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3 Insightful Things You Need To Know About Inksnation Decentralized Blockchain Ledger. (inksnation review)




IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that this article contain everything you need to know about inksnation and i mean every single thing, from beginning to the very End…



Inksnation Review 

Officially or publicly, it all started with an open letter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

from a Nigerian publicly now known as Omotade Amos Sparks, the founder and author of the charitable blockchain ledger known as IBCash (the official coin) of Inksnation (is inksnation legit)

Inksnation Letter To EFCC

Dear sir,

NEEDING #theEagle To Sentence Me To Life Imprisonment For National Scam If This Mission Fails. 

I Omotade Sparks Amos Sewanu the founder of IBSmartify is writing to inform your agency that IBSmartify will be embarking on a poverty eradication and smart urbanization scheme

from the 12th of November with the aim of ending poverty in Nigeria in 6-9 months and smart urbanization of states in 1-4 years with our IBledger Blockchain’s first token called IBNaira. 


In regards to this, I know this will be huge and massive, so i want your anti-graft agency to understand that blockchain is not a scam but an opportunity to transform Africa.

This lBledger blockchain promises to generate funds running into 100’s of billions of dollars to be controlled by the government because our major use cases are governance,

finance(money) and Real Estate (Building of Smart Cities) and this blockchain Will pay Nigerians a minimum of 120,00 Thousand Naira Monthly for life.

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After giving the ease of doing business for the said 6-9 months period,

If Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewahu fails to achieve the aforementioned,

please do not hesitate to sentence me to life imprisonment for national scam because if i can not achieve my life’s purpose and calling, then I do not deserve to exist. 


Thanks for being my chief whip,

I sure do need this in order to seriously carry this cross of uniting the world and protecting my universal children from the self coming annihilation posed upon humanity. 

Yours sincerely

 Omotade Sparks Amos

CEO/UDI(Universal Daddy Ink)

The inksnation letter to EFCC went viral immediately after it was posted on twitter and people were talking about it. But the replies from people under the thread wasn’t pleasant as expected.

It was literally insults here and there while some were claiming to have been into crypto technology for a very long time hence,

there was nothing like that in their years of experience. 

But from another aspect,

I understood the resistance behavior and response the post got due to the level of scams that has occurred before in Nigeria, that of MMM (a Ponzi scheme)

that was introduced to Nigerians few years ago and some Nigerians that jumped onboard MMM lost more than 12 billion Naira in total and MMM was owned by a foreigner called Marv Rodin

and he was rumored to have been a Russian as some people say, so that alone has spoilt the hearts of most Nigerians regarding online money so you can’t possibly blame them. 



I myself gave the letter a second thought and I went further to do my own research regarding inksnation and it’s true mission

and I found out that the owner who goes by the name Omotade Amos Sparks has been planning this endeavor for a very long time now and has finally decided to execute the calling now.

And I picked out some pictures from my research, see below:

And I got to find out the real name of his business called IBSmartify on CAC officially website and that proves that it’s a registered business with a real person with the RC number of 2956459. 


With the research part done, I went straight to the inksnation website and navigated around and know what the website is about and I got to know that to be a part of the charitable organization,

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you have to purchase a membership plan sought of thing.

Why people have to pay Is a different case and I will unravel as we go on.


So here are the membership plans I found on the website:

After that,

I still wanted to know more about this guy and his organization so I did not register but I used the contact number I found also on website to reach whoever is handling the support area via WhatsApp


and behold it was the founder and we talked and I got some enlightenment regarding his charitable organization and I got to know the reason behind the membership subscription and why it’s a paid one and he said

“It could have easily been free but if he made it free then the people will not value it, value not in terms of money but in terms of attending the meetings that usually holds on telegram on Tuesdays,

Thursdays and Saturdays” and the reason for the meeting was for whoever gets on board to know what he/she got herself into and to understand the structure of the endeavor by inksnation. 

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Still yet, I did not register but I joined the telegram group and attended the meetings and with time,

I began to understand what this guy’s mission really is and how he tends to go about it and on the long run I was convinced that inksnation was not a scam but a savior of humanity so I got myself registered. 

That’s my dashboard and Don’t worry,


I’ll break down the entire website for you to understand what you’re seeing. 

and as of writing this article,

there’s been flooding of registered prospects on their database and it’s growing day by day and it’s set to start paying registered members starting from August 12 2020.

There was a time when the registration was made free to anybody that wants to register but that’s over now and the registration has gone back to normal but  you can always settle for the lowest one which costs 1000 Naira that’s about $2.80 or so.

I’m personally recommending it because I have done my research about it and it all came out clean,

besides it doesn’t cost much so why not give it a try. 

How to Register For Inksnation 


The different types of membership packages are bronze, silver, gold and diamond which are all discussed below:


You can subscribe for this package to become a member for as low as #1000. Bronze features include sign up bonus and monthly salary, see below.Sign up bonus (IBGrant #1,800,000).

Monthly salary is #120,000.


You have to pay #10,000 for silver subscription.

See features below.

Sign up bonus is #5,480,000.Monthly salary is #180,000.


To subscribe for this package, you’ll have to pay #100,000.Sign up bonus is #11,040,000 worth of IBNaira.

Monthly salary is #240,000.


This is the biggest of them all.

You have to pay #1,000,000 to become a member of diamond package.

Features include;

Sign up bonus (IBGrant #99,300,000 worth of IB naira).Monthly salary is #300,000.


NOTE: the currencies are all in Nigerian Naira…

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Inksnation Login

Now to work you around the Dashboard and understand everything it,

I will do some infographics kind of stuff with the images so you will understand. 

