How To Swim-Do Not Go Swimming If You Don’t Have These Disciplines


Do Not Go Swimming If You Don’t Have These Disciplines

Swimming is no doubt an exercise to a living body and should be done momentarily and safely. Swimming is known to have caused countless amount of infants death one way or the other. New ways of safe swimming should be implemented as time goes on so let’s talk about some swimming rules to never ignore:


1. No Running.

This should be among the first rules of swimming, if not the first. Most of the times, the pool ground can be very slimy and trust me you don’t want to be a victim of fall accident in the pool, because one can  go unconscious because of that and death follows so there should be NO RUNNING in the pool.

2. No Diving In The Shallow End. 

Imagine diving into a pool(dolphin style) and Straight to the ground with your head hitting the floor real hard, that can be very disorganizing to even think about. So avoid diving in the shallow end of a pool.

3. One Person On The Diving Board At A Time. 

Playing together is really fun, but know when to suffocate a space while playing together and when to not. This is definitely a “NOT”. Diving simultaneously from a diving board should never be attempted at all or even standing on one with another person should be highly avoided.


4. One Bounce On The Diving Board Only. 

At all cost of having fun, one bounce on the diving board only. You are not a professional swimmer competing in the olympics so you should maintain one bounce only before diving into the pool.

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5. No Gum Allowed. 

This should not be ignored no matter any condition or whatsoever. Your mouth should be for exhaling while swimming and not busy chewing gum at the same time, so this must be highly avoided for safety reasons.

6. No Shoes On The Deck.

This is also important because there’s a place provided around the swimming area where things like shoes and clothes are to be kept so no shoes on the deck.

7. Do Not Enter The Swimming Pool When The Live Savers Are Not Around. 

Unless you’re a good swimmer do not attempt swimming while no one is around because it has been the reasons for most drowning deaths so it should as well be highly avoided.

8. Wear Proper Swimming Costumes Preferably From Lycra Material.

Lycrais a synthetic, man-madefiber. Lycrais stronger and more durable than natural rubber. It is a polyester-polyurethan copolymer that was invented in 1958. I highly recommend swimming costumes made from Lycra material for swimming.

9. No Smoking, Consumption Of Food, Refreshment Inside The Pool. 

This is similar to the “No Gum Rule”. I highly understand how pool party works but if you are a beginner to swimming then I highly advise to avoid any of those listed above.

10. Observe Cleanliness Of The Pool Area. 

You don’t need to be a chemist to know that the pool water does not contain chlorine so you will definitely know one way or the other. And not just the purifier(chlorine) but also check for unusual particles so you won’t get any sought of skin disease.

NOTE: A Person suffering from communication disease, colds ,open wounds, nasal eye or ear discharge,or any contagious disease should not be allowed to swim.


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12. Shower Before Entering The Pool. 

This rule should never be ignored. You don’t want to infect the water with your own body fluid(sweat,catarrh e.t.c). Cleanliness is next to Godliness.   

13. Do Not Enter The Pool During Thunderstorms Or Heavy Rain. 

No matter how eager you are to swim, always pay attention to the weather before thinking of swimming. 

14. Follow Rules And Restrictions Set Aside By The Pool Management. 

Rules are not meant to be broken so you should follow each Swimmimg rules set aside by the pool management. 

15. Use Flotation Device At Live Savers Discretions. 


How To Swim Comfortably. 


Stage 1:  Developing comfort in water. 

1. Get in the pool. Walk around in chest-deep water learning how it feels to move through water and learning how current works so you can maintain your balance.

2 submerge your face and your entire body. Hold onto the side of the pool or a friend and start humming, blowing through your nose. Place your nose above water while humming, blowing bubbles at the surface. Then do the same thing while placing your whole face under water.

3. Hold on to the side of the pool, take a breath and hold it then submerge your entire body under water. Immediately bib back to the surface. Repeat 10 times quickly

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Stage 2: floating and kicking

1 . practice floating on your stomach by holding onto the side of the pool. Ask your friend to support your hips as you lift up your legs from the bottom of the pool extending them behind you.

2. Add a kicking motion. Place the noodle under your hips to help support you if you feel uncomfortable.

3. Hug a kicknoard to your chest, then ask your friend to support shoulders you lean backward and pick your feet up off the ground to learn the back float.

4. Relax your neck and look toward the ceiling, arching your lower back slightly.bend your knees slightly. When you begin to feel comfortable, have your friend let go of your shoulders. With practice , try the skill without the kick board.

5. Use your hands to hold the kick-board very well against your chest carefully or in the front of your whole body as you then start practicing floating while kicking through the water. Try to summer your face inside water and then blow bubbles. Turn your head onto the aide to breathe.


Stage 3:  Arm Strokes

1.Hold the corner of the pool while you kick your legs behind you.

2. Let go of the wall with one arm and get down in the water using your arm, now draw a big circle round up and out of the water. Now after the full rotation, try to repeat the steps using your other arm to continue moving forward and crawl stroke.

3. Practice the downward crawl stroke while being a kickboard in front of your body ,propelling yourself though water.

4 combine the entire stroke without assistance. Kicking your legs and stroking with your arms, submerge your face and begin swimming.

Tips and warning

Split up your practices into short 30 minutes segment. progress slowly rolling yourself to master one skill before moving on to the next.

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Enjoy your time swimming and remember to carry out all these with a lifesaver around. Stay Safe.

Please do share this article with your friends and love ones, you never know when it’s gonna come in handy. Thanks for reading, leave your thoughts below in the comment section.



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