How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging


How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is all about creating content. One thing very interesting about blogging is the steady income that comes from it. It’s a typical example of your hard work pays. It’s a very lucrative job depending on how creative you are, and then anybody and everybody can be creative.
I will be starting from start to finish how to make money blogging.
First I’ll begin with starting the blog, what to do, how to do all you need to do and how to finally make money off it. Note, not everyone gets to make money from blogging. This is because they either don’t want to or don’t know how to. how to make money blogging how to make money blogging how to make money blogging 

Starting a blog

To start a blog there are things you should put in place first;
  • It is imperative to:
  • Have a topic/ find your niche
  • Choose a name for your blog
  • Create your website
  • Have a topic for your blog/ find a niche
This is top the list because I feel before you start something you should know why you’re doing that, what you’ll be doing and so, if you should blog you should know what exactly you’re going to be blogging about. I’d advise that you concentrate mainly on a particular topic because when all your articles is centered around a particular topic you tend to write better and this is very noticeable by your readers. This will make them and always want to stop by. This is exactly what you need to engage your viewers! Another thing is to align your passion, interests with what the readers would want.
Now, what topic should you write on. There are some niches that are very profitable, they are:
  • Making money online how to make money blogging how to make money blogging
  • Health and fitness how to make money blogging how to make money blogging
  • Beauty and fashion/ lifestyle how to make money blogging how to make money blogging
  • Weight loss how to make money blogging how to make money blogging
  • Recipes how to make money blogging how to make money blogging how to make money blogging
  • Education how to make money blogging how to make money blogging how to make money blogging

Choose a name for your blog

When you’ve chosen a topic for your blog next thing is to choose a name. This will be your domain name which simply means your website name. An example of a domain name is this websites name
Your domain name could be your full name, this is most advisable for a lifestyle blog. It could be a description of what your blog is about. An example is and so on…
Next is to check for the availability of your domain name with domain king or any other host. In as much as you need a unique name for your domain it shouldn’t be too long, hard to pronounce or hard to spell.

 Create your website 

Now you’ve chosen a topic and a name for your blog, head on to creating your website. You can get assistance from a web designer which will cost you some money to make it look very professional or you could learn to do it yourself. Either way, I recommend WordPress and bluehost  for your site hosting.
Build your website with WordPress as it is the best website platform out there while bluehost will serve as your site host, as bluehost seems to be the best hosting platform out there. A host is like a place where you fix in your website for a token you pay either monthly or yearly. It’s like renting space and paying for it. The beautiful part is they’re beginner friendly, very easy to understand and use.
Things to take into consideration for your blog:
  1.   Look and feel of your blog
The look and feel of your blog is very important to making money from blogging because when your website is looking good and well organized people tend to stay longer on your website, which is good for business. Make use of colours that are appealing and that soothe the eyes. A very organized website will always rank high anytime.
2.  Sleekness of your website
The sleekness is another very important reason to whether or not you make money from blogging. Your website should be fast, easy to use and access. Nobody would like to stay in a slow website which is totally bad for business.

How to know what people are searching for

Use keyword research
This is basically searching for keywords people are always typing on the internet. Google Autofill can help out here. When you type in a word on the google search bar you’ll see a series of suggestions, those are main search keywords on google. There are other ways to get your search keywords which I’ll emphasize on in another post but for now you can make use of google keyword planner or my personal favourite Ubersuggest.
There are still countless ways to make money blogging
  • Through affiliate marketing
  • By sending your readers to your YouTube videos
  • Putting courses up your website
Affiliate Marketing
This is one very profitable way of making money blogging.  Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based advertising in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
 Now, how do you become an affiliate marketer.
First is to find an affiliate program to join, choose which you’d like to promote, get your unique link, share this unique link on your blog/ website by recommending the products to your viewers . (There’s no restriction to where you should share your link). So, you can share it to your other social media pages and accounts. Now each time someone makes a purchase of that product through your unique link you the affiliate gets a commission. The more people you reach the more you get your commissions from purchased products. So, pushing your link a little further more makes your earning better.
Some affiliate platforms you could try:
You could also visit websites of some products to check for the availability of an affiliate program. An example is Amazon, they promote affiliate marketing.
Sending Your Readers To Your YouTube Channel
Now that you’ve got a blog where you post articles, why not take your chances and join in the YouTube community to make more money. This time you won’t have to struggle to gather a new audience when you already have an audience on your blog. This is one very easy and lucrative way of making money blogging.
Record videos, link them on your website, make sure these videos have good content because we don’t want what’s going to spoil our reputation of always giving the best contents. Your videos could be based on your already made blog posts. Since they’re videos, it’s like an avenue to explain better to a great extent what you’ve taught on your blog posts or they could also be totally different but just what would capture your reader’s attention.
Being a blogger makes you good money, YouTube also is a great platform for making a living, then merging these two will definitely make you a good  and steady income. This is one very popular way to make money from blogging.
Putting Courses Up Your Website
  Your already made website can be a platform for sales of your priced ideas. Yeah, you need good content to captivate your readers to need more of what you have to offer, then there’s premium content. Some contents are just really priced. When your contents are just so bada$$ that your viewers are glued to, you can leverage on that and get paid for your premium content. Write a professional course on what people really want and get paid. Now you have a website, selling your course won’t be a problem. This one thing has made a lot of bloggers millionaires in dollars.
For how much you should sell your course, it depends mainly on your content and how much people want to have it. Weigh how much people will be willing to buy your course and then put a price. For instance you have a course and you put it up for $20-$30 and one thousand persons buys that course in a month, that’s a whooping $20,000-$30,000 in just one month. Having one thousand viewers is like very achievable even for a beginner.
How To Make Money Blogging
 I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, I’ll be in the comment section waiting for you.

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