After login, your dashboard will display like this:

when you click the toggle bar i indicated with red, a drop down menu will appear likes:


After registration, you will have to edit your account info and input yours correctly.


Transaction is where they record your credit and debit of funds, see below for examples:


Regarding the “pinkard” part:

The pinkard serves as a registration card for now. When there’s further use for it, I won’t hesitate to include it in this article.  UPDATE: read about the inksnation pinkard and how you can make money with it here

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From this article, you should have at least understood what inksnation is all about.

Me recommending it,

is not a must that you must register yourself.

That’s on you,

and if you want to do further research yourself before you are convinced enough then feel free.

If you are finding it difficult to get yourself registered or activated your account, do reach out to me so we can get that done ASAP.

You can call me on 07013137367(calls only) OR Reach me via WhatsApp on 09034824428 for registrations(whatsapp only). (inksnation review)

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  please only use the WhatsApp NUMBER above to message me for registrations only.

A lot of people come to me on WhatsApp and bombard me with questions. I made this inksnation review so you will know the basic things that needs to be known as per whoever wants to register so please DO NOT MESSAGE ME AND START ASKING QUESTIONS YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS TO, I’m not inksnation, I’m a member like everyone else.


Please understand that I had to include this on the article because I’m fed up with the amount of unserious and uninterested people writing me. Thanks for your understanding



Mind you, I have done every possible research there is consigning inksnation and it’s initiative, but if you find anything worth sharing, please do so in the comment section below. 




NOTE ALSO: Registrations never ends so please if you have been worrying about registrations ending this coming May 12th, please stop the worry because registration never ends, BUT registration fee will be increasing real soon so do reach to me so i can get u registered ASAP before that time….

inksnation review





How To Be A Pinkoin Exchanger

The Duty of an exchanger must be the duty of inksnation and the duty of inksnation must be the duty of an exchanger. Anyone can be an exchanger as long as you have the capacity.

Now the focal point of inksnation is not how you will withdraw your Universal Monthly Income (120k daily/monthly on a minimum) into a bank that does not give you not even a kobo/cent because inksnation is growing to become one of the biggest bank in the world. In other words, there is no bank as big as humanitarian bank where you store your human asset as a living node (MEMBER OF INKSNATION).

Every inksnation members knows that by August this year they are worth at least 3 million naira ($7,741) just for being a living node (member of inksnation).

So here are the step by step things that needs to be understood:

Before august Inksnation will be installing her ATMs, individuals who have the capacity will be able to install theirs also (interstate).

Now the main aim of an exchanger and even the ATMs is to see how inksnation can absorb all the paper money in the world, as someone who is waiting to start withdrawing his/her inksnation income from august, 80% of your thinking should be to be able to carry on transactions between users. For example, if GT banks gives all their customers 10 thousand naira each and some the customers now start taking the money to store in another bank then that will be catastrophic for GT bank so this is an example of what will happen from august.

Inksnation ATMs are going to be a two-way ATMs:

The cashier ATM where you can deposit money to buy more pinkoins.

The withdrawer aspect.

When you are transacting between users from august twelve, if you are sending from your inksnation app or wallet to another person there will be no exchange fee it will be free just like someone sending money from GTbank to GT bank but when you are transacting from GT bank to Access bank you will be charged an extra fee for transactions.

So if you want to withdraw from your pinkoin balance, you must pay beforehand in other words every withdraw would cost you 30% of the actual money you want to withdraw. If you are withdrawing 100 thousand naira ($258) you will need to have 30 thousand naira ($77) cash. You will need to pay the pinkoin exchanger 30 thousand naira so he can give you 100 thousand naira. Inksnation is using this to encourage pinkoin exchangers and inksnation is also using it to some worth discourage withdrawals and encourage peer to peer transactions because that is how it is meant to be. So that 30% must go to the exchanger and that is the benefit of an exchanger. pinkoin atm pinkoin atm

Pinkoin ATM 

pinkoin atm



2. QR CODE SCANNER AND PINKARD READER pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm

3. DEPOSIT TRAY AND WITHDRAWAL AREA pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm

4. FACIAL RECOGNITION  pinkoin atm

5. LOTS MORE pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm pinkoin atm


What is the InksLedger Explorer:-

The inksLedger Explorer is a tool that people use to view all cryptocurrency transactions online including all the new living nodes and non living nodes that joined the blockchain and where they joined from it also shows all the sent and received transactions. Specifically, to view all current and past transactions on the blockchain. It gives the user information on the blockchain’s hashrate. It also tells us the rate of transaction growth and provides other useful information.

In other words, the inksledger explorer is an online blockchain browser which reveals the data of all the new living nodes and non living nodes that joined the blockchain and where they joined from it also shows all the sent and received transactions. With the tool, we can monitor transaction histories and balances of addresses.

This is the area that aids for transparency in the blockchain where you can trace all transactions attached to an individual eg like when a government official is sent money for certain projects you can monitor the way he/she spent the money by searching his living or non living nodes wallet address or the transaction hash.

Visit the InksLedger Explorer link:

Inksnation review inksnation review inksnation review Inksnation review inksnation review inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC






inksnation letter to EFCC

how to register for inksnation

is inksnation legit

what is inksnation all about

inksnation letter to EFCC

inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC inksnation letter to EFCC

how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation 

how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation how to register for inksnation

is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit is inksnation legit

about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation about inksnation

what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about what is inksnation all about 

Inksnation review Inksnation  review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review
Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review 

Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review Inksnation review 

is inksnation legit

Inksnation review 

what is inksnation all about

about inksnation 

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Newton is a Nigerian blogger, video creator and also a crypto trader that is always aspiring GROWTH in knowledge and finance as well his blogging career...


