he is also a huge supporter of education in his home emirate. 

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Sheikh Hamdan is the president of Hampden Ben Mohammed smart University founded in 2009 with a focus on business and health studies,

the University offers a Mix of online and in person teaching and his title is not just a formality,

Hamdan presides over several high-level government entities the play a vital role in supporting the economy and labor market in the UAE such as Dubai municipality,

al Maktoum foundation, Dubai aluminum and Dubai natural gas company limited,

Dubai World Trade Center and others but this doesn’t prevent him from breaking out

of his routine and traveling the world just this year he’s traveled to the USA, New Zealand, Mongolia,

and Italy among many others.

Those holidays don’t tend to take place on a beach with a nice cold coconut water though, sheikh hamdan is a little more adventurous than that, whether it involves skydiving,

Cliff diving, snorkeling or spearfishing and as If he didn’t have enough hobbies,

Hamdan is also an avid writer he is known for his romantic and patriotic poems in Arabic,

he publishes his poems under the name fazz. 

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5. Ali Muhammad 

Ali Mohammed is one of the most iconic and fashion bloggers in Dubai,

he has more than 40,000 followers on Instagram and frequently

post himself wearing designer brands like Prada, Gucci and Fendi,

he also has a lucrative endorsement deals with many establishments around Dubai

for example he post Photo of himself lounging in the infinity pool at Vidor hotels in

Dubai the upscale hotel not only gave him a complimentary stay

they also gave him several thousands of dollars for the Instagram promotion.

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He also snapped up a $1.5 million Bentley,

This was a huge accomplishment as he mentioned on his Instagram

“he grew up poor and felt thankful for the new set of wheels” according to his post

“one of the highlights of my career so far has been being able to take

this beauty for a ride before it’s official In the region”

“growing up I never really had the comfort of luxury,

success is humility and knowing that one day the broken down Honda can turn into a Bentley,

You just have to believe in yourself be persistent and never stop grinding, s

peak things into existence and the universe will listen”.

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He also dropped $10,000 on a plane ticket from Dubai to Cairo,

a relatively short distance but extremely expensive when you do it in Style as Ali did. 

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4. The Badura Twins

With 250,000 Instagram followers and almost 90,000 YouTube subscribers,

Madura twins have a ton of clout around Dubai.

Claudia and Lauren Badura are a perfect representation of twin Influence the movement.

This involves two siblings breaking into the influence of wealth together.

The Madera sisters share their social accounts,and are seemingly inseparable based on their posts. 

Though they are actually from a small town in Poland,

the sisters now split their time between Indian and Dubai but they have a home.

They got their start as models in the UK and now have endorsement deals with many beauty brands and clothing companies,

most of their YouTube posts are on tutorials regarding make up,

fashion and getting ready for swanky events. 

 Both beautiful within their own rights, the stunning sisters have collectively made a name for themselves within the social sphere.

Because they are often featured as beauty inspiration

on blog spots and Instagram feeds there is no avoiding these glamorous twin sisters.

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3. Elsa Adelia 

Elsa Adelia is another Dubai based influencer  with a pinch for fashion.

This finish supermodel has a remarkable collection of summer wear that has caused a splash in the fashion world.

She is married to a Lebanese man who introduced her to the area,

Since then she has fallen in love with the region and spends

most of her time in Dubai offering a lineup of elegant yet cool dresses for the summer season.

Adelia insures that her eponymous label will not only mirrors her signature

aesthetic but creates paces which will easily find their way into any style connoisseur’s wardrobe.

Her Instagram charts are travels through regions like Arctic circle and the Mediterranean.

However, most of her picture of her sitting poolside in Dubai her newfound home. 

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2. Kara Murray 

Karamarie better known as the Duchess of Dubai is a British influencer who claims to be living the Dubai Lifestyle.

She married a wealthy Emirati man and has had two children with him, most of her account is based around

her family life with her two beautiful boys but she occasionally

shows vacation pics like from a recent trip to Glasgow Scotland. 

It’s unclear who her husband is but it’s obvious he swimming in cash.

They have a lavish lifestyle living in the heart of Dubai and the home

has scenic views of the entire city.

For this British Mum, Dubai is the epicenter of her world. 

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1. Maj

Mohammed bin Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi or Maj is the best friend of sheikh hamdan,

the only odd thing is that he is 32 years younger than the crown prince.

It’s unclear exactly why the sheikh is so anemic with his five-year-old

but it has translated to 500,000 Instagram followers for Maj. 

Both sheikh hamdan and Maj keep posting photographs on Instagram with each other and show how close they really are.

“Just in case you guys don’t know, this is my best friend”

Maj wrote in one of his Instagram posts. Another post featured him hanging Play down on a bar with the caption

“hang on no matter what the situation” alongside him on the bar is Maj the Prince’s best friend Maj has

appeared frequently in the crown prince social media posts and on his personal account.

Maj’s pictures are predominantly of him With the Prince using the #BestFriend.  

