kashoutnow-review: KASHOUTNOW is a SCAM


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Today I will be doing a review on the newly launched earning platform called kashoutnow.

Before I drop my two cents about this platform let’s check out how it works.

According to the site owners: kashoutnow-review kashoutnow-review kashoutnow-review kashoutnow-review

Click on ‘Become A Member’ on the home page, input correct details about you and then create a password of atleast six digits, click on ‘SIGN UP’ .

  • Enter the the email and password you supplied for registration, then click on ‘SIGN IN’.
  • Fill in your bank details and click on ‘register’ NOTE; the bank details you input is where money will be sent to when you are due for payment.
  • Refresh your page and you will see the ‘Start’ and ‘Withdraw’ option, click on ‘Start’ to begin.
  • Your request will be processed and you will be requested to send ₦1,000 with another member due for payment in level 1, the member’s details will appear on your pair dashboard(the name, phone number, account number and the bank name).
  • After making the payment, click on ‘Paid’,and upload your geniue proof of payment (screenshot of the debit alert, or the print from the ATM or the reciept from the agent that sent the money).
  • Contact(call or text) the member to comfirm your payment. When member receives your payment, he/she will click on the ‘Confirm’ option to ascertain your payment and this will change your account from ₦0 to ₦4,000.
  • After making your first payment and the member you’re paired with has comfirmed your payment on his/her page, you will have ₦4,000 balance in your KashOutNow account.
  • Click on the ‘withdraw’ option, the system will process your request within 24hours and you will be paired with 4 members to pay you ₦1,000 EACH, their informations will appear on your helper dashboard, contact them and notify them to make payment to you.

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  • Click ‘confirm’ for each member after they make payment to you(make sure you receive alert from your bank before confirming their payment).
  • Your account will be automatically move to level 2.
  • Click on ‘Start’ again and you will be paired with another member due for payment in level 2 to pay ₦4,000 and get ₦8,000 in (2days) 2 members will be pair to pay you, this same process is what you apply from level 1 to level 5.
  • Members that have completed level 5 will be required to pay ₦4,000 to KashOut(this payment is for the running of the platform), this payment is a MUST each time you complete level 5.
  • Your account will go back to level 1 where you can start again and no referral is needed.

It’s all FAKE(scam).

It’s definitely a waste of time and money.

The site does not even have ssl certification and looks crappy.

Look at this:


Even the name alone will tell you that it’s a Ponzi scheme.

Please whatever you do, do not invest your money on that website.

Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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3 thoughts on “kashoutnow-review: KASHOUTNOW is a SCAM

  1. I thought of that too ….for the ssl certificate I was using opera but later I was sure ….so I had to check us chrome
    But I think why they aren’t using ssl certificate is cos they are not accepting payments through their website online probably…
    But I will see in coming days if anyone did kashoutnow

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