How To Make 25 million naira within 12 months with 86z Review





86z Review

25 million naira within 12 months?



Seems too good to be true right?  RIGHT?

Well let me explain. With the power of compound interest, making 25 million naira with just 3,500 naira is not far from possible with the new reverse betting platform called 86z.

Here’s a breakdown;

For example you start with 3500 naira

If you keep investing with your previous capital monthly, you’ll earn:

Jan 7,341

Feb 15,398

March 32,298

April 67,747

May 142104

June 298,073

July 625,228

August 1,311,458

September 2,750,872

October 5,770,140

November 12,103,259

December 25,387,404

86z Review

By this time December, your 3500 would’ve accumulated 25 million, this is the power of compound interest.

Fascinating right?

86z Review


Before I continue with this 86z review, I will like to let you know before hand that mobonews is not in affiliation with the 86z betting platform so incase there’s a result of loss of funds due to you playing personal games on the platform you won’t be able to hold mobonews or even 86z betting platform responsible itself.

The following questions will not be left unanswered in this ” Review “ :


Is a Scam? Is Safe? Is a scam or legit? How does works? Who is the owner of the domain name registration/signup, login/signin, and is a legitimate company to do business with? In this Review, we’ll go over these and other topics related to

What Is 86z Betting Platform About is an online betting platform unlike any other where all registered members are opportune to earn money by participating in betting games on their website.

But with the principal protection plan(PPP) introduced by the betting platform itself to help protect the funds of registered members, using 3,500 to make 25 million is only possible because of it.

By following the PPP, if the game doesn’t go in the PPP Favour then every of their members that played the game will be refunded and the PPP continue and so on.

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How does works?

To be eligible to participate in the betting and earning platform, you must first become a registered member of the website.

Simply logging into their official platform and completing your registration on the platform will allow you to begin earning from the platform as a registered member.


The amount of money you earn on is solely dependent on the amount of money you recharge on the platform but it does not contradict the catchy headline of this article, it still goes as planned if you know what I mean.

that is, the greater the amount of money you recharge on the platform, the greater the bonus/commission you receive from

You can also earn money from the platform if you refer someone to join the platform by using your referral link.

86z Review Registration/Signup

The following information will be needed in order to register or sign up on

  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. Select REGISTER from the drop-down menu.
  3. Fill out the necessary information.
  4. To complete your registration, click on REGISTER at the bottom of the page.


Currently, registration on this fantastic platform can be tricky and you will need guidance and that’s is what I’m here for so always reach out to me via WhatsApp for registrations on +2347013137367. login/signin

The following information is needed in order to sign in or log into your account:

  1. Firstly, your username and password.
  2. Then, to gain access to your account, click on LOGIN.

Never in any circumstance should you share your login infos with anyone wether they come in the form of 86z customer care. Do not share that info with ANYONE!

Is paying?

Yes. 86z is paying and from my standpoint it is sustainable to some certain degrees.


But my advice never changes when it comes to internet earning platforms, always invest what you can afford to lose.

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Another way of earning money from this platform is by referring/inviting family and friends to join the platform through your referral link.

In exchange for referring new users to the platform through your referral link, 86w will pay you a referral commission.

You can earn alot of money on 86w if you refer more people to join the platform;

in other words, the greater the number of referrals you have, the greater the reward you receive from


And you can qualify as a salary earner on the platform if you refer to some certain number of persons. withdrawal

In other for you to withdraw money from, all you have to do is enter your account information as well as your personal information on the platform and request for your OPT code and input it for successful withdrawals.

Withdrawals on the platform with NGN is subject to a 5% fee while withdrawals with USDT is subject to a 2% fee imposed by the platform.


Who is the Owner/Founder of

Currently, I have no information about the owner/founder of but I will update this post once I get something tangible to share about it.

Is legit or scam?

Currently, is paying all its members and I can boldly say it’s legit.

For now though!!!

What you must know is that different earning platforms come and go. Some stay a little longer while some don’t. But always stick to my rule (invest what you can afford to lose).

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Invest what you can afford to lose and always make sure you make withdrawals from time to time and don’t invest more than you withdraw.

If you’re interested and will like to participate on the earning platform then reach out to me via WhatsApp only: 07013137367

86z review

Comment section is open for questions.

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Read This Before Investing In Intelligence Prime Capital Review





Intelligence Prime Capital Review

Do you exchange FOREX?


Do you get loses because of feelings while exchanging?

Might you want to see better outcomes up to 98% win precision?

Consider the possibility that you know nothing about forex except for keen on bringing in cash.

Then, at that point, search no further.

Intelligence Prime Capital gives you a BOT that has a 98% to 100 percent win proportion.

Consider the possibility that you have practically zero information about forex however you are intrigued to have one more stream of pay.Prime Capital Review

Intelligence prime capital gives a potential open door to everybody to procure from day by day exchanges without no extraordinary abilities. You rest and wake up to see dollars on your MT4.

It’s unrealistic right? Indeed however it is valid on the grounds that rather than one utilizing his hand to choose exchange whenever, a robot (bot) would satisfy the work for you at the best an ideal opportunity to create benefit.

The bot knows the best an ideal opportunity to execute exchange, that time may be the point at which one is profound snoozing, which is badly arranged for somebody however bot makes life simple for us.Intelligence Prime Capital Review

With the Artificial Intelligence IP capital, you make certain of averaging 8 to 12% profit from venture (ROI) week by week. Monday to Fridays.