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‘I swim with great white sharks to harvest deadly sea urchins – and it doesn’t pay much’




EXCLUSIVE: Dwane Herbert is one of just a few divers brave enough to harvest the delicacy known as spiky gold

For many workers the daily grind feels very mundane as they count down the hours down until the weekend.

Nothing could be further from the truth for diver Dwane Hervert.

The 31-year-old is one of just a few brave souls who risk their lives every time they go to work in their search for ‘spiky gold’.

Dwane is a diver who spends his days in search of potentially deadly sea urchins.

The earned the nickname spiky gold because they are such a delicacy in Asian cuisine and can sell for huge amounts of money.

But for dad-of-two Dwane, from New Zealand, it’s all in a day’s work.

Not only does he have to contend with venemous sea urchins, which after 14 years of diving his body has now developed an allergy to, there are other predators in the sea Dwane has to be wary of.

He explained: “Great white sharks are always in the back of your mind. I’ve very recently had an encounter with one, just two weeks ago.

“He was a huge beast but he was very docile nd he was swimming round us and got really close up.

“You build up an appreciation for them – you have to respect them because as soon as you see one you have to realise that you’re the bottom of the food chain.”

Other terrifying beasts in the deep the divers regularly encounter include sea lions and seven gill sharks.

And it isn’t just the sea urchins and the ocean’s deadliest predators that Dwane and his diving colleagues have to be worried about.

Huge ocean swells can also prove deadly for these intrepid divers but this has always been the career Dwane wanted to follow.

He started diving when he was just seven and by the time he was 16 he knew he didn’t want to do anything else.

Dwane said: “My old man was a diver so I was always tagging along with him.

“I love getting away and being in the fjords with no one around – I just love the serenity.”

But the job doesn’t come without its professional challenges.

The day starts early with the crew getting the boat ready and then setting sail over night for the best place to harvest the spiky gold.

They’re usually in the water by 8am and dive using only snorkelling equipment.

Dwane said: “You can’t hold your breath for a long time – a minute or a minute and a half at most – because if you’re under for too long it means you need to spend more time on the surface.

“You’re up, down, up, down all day and you try to limit the amount of time you spend on the surface.”

Because the crew have to be ready to go as soon as a crop of sea urchins is spotted, making plans is impossible.

During November, which is their busiest time, Dwane had just four days in his own bed at home with his wife, Annabelle, and their two children, Coby and Eli.

And despite fetching £10 for just 200g of sea urchin, Dwane insists his dangerous job is far from lucrative.

He explained: “It’s  alot of work to get the parts of the sea urchin that we can sell, so it works out at no more than a normal salary.”

But the brave diver has no plans for a career change any time soon.

Spike Gold Hunters will be on Blaze at 9pm tonight.

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Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder confesses he lost his virginity at 13 to older woman




The hunky actor, who played vampire Damon Salvatore in the hit show, says he learned about sex and dating from his older brother

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder has confessed that he lost his virginity when he was just 13 years old after learning about sex from his older brother.

The hunky actor, who played vampire Damon Salvatore in the hit show, has opened up about his first sexual experience.

The 40-year-old, who is married to actress Nikki Reed, told Sirius XM’s Radio Andy, that he lost his virginity to an older woman, who was 16 at the time.

He said: “It was fun. When you’re 13 and you’re a boy … boys are pretty on it.”

Ian, who also starred in Lost, said he learned everything he needed to know about the ladies from his older brother, who is seven years his senior.

He said: “He taught me a lot, and he was quite a Casanova.

“He used to have girls in his bedroom all the time and what I did was, I went into the bottom corner of his window and I pinched the Venetian blinds. I pinched the blinds down so I’d have a clear view.

“When he had girls over — by the way, Louisiana gets cold in the wintertime, it’s freezing — I would go outside, put on all my stuff and my mum thought I was going out to play with the dog.

“I grabbed my hot chocolate, put on all my clothes, my mittens and stuff, and would watch and I learned a lot.”

Ian, who shares two-year-old daughter Bodhi with his wife, says raising a young child is “scary” because of the double standards between boys and girls.

He added: “It’s so vastly unfair. All my friends who are guys who have sons are like, ‘Yeah, you’re going to get a date, yeah’, while all the dads with daughters are like, ‘I will kill these little b******s’. It’s so vastly unfair.”

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How To Swim-Do Not Go Swimming If You Don’t Have These Disciplines




Do Not Go Swimming If You Don’t Have These Disciplines

Swimming is no doubt an exercise to a living body and should be done momentarily and safely. Swimming is known to have caused countless amount of infants death one way or the other. New ways of safe swimming should be implemented as time goes on so let’s talk about some swimming rules to never ignore:

1. No Running.

This should be among the first rules of swimming, if not the first. Most of the times, the pool ground can be very slimy and trust me you don’t want to be a victim of fall accident in the pool, because one can  go unconscious because of that and death follows so there should be NO RUNNING in the pool.

