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Now before I begin with this racksterli review I will like to let you all know that Racksterli is not affiliated with the previous Racksterly Platform that crashed all because of a payment gateway they were using.


And most of us already know how that one played out, for those of us that don’t know.

The Racksterly platform was a very sweet and enticing earning platform with mouth watering packages but all good things must come to an end. The platform ran into payment gateway issues that lasted for one month or so till they finally decided to give up the chase and they ended up refunding some of their members fee they used in subscribing to the platform while some were left with their d*cks on their hands.

This time around it wasn’t as if the platform was a scam or anything similar that made it to end but another issue entirely and that’s why earning platforms like these don’t last long on the internet before another one pops up and continue the cycle.



So my advice to anyone reading this will be to jump on board early on because those are the set of people that will benefit from it before it finally crash(it always crash).

UPDATES: a quick update on racksterli crashing, from the looks of things I think this particular one will be here for a very long long time because they’ve got a lot going on in the background and they’ve been transparent since it’s launch and they’ve always paid every single person that registered on their platform and they have a face and they are also working on other exciting projects that will be launching too, all just to keep pushing racksterli upwards. The CEO is just too transparent and I think we are going to keep seeing racksterli 5 to 10yrs from now and even more.

So let’s jump right into the earning platform of today, Racksterli.

Racksterli provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn their everyday social media into a tool for making passive income.


Practically  anyone can be a member on racksterli as all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you perform your daily tasks on the website.

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People, companies and corporate businesses go to them for advert placement, what you do as an affliate or a member is to share these ADs to your Facebook page daily and get paid for it.


The Racksterli platform entails 5 packages to enable you to earn on their site and they are;

1.    Standard package for N14000 ( Fourteen thousand naira )

2.    Premium package for N28000 ( Twenty eight thousand naira)

3.    Platinum package for  N56000 ( Fifty six thousand naira )

4.    Gold   package for      N112000 ( One hundred and Twelve thousand naira )

5.    Diamond package for N280000 (Two hundred and eighty thousand naira )

UPDATE: there has been additional packages since it’s launch;

Racksterli review

I will fill you in on how these packages works as you read on.



Signup is pretty easy. Follow the step below to get started:

I. On the racksterli website click on the COUPON VENDOR.

II. Contact one of the coupon vendors to get a coupon code

III. Click on the register button.

IV. Fill in each field with the appropriate details

V. Then login with email or username and password.



Sharing a post on Racksterli is almost the same way you share a post you like to your Facebook account.

Login to your account, right below your dashboard you’ll see the sponsored post for that particular day, click on the share button beside it, once the Facebook icon pops up, click on it then share to your Facebook public page That’s all. Go back to your racksterli page and refresh and your activity earning will increase based on the package you are on.


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Earning on Racksterli takes less than a minute. You simply need to share a sponsored post daily to your Facebook account.

Each package has its own daily earnings:

I.    Standard Package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $1.9 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

II.    Premium Package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $3.9 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

III.   Platinum Package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $7.8 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

IV.  Gold Package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $15.6 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

V.   diamond package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $39 for every Advert you share to Facebook.



On racksterli every member is rewarded for their hard work; Each package has its own referral bonus.


STANDARD     $ 3

PREMIUM       $ 8

PLATINUM      $ 10.53

GOLD              $ 11.85

DIAMOND       $13.16

As an incentive for referral bonuses, when you refer:

10 persons you earn extra $25

25 persons you earn extra $100

100 persons you earn extra $400

200 persons on the Diamond package within 30days you get extra $1000 added to your activity earns.

Then when you refer 50 persons irrespective of your package, racksterli will extend your subscription by one more month.

The above mentioned incentives won’t stop you from getting the regular referral bonuses.

And also note that the bonuses are available only to people on the premium package and above.


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Contact any of the code distributors  via on the site to get registration code, then go to your dashboard / profile, click on your referral link, once it’s loaded  clear your username and password then input that of your prospect, fill other details, agree with terms and condition and click on register.

racksterli review racksterli review racksterli review racksterli review


Referral is completely optional on Racksterli. racksterli review racksterli review racksterli review racksterli review

Once your subscription expires You’d be able to use the  “cashout” button on the website and withdraw all what you’ve earned through your 30 days of active subscription to your bank account, and then if you wish to continue  earning you can re-subscribe to any package. racksterli review

Upon withdrawal, money is paid to your bank account within 6-12 hours of request.

So there you have it everything you need to know about the new racksterli earning platform.

Basically, this is racksterly 2.O because the packages and how they work are almost identical and I pray they don’t run into similar issues as racksterly.

Please do leave your thoughts below in the comment section and share this post as well.

Thanks for reading. racksterli review racksterli review racksterli review racksterli review


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