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Intelligence prime capital is a one stop choice for you to expand your profit while losing no rest by any means.Intelligence Prime Capital Review

What is Intelligence Prime Capital

Intelligence Prime Capital is a Fintech Company enlisted in Canada and directed by FINTRAC with enrollment number MSB enlistment number: M21080237,

We likewise hold an advanced resource the board permit. In 2021, IPCAPITAL authoritatively send off our worldwide monetary items and computerized resource exchanging stage, furnishing worldwide clients with a one-stop expanded monetary help stage.


Following 5 years of innovative work, Intelligence Prime Capital group have created 3 AI Bots that exchanges the monetary market,

The Smart Bot

The Brilliant Bot and

The Genius Bot.

The Genius Bot which gives the best returns exchanging the Financial Market. It conveys moderately 1.5 – 2% day by day on speculation.

Our AI investigation exchanging framework, the AIA BOT System works by conglomerating market data, exchange volume, and other applicable information to precisely anticipate market patterns.

Following a while of testing, the AIA BOT System has accomplished a normal success pace of 97%, establishing an amazing standard.

Presently, we are prepared to serve people and ventures as they explore through the difficult monetary business sectors.

How treat gain from utilizing IPC (Broker)

IPC has a solid bot that creates gain for you

You abstain from losing your well deserved cash exchanging without anyone else

It saves you the pressure of continuously taking a look at your exchange.Intelligence Prime Capital Review


You put forth plausible monetary objectives for the year.

They are straightforward, client care including live visit support for you

You pull out your cash without problem

Intelligence Prime Capital is what we want to make our year monetarily steady.

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This isn’t a ponzi conspire is an unadulterated forex Trading.

Compelling and celebrities are now there on IPC, some are in any event, doing live recordings on Facebook in order to urge us to use this extraordinary open door.

The main way you can deny this extraordinary open door is on the off chance that you are not prepared to bring in cash.

One can never advance throughout everyday life assuming that he continues to do same thing same way consistently. You really want to coordinate and acknowledge new open doors.

How Do I Strart Trading Forex on Intelligence Prime Capital?

1. Register on the connection beneath

2. Follow the connection to make a record and buy into the Bot


3. Store your MT4 account. In the event that you don’t have a mt4 application download the application.

4. After enlistment, contact our group on WhatsApp to join the local area of forex brokers with the goal that you would figure out how to deal with your money.

Ensured benefits of up 30 to 40% of contributed capital bring month to month back.

Also you have the adaptability of taking out your speculation at whatever point you need as you control your MT4 exchanging account.

Join now with the connection beneath to begin acquiring dollars from forex.

Intelligence Prime Capital Review


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Goldmine Review: Read This Before Investing In Goldmine






Goldmine is another fast growing acquiring framework causing ripple effects on a few WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria. In this Goldmine Review you will find how the stage (Goldmiineng) works, genuine or trick?, and how to enroll and bring in cash on Goldmine.

Also to Videomine, Goldmine has been a significant subject of conversation and not very far in the past subsequent to seeing some WhatsApp TV advancing the stage, a companion proposed I make a review and give my legit evaluation about the stage.


About Goldmine ( Goldmine Review)

Goldmine is a monetary digital currency mining framework that works by aiding people by giving them the potential chance to bring in cash online easily.

Cryptographic money mining itself; is the cycle by which new units of computerized cash are made. This is the place where Bitcoin mining comes in, the interaction by which new units of the cash are made, or “printed,” and brought into the market.

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Indisputably, Goldmine mission is to destroy destitution in the nation by giving a cryptographic money based framework that will connect with individuals to perform straightforward essential mining exercises and get compensated eventually.
The site is tied in with mining, sharing supported posts and acquiring by referral. Goldmine is definitely not an understood news and get compensated site.

The most effective method to Make Money On Goldmine(Goldmine Review)

Assuming you have expectations of joining Goldmine at any point in the near future, I am certain you would need to discover how the stage truly functions and the acquiring of membership.


How to earn on Goldmine

 When you register and become a part, you will have an opportunity to acquire ₦1,500 referral commision.

All individuals are granted 500MB worth of information immediately.

As a part, you will acquire ₦200 day by day for mining which can easily do by basically clicking.

At the point when you share supported presents on your web-based media handles, you will procure ₦100.

As a member, you will acquire ₦2000 as referral commission whenever you allude somebody to join Goldmine by means of your connection.
Once more, there are such countless other succulent offers accessible for all individuals on Goldmine.


Goldmine Withdrawal

The sole point of joining Goldmine is to bring in cash and pull out by the day’s end. Individuals from Goldmine who wish to discover how to pull out from Goldmine innovation should peruse beneath.
Since Goldmine is a cryptographic money mining based stage, you can either pull out to your neighborhood bank or to your Cryptocurrency wallet (USDT).

Step by step instructions to Withdraw Non-Referral Earnings on Goldmine

As a non-referral worker, you can put your withdrawal two times every month on the fifteenth and 30th days of the month.
The base withdrawal for non-referral workers is ₦12,000 and installment can be gotten in both Naira (neighborhood bank) and USDT.

The most effective method to Withdraw Non-Referral Earnings on Goldmine

Referal withdrawals are done every day on Goldmine with a base withdrawal edge of ₦6,000.
Installment can be gotten through a neighborhood bank and digital money wallet (USDT).


Goldmine Registration

The following is a stage guide on the most proficient method to enroll and turn into an individual from Goldmine.
You should purchase a coupon code from any of the confirmed coupon sellers on the site

Subsequent to purchasing your code which must be utilized once and for only one record Activation/Registration.

You utilize the Registration/referral interface you would be given by whoever presented you
Fill in your subtleties required through the cases gave and ensure your data is right so as not to experience issues later
Utilize your code purchased and click based on conditions and conditions when done.