2. No Diving In The Shallow End. 

Imagine diving into a pool(dolphin style) and Straight to the ground with your head hitting the floor real hard, that can be very disorganizing to even think about. So avoid diving in the shallow end of a pool.

3. One Person On The Diving Board At A Time. 

Playing together is really fun, but know when to suffocate a space while playing together and when to not. This is definitely a “NOT”. Diving simultaneously from a diving board should never be attempted at all or even standing on one with another person should be highly avoided.

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4. One Bounce On The Diving Board Only. 

At all cost of having fun, one bounce on the diving board only. You are not a professional swimmer competing in the olympics so you should maintain one bounce only before diving into the pool.

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5. No Gum Allowed. 

This should not be ignored no matter any condition or whatsoever. Your mouth should be for exhaling while swimming and not busy chewing gum at the same time, so this must be highly avoided for safety reasons.

6. No Shoes On The Deck.

This is also important because there’s a place provided around the swimming area where things like shoes and clothes are to be kept so no shoes on the deck.

7. Do Not Enter The Swimming Pool When The Live Savers Are Not Around. 

Unless you’re a good swimmer do not attempt swimming while no one is around because it has been the reasons for most drowning deaths so it should as well be highly avoided.

8. Wear Proper Swimming Costumes Preferably From Lycra Material.

Lycrais a synthetic, man-madefiber. Lycrais stronger and more durable than natural rubber. It is a polyester-polyurethan copolymer that was invented in 1958. I highly recommend swimming costumes made from Lycra material for swimming.

9. No Smoking, Consumption Of Food, Refreshment Inside The Pool. 

This is similar to the “No Gum Rule”. I highly understand how pool party works but if you are a beginner to swimming then I highly advise to avoid any of those listed above.

10. Observe Cleanliness Of The Pool Area. 

You don’t need to be a chemist to know that the pool water does not contain chlorine so you will definitely know one way or the other. And not just the purifier(chlorine) but also check for unusual particles so you won’t get any sought of skin disease.

NOTE: A Person suffering from communication disease, colds ,open wounds, nasal eye or ear discharge,or any contagious disease should not be allowed to swim.

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12. Shower Before Entering The Pool. 

This rule should never be ignored. You don’t want to infect the water with your own body fluid(sweat,catarrh e.t.c). Cleanliness is next to Godliness.   

13. Do Not Enter The Pool During Thunderstorms Or Heavy Rain. 

No matter how eager you are to swim, always pay attention to the weather before thinking of swimming. 

14. Follow Rules And Restrictions Set Aside By The Pool Management. 

Rules are not meant to be broken so you should follow each Swimmimg rules set aside by the pool management. 

15. Use Flotation Device At Live Savers Discretions. 

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How To Swim Comfortably. 


Stage 1:  Developing comfort in water. 

1. Get in the pool. Walk around in chest-deep water learning how it feels to move through water and learning how current works so you can maintain your balance.

2 submerge your face and your entire body. Hold onto the side of the pool or a friend and start humming, blowing through your nose. Place your nose above water while humming, blowing bubbles at the surface. Then do the same thing while placing your whole face under water.

3. Hold on to the side of the pool, take a breath and hold it then submerge your entire body under water. Immediately bib back to the surface. Repeat 10 times quickly

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Stage 2: floating and kicking

1 . practice floating on your stomach by holding onto the side of the pool. Ask your friend to support your hips as you lift up your legs from the bottom of the pool extending them behind you.

2. Add a kicking motion. Place the noodle under your hips to help support you if you feel uncomfortable.

3. Hug a kicknoard to your chest, then ask your friend to support shoulders you lean backward and pick your feet up off the ground to learn the back float.

4. Relax your neck and look toward the ceiling, arching your lower back slightly.bend your knees slightly. When you begin to feel comfortable, have your friend let go of your shoulders. With practice , try the skill without the kick board.

5. Use your hands to hold the kick-board very well against your chest carefully or in the front of your whole body as you then start practicing floating while kicking through the water. Try to summer your face inside water and then blow bubbles. Turn your head onto the aide to breathe.

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Stage 3:  Arm Strokes

1.Hold the corner of the pool while you kick your legs behind you.

2. Let go of the wall with one arm and get down in the water using your arm, now draw a big circle round up and out of the water. Now after the full rotation, try to repeat the steps using your other arm to continue moving forward and crawl stroke.

3. Practice the downward crawl stroke while being a kickboard in front of your body ,propelling yourself though water.

4 combine the entire stroke without assistance. Kicking your legs and stroking with your arms, submerge your face and begin swimming.

Tips and warning

Split up your practices into short 30 minutes segment. progress slowly rolling yourself to master one skill before moving on to the next.

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Enjoy your time swimming and remember to carry out all these with a lifesaver around. Stay Safe.

Please do share this article with your friends and love ones, you never know when it’s gonna come in handy. Thanks for reading, leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

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