A Registration fee of ₦3,000 will be required

Whenever you have enrolled, set up your record and don’t fail to join any of their web-based media handles for refreshes.

For Assitance on Registration WhatsApp Me On +2347013137367.

Goldmine Login

Goldmine Review

After you have done effective information exchange on the stage, you can sign in through the authority Goldmine site;


Is Goldmine Scam or Legit ( Honest Review)

Prior to putting away your well deserved cash on Goldmiineng, it is essential to research and make a few appraisals about the authenticity of this stage.
LegacyTips has been all of the time at the point of convergence of reviewing sites like this and passing substantial judgment about the authenticity, believability and security of these sites.

From our discoveries, Goldmine vows to pay individuals when they take on cryptographic money mining exercises on the site along with different exercises like sharing supported posts and alluding.

The site looks a piece horrible and it is obvious the stage is still new and new, so we can’t ensure its supportability.

The organizer of this site and proprietors behind Goldmine are mysterious and it brings up a major issue regarding who will be considered responsible assuming that the site one day choose to go down.

Convincingly, Goldmine is as yet paying and is by all accounts looking great, there are no revealed instances of misrepresentation or tricks. Be that as it may, I will exhort my devotees and fans not to put such a lot of revenue or put such a great amount into it.


Is Goldmine Legit or trick?:

I would say it is paying yet not solid. I trust this has responded to your inquiry with respect to the authenticity of Goldmine.


Goldmine Review: How Does Goldmiineng Works?, Registration.(Goldmine Review)

All in all, Goldmine is one of the most recent paying sites in Nigeria like Videomine Technology.
I trust this Goldmine review guide has caused you to see much with regards to the stage, how to bring in cash and the withdrawal interaction.

Sympathetically leave any remarks on the off chance that you have any commitments, proposals or ideas.


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Krestmint Review: Read This Before Investing In Krestmint








Kresmint is one of the fast growing platforms in Nigeria deserving of acknowledgment. In this Krestmint review, you will find how Krestmint works, on the off chance that it’s genuine or trick and the necessities to enroll and bring in cash on the stage.

It’s one more year, one more week and one more day where life furnishes us with magnificent chances to use and bring in cash on the web.

You can decide to choose if you truly what to begin procuring a nice pay online by utilizing on either lucrative abilities, joining some subsidiary projects or you can convey a pack of reasons and fault others for your disappointment.

Bringing in cash and reviewing some top procuring sites is our way of life here on LegacyTips and today, Krestmeint turns out to be our review stage.

Clearly, you more likely than not caught wind of Kretmint on the web and that could be the justification for staggering on this page to discover more with regards to the stage.

Moving along, how about we get directly into it.

About Krestmint, How it Works (Krestmint Review)

Krestmint is one of the quick rising and driving associate, Multi-level advertising and cryptographic money locales with the sole motivation behind making abundance through different surges of pay for its individuals.


The sole mission of Krestmint is to raise the local area of digital money and Binance that will investigate the exchanging market.

All in all, Krestmint is an including, stable lucrative stage offering clients the chance to use and Invest for the future and procure automated revenue on the web.

Kristmint Was sent off on the 19 of January 2022.

Instructions to Make Money on Krestmint

Krestmint as multi-floods of pay. You can bring in cash on the stage in 4 significant ways;

 Krestmint Coins

 Referral Bonus

 Krestmint Points

 Overflow Bonus

Krestmint Review 

Krestmint coins are extraordinary highlights on the site and are a significant piece of non-referral workers. These coins can be asserted following 24 hours and 50 Krestment coins are identical to N200.

Referral Bonus is the commission you acquire each time you allude somebody to get Krestmint together with your subsidiary connection.

Krestmint points will be points you acquire every day on the site when you sign in.

Overflow bonuses are overflows gotten from your downlines. That is to say, Krestmint is a staggered advertising stage where uplines can benefit and acquire monstrous commissions from downlines.


Instructions On how to Earn Money On Kristmint (Breakdown) (Krestmint Review)

Bringing in cash on Kristment is conceivable and extremely simple. Be that as it may, the initial step to take in other to begin bringing in cash on this showcasing stage is to choose a heap of your decision, buy in and begin bringing in cash.

Kristment Bundles

Krestmint review

The following are groups or memberships plans accessible on Kristment and the amount you can make from each.

Milky Way Bundle

Membership Fee = ₦5,000

Referral Bonus = ₦3,000

Krestmint Post = ₦300

Overflows = ₦300

Once more, with the Milky way plan, you will acquire 50 Krestmint Coins (KMC) everyday

Regel Bundle

Membership Fee = ₦10,000

Referral Bonus = ₦6,000

Krestmint Post = ₦500

Overflows = ₦600

Once more, you will likewise get 100 Krestmint Coins (KMC) = everyday


Membership Fee = ₦20,000

Referral Bonus= ₦10,000

Krestmint Post= ₦1,000

Overflows= ₦1,200

Krestmint Coins (KMC) = everyday


Membership Fee is = ₦50,000

Referral Bonus = ₦25,000

Krestmint Post= ₦3,000

Overflows = ₦2,700

You will procure 375 Krestmint Coins (KMC) everyday

Galaxy Bundle

Membership Fee= ₦100,000

Referral Bonus= ₦50,000

Krestmint Post= ₦6,000

Overflows =₦7,000

750 Krestmint Coins (KMC) at regular intervals

Note: 50 Krestment coins are comparable to ₦200 so do the math for each pack.


How to Withdraw on Krestmint

Assuming you have been perusing this Krestment review clearly, at this point you should comprehend the stage, and how cash can be made on the site.

However, the sole point of bringing in cash is to pull out and flex, it’s a horrible idea to bring in cash on this astounding stage without having the option to pull out.

SIMILAR: How to make money on adsminer

Indeed, profit can be made and withdrawn on Krestmint affiliate platform.

When you arrive at the withdrawal edge, you can apply for withdrawal and get compensated to your financial balance inside 24 hours. (remember to refresh your ledger subtleties on your profile prior to setting withdrawals).

Keep in mind, the sum you can pull out relies upon whether you are a subsidiary or non-referral worker as there are edges restricting the amount you can pull out at a time.


Krestmint Non-Referral Withdrawals

The following is the base sum you can pull out as a non-referral worker on Kretsmint.

Milky Way Way

For this bundle, the base you can pull out is 1,500 Krestmint coins which is comparable to ₦6,000.


Least withdrawal for the Regel plan is 3,000 Krestmint coins which is comparable to ₦12,000.


For this arrangement, you are permitted to pull out at least 6,000 Krestmint coins which is identical to ₦24,000.


The Minimum withdrawal for the Kuiper pack is 11,250 Kresment coins which is identical to ₦45,000.


Least non-referral withdrawal for the Galaxy bundle is 22,500 Krestmint coins which is equivalent to ₦90,000.


Krestmint Referral Withdrawals

Referral workers in any promoting framework generally remain to procure higher and pull out higher.

Assuming you are an offshoot, beneath are the base withdrawal limit for each pack on Kristmint.

Milky Way

The base referral withdrawal is ₦6,000


The base withdrawal limit is ₦12,000.


Least referral withdrawal for this arrangement is ₦15,000.


The base sum you can pull out on this bundle as a referral worker is ₦25,000


The base withdrawal edge as an associate is ₦50,000.

Note: Referral withdrawals are paid week after week each Friday


Does Krestmint Pay Without Referral?

Krestmint furnishes individuals with the amazing chance to acquire coins (for non-referrals) or through member and withdrawal to their financial balance every day.

Indeed, Krestmint pays without referral thus we have a non-referral withdrawal edge. You can acquire coins and pull out contingent upon your most favored bundle.

How To Register For Krestmint 

Krestmint review

To enlist and turn into a part on this astounding stage, you should buy Krestmint coupon code from one of the top individuals, select a favored bundle and get enrolled.


Krestmint Coupon Code Vendors

Okoronkwo Queen is truly outstanding and most dependable coupon merchants on the Krestmint. Simply envision working with a woman offshoot advertiser and a supervisor woman who see how things are finished.

Krestmint Review

Purchase your coupon with her.

For moment enrollment, WhatsApp Queen beneath

Whenever you have gotten your coupon code from Queen however wish to carry on the enrollment yourself.

Click Here To Register

When the enlistment is done, follow up her WhatsApp page to get enormous preparation and abilities of showcasing. In that manner, you will get immense information on partner advertising that will likewise assist you with acquiring higher on the stage.


How to Login on Krestmint

When you have completely enlisted, head on to the principle site to login into your dashboard

SIMILAR: How to make money with Videomine 

Krestmint Scam or Legit?

Krestmint is a recently sent off stage and we as a whole know these sorts of platforms are dependent upon high investigation before one can contribute his time, cash and energy in it.

In any case, the site is all around organized and taking a gander at their procuring structure; the stage looks extremely encouraging with astonishing ways of utilizing and bring in cash even with your cell phone.

Up until this point Kristmint is paying and not trick, the site looks encouraging and looking great (exceptionally encoded with comodo Essential SSL) and from our appraisal, there has been no instance of misrepresentation from the administrator.

We likewise noticed they have promptly accessible client care specialists to go to all inquiries and give ideas where important.

Be that as it may, in the midst of every one of these, remember to convey our head along.

 How Do They Generate Revenue?

Krestmint produces its pay to pay out individuals through coordinated efforts. The site is subsidiary with different global organizations with sensible payout benefits.

Once more, Income is produced through google advertisements, forex, binance and other disconnected business too various to even think about referencing.

These in complete cosmetics installments to individuals conceivable and consistent.



All in all, Krestmint is one of the top and most encouraging platforms with a cool acquiring framework. I trust this Krestmint review guide has given you a knowledge into how the stage works and other significant data about the site.

For questions ideas or proposals on this Krestmint review, drop your remarks beneath.

Krestmint Review 

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UPDATE🚨: Read This Before Investing in Videomine Review !!!




Videomine Review




Videomine Review

 Videomine Review:  Today we will be dropping a review of Videomine technology earning platform.

What Is Videomine?

Videomine technology claims to be an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software.

It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a
group(team work).

Videomine is a new platform, if you’re a risk taker then now is the best time to register on this platform as it is still fresh and unsaturated just yet. Do not invest more than you are willing to loose because Videomine is going to crash few months from now like the other earning platforms that has come and go plus Videomine is not a registered  company yet, even registered companies tends to crash too.

Videomine Review

If you come across this article 4 months from now or more please do not register. I beg of you!!! You don’t want to be left holding the bag, that’s why I said you should register as early as possible and make your buck and leave as soon as possible because it will crash and burn when the time comes and no one can predict when but only speculations.

How To Earn On Videomine

There are two kinds of participant on this very earning platform, affiliate and team work members. But you can register for both simultaneously.


Here are the plans:


When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates alone and gets paid into his account instantly.

Videomine Review

The following activities are involved;

1) Registration fee #2000

2) Registration bonus #1000

3)Referal bonus #1400

4)Daily visits #100

5)Video watching #150

6)Viral video posts #200

7)Skills centre for learning new skills

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly.



If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved;

1)The user cashes out #10,000 always immediately his cycle/group is completed

2)The user withdraws #500 into his bank account always immediately any of his direct group member completes a cycle(the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and  withdrawing #500 from them completing each cycle.

3)The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc on reaching certain cycle goals.

4)After a user cycle is completed and he withdraws #10,000, for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle.

5) Registration and resubscripton fee is #2000 only

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NOTE: Now working with group comes with a lot of benefit from the affiliate earner.

Here are some benefits of the MLM/GROUP STRUCTURE;

1. You get to work with a team and continually earn with them plus you feel motivated to work.

2..You get to earn spillovers continuously from group members.

3…You get to cashout daily.

4…You win certain prizes for reaching certain cycles with group members.



*Complete cycle 7 and win a rechargeable standing fan/mini printing machine.

* And also if you Complete cycle 14 and win a fully automated home theatre.


*Complete cycle 21 and win a techno/infinix device.


*Complete cycle 30 and win Samsung s7/play station3.

*If you complete cycle 50 and win a fully automated laptop.

*Complete cycle 100 and win an iPhone 11 Pro Max plus a mini washing machine.

*When you Complete cycle 200 and win a trip to Dubai.


Prizes can be claimed in any of the 3 ways.

+Delivered to ur doorstep.

+Paid to your bank account as cash prize.

+Requested for in form of activation codes.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Videomine technology sign up packages seems mouth watering and you might chip in your emotions and think of it as long term. Please do not do that, like I said earlier it will crash and burn when the time comes. Register with what you can afford to loose and don’t reinvest more than your initial investment so you can make profit.

What I also observe from my research on Videomine is that in Other for you to be guaranteed payment, you must refer.

Doesn’t mean you can’t get paid without referral, keyword “guarantee”.


How To Make Withdrawals

-Payout is everyday for the group structure(mlm) immediately anyone completes his cycle.

-Also Payout is twice a week for referral earners on the affiliate structure(sundays and wednesdays).

-Payout is 25th of every month for Videomine point users.

How To Register Someone Under You

1. Purchase the activation code from any of the coupon vendors enlited on the website.

2. Login to your dashboard and click on your referal link.

3. Fill in the details of your prospect and choose your package between the affiliate or the mlm structure.

4. input the coupon code for the package and agree to terms and conditions.

5. click sign up

Since it’s launch a lot of people have made and are still making huge chunk of money from Videomine.


Here are some their top earners so far;















































Note: these are people that have lots of prospects under them so if you want to be among this list of earners you have to put in the work.

Videomine Review


You will make a whole lot of money from this platform if you work hard enough to refer as much people as possible and always maximize profit.

If you want to register on Videomine kindly message me on WhatsApp: +2347013137467

If you have any question feel free to drop it on the comment section below.

Videomine Review


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UPDATE 🚨: Read This Before Investing in Adsminer !!!





What Is Adsminer All About?

According to what is written via their about page, Adsminer is an advertising web agency.


They basically advertise for a living. AdsMiner is one of the leading Ads Mining platforms, offering Secure mining capacities in every range.

They are designed to be a highly secured platform designed for future miners.

And they are a legal business entity providing  a dynamic investment solution to clients in need of a self operating portfolio, as well as a smart fund with flexible time and investment amount.


Plus They are are also an embodiment of company geared towards poverty alleviation and raising millionaires annually through their funds support program challenge where members compete for top spot. 

They also offer scholarship programs for students in various level of education that really needs support. 

They engage in Training interested members in forex trading, crypto marketing and affiliate marketing. In order to put smiles on faces of their loyal subscribers. They have a business funding program tailored towards supporting their business members with funds to boost their various business in form of no interest business loan.


They claim to be a registered company with CAC with the company number of RC 1406166.

On getting to the official CAC website, they are no where to be found on there. It’s either the company’s name needs to be updated via CAC website or they are scam.

On the other hand, CAC registration does not guarantee a project or company to be legit. In fact most earning platforms that has come and go where all registered via CAC and they are no more today. Adsminer will definitely not have a different story because they are all ponzi and don’t tend to last.

The last ones holding the bag are the losers in this game of online earning platform.

Adsminer is a very fresh earning platform, if you are a risk taker then now is the best time to get in and make your money and leave. My advice is to proceed with caution and don’t chip in what you can’t afford to loose.

So here’s how you go about it if you want to be a registered member and start earning as soon as possible.

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How To Earn On Adsminer

In adsminer, they don’t just reward their members only for ads clicked or mined, they create another level of reward to earn passively.

After much consideration the adsminer team brought up a passive income earning strategy that is mouth watering and safe.


Refer your friends in various levels and earn up to level 5 referral bonus.

Break down of bonuses are as follows:

Level 1;

which is direct referral is 20%.

Level 2;

which is your second leg under your direct downline you earn 5%.

Level 3;

which is your third leg downline you earn 4%.

Level 4;

which is your forth downline you earn 3%.

Level 5;

which is your fifth leg you earn 2% on there initial subscription payment. Sounds great?

Registration Packages On Adsminer

There are 5 Packages on adsminer and they are as follow:

  1. Braze: 4$

Adsminer Review

Mine 4 times Daily, 0.1$ per mine.

Which amounts to 0.4$ per day and 2.8$ per week And 11.2$ per month.  Withdrawals are weekly.

That’s a whooping 280+% return on investment. Sounds great.

2. Bronze 8$


Adsminer Reviews

Mine 8 times daily 0.1$ per mine.

Thats 0.8$ per day and 5.6$ per week and 22.4$ per month.

3.  Silver 20$



Mine 20 times per day. 0.1$ per mine

That’s 2.0$ per day and 14$ per week and 56$ per month.

4. Gold 30$

Adsminer Registration

Mine 30 times Daily. 0.1$ per day

Thats 3.0$ per day And 21$ per week And 84$ per month.

5.  Diamond 40$

Mines 40 times Per day. 0.1$ per mine.

That’s  4.0$ per day And 28$ per week And 112$ per month.

Withdrawal weekly All mines exchange rate is *₦500/$*

Their packages seem really mouth watering but where do they get funds to pay their members. Let’s dive into that shall we?


In every organization there must be an income generating funnel.

What’s Adsminer source of income?

According toy findings on their site they have various funnel funds generating techniques and are below but not limited to the listed funnel.

Sales of Advertisement spot or space, networking, sponsors from various professional organizations etc.

How To Withdraw Your Accrued Funds On Adsminer.

Your Accumulated earnings would be credited to your account after attaining ADSMINER minimum withdrawal threshold. Payment is made weekly


Can You Earn Without Referrals?

Yes, You would be able to earn Referral is optional not compulsory or mandatory But Please Note More revenue is generated for yourself when you refer.


Please!!! Do not use funds you cannot afford to loose, this platform will crash one day and trust me you don’t want to be left stranded with your money still inside the system so I advise you always take profit and don’t reinvest more than your initial investment plus don’t register late on other words If you by any means come across this article 4 months from now or more please do not register most especially when everyone is getting registered.

If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comment section will be waiting for your questions there.


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Supermatrix Smart Contract: Everything You Need To Know About Supermatrix Decentralized Earning Platform




supermatrix smart contract


SuperMatrix smart contract:

is one of its kind of platform which works on smart contract technology. We wonder what is so hyped up about smart contracts in the world of blockchain technology? Smart contract technology is a digital way of representing a program stored inside a blockchain. It is that piece of software that stores the rules for negotiating on the terms of the agreement, verifies the requirements, and automatically executes the agreed terms.


We work on decentralized smart contract technology which enables the removal of reliance on third parties while establishing business relations. The parties making the contract could deal directly. It is a self-executing contract with terms between buyer and seller Being directly sewn into codes. The codes are thereby existing along with a long, distributed, decentralized blockchain network. It works on peer-to-peer interactions and mutual profits which are earned through the smart contract matrix platform. We make sure to give you a very safe environment, zero risk factor. supermatrix smart contract  supermatrix smart contract supermatrix smart contract 


Supermatrix have introduced the smart contract on the BNB Smartchain which cannot be modified by any usual entity and that’s why it’s a win win situation and you cannot get scammed.

How does Supermatrix smart contract works

In the Supermatrix X3 and x4 Program below there’s three places below in the first line and 4places in the second.

Supermatrix is a fair, economically sound system, without any deadlines for slots with a limited number of place and unlimited number of recycles.


How x3 and x4 Slots works

Super Matrix X3

supermatrix reviews

All partners in your slots of the SUPER MATRIX x3 PROGRAM are your personally referred partners. When you invite partners, they take places under you. The distribution of payments when filling out the matrix automatically occurs as follows: supermatrix smart contract  supermatrix smart contract  supermatrix smart contract 

The first referral partner takes a place under you. 100% payout goes to your personal wallet

The second referral partner takes second place below you. Payment is also instantly credited to your personal wallet.

The third partner takes third place below you. You again receive 100% income, but in the form of RECYCLE

RECYCLE opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it. Reopening the slot, you take next free place in your superior partners’ slot. Accordingly, 100% for recycle is transferred to your superior.

Super Matrix X4

In parallel, the SUPER MATRIX x4 PROGRAM also works for you, here an overflow system is organized from above and from below. We are building a team together. There may be at least all of you invited, at least not one invited by you, or mixed.

Partners who takes two places below you in the first line are two places in the second line of the higher. A 100% payment goes to the wallet of your higher partner.

You also receive income from the second line, 100% from four people. Of these, 3 payments go instantly to your wallet


The last payout is the closing slot, and it also makes a recycle, buying you the same slot again, and the payment of 100% is transferred to your higher partner.


Overflows, spillovers and overtaking in Supermatrix:

You can overtake your superior/upline by opening more slots ahead of him, that’s upgrading.

In this case you will be above him/her and get most of his or her profits.

Spillovers are profits gotten from downlines during upgrade and recycles why overflows are gotten from uplines when there’s more inflows and if your ahead of them in slots.

Wallets to be used on Supermatrix smart contract

  • Trust wallet- Click here to Download once done, create an account then Keep 12 words safe once losted there is no retrieval.
  • Token pocket- Click here to download once done create account also, this wallet are mainly recommended for iOS users who are unable to use Trust wallet.

But I strongly recommend Trustwallet as it is more user friendly.


How To Register On SUPER MATRIX

To get registered in SUPER MATRIX a new member activates the first slots in x3 & x4 programs, which cost 0.0025 BNB each. It makes it 0.005 BNB($4) in total to register. Very cheap.

The first slots of x3 & x4 are always activated together, they cannot be purchased separately. Next slots (Upgrades) can be activated separately but only one after another.

Note you cannot join super matrix on your own, you need to be referred by someone and that’s what I am here for.

Here is my referral link you will need to register on the platform. ( You just have to copy the link and take to your trustwallet and complete your registration there via the dapp browser.

If you need guidance on how to go about it do not hesitate to reach me via WhatsApp: +2347013137367.

Is Supermatrix legit or scam

Yes 100% legit it’s just like forsage.

There’s no CEO that will run away with your money as all funds are recorded and stored in the blockchain. So there’s no rug to pull.

If you’re serious about supermatrix and you want to make real money then come straight to my WhatsApp let me put you through. Money must be made🤑.


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