Richvest 36o Review: Everthing You Need To Know About It.

Richvest 36o Review

This Richvest 36o Review is going to cover everything you need to know about it.


Richvest is a retail business funding platform that allows people to invest in to get profits from. Richvest gives an opportunity to everyone to earn just in the comfort of your home by partnering with them while people do the work for you.

Investing in retail business is one of the most reliable business. On a daily basis, we generate revenue and as such, remitting profits to our partners is not a problem.

In the course of this article we’ll be talking about the risks, the earning, how it works, how to register, and the review if it’s a scam or if it’s legit.

Richvest 36o Review

Richvest offers you an opportunity to build on your financial legacy by providing multiple sponsorship channels with healthy returns and in the industry of your choosing. We work hard to constantly create new opportunities and are available when you need us.

Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review

Sam Afolabi, the Chief Executive Officer of Martify said, ” We are disrupting the retail space by offering comfort and pricing, people will be able to shop in a very comfortable environment at the best prices. “Our goal is to open 28 outlets across Africa in the next few months, in two weeks, we will be opening our third outlet in Ijebu Ode and we are also looking into different other locations across the country and other African countries. “We plan to build a completely technology driven retail experience for all our shoppers.”

Their physical office Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o ReviewR

It is located at 7 Femi Jefferson street, off Ajayi road. Oke-Ira. Ogba, Lagos.

How To Sign Up Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review Richvest 36o Review

•    Go to the website

•    Click on the sign up button

•    Fill in your details

You’ll be registered as a partner. This process takes less than 2 minutes to finish.

Next, Choose a Plan

Select a plan of your choice then proceed to make payments through their available options (Debit Card or Bank Transfer or Deposit).


An invoice like a proof of payment would be sent to you in 48 hours after payment has been sent.

That’s all. Then you expect your returns periodically just as it’s stated in the plan you signed up for.

So, Martvest has two different plans to which you can choose from. Either plan A or plan B. Plan A has a duration of 6months. You won’t be paid until the end of the sixth month or 180 days, your capital plus 25% of your capital with an option to roll over. Plan B on the other hand you will be paid monthly for 12months 12.5% of your capital. You do not get back your capital. plan A and plan B are almost same thing. Plan B won’t give you more money than plan A. It’ll amount to exactly the same money.

Richvest Plans and Packages

Richvest plans ranges from N20,000 to N150,000 unlike a host of other investment platforms is quite cheap and since it’s not so certain one could start with just the cheapest plan and risk it. All online investment platforms have risks and some have smaller risks than the others. Richvest has smaller risks as your money would be going to real life retail business, agric and supermarkets. Richvest also has insurance in place for your capital, in case of unforeseen circumstances that could occur. This sounds nice because at least you get your capital back if unforeseen situations arises like storm, fire or burglary.


Richvest Review gives you the opportunity to fund as many unit as you want as long as the offer is still open. That way, you can earn multiple profits from the same plan.

You’ll have to be certain you want to invest before you make your payments because you can’t just terminate your sponsorship anytime until at the end of the stipulated time to get your complete returns. Then you can have the option to terminate or to roll over the capital.

Richvest 360 Founder

Amb Sam AFOLABI is a Tech Enthusiast, a Brilliant Investor, an Organic Farmer, a Brand Growth Strategist, a Business/Social Entreperenuer with a robust 13 years Entreprenuership experience and more importantly, a Philanthropist. His Brand Name “The Fearless Entreperenuer #TFE” was adopted because of his Failure/Success entrepreneurship journey and his energy to take on the next Business challenge after Business Failure(s).

Is Richvest 360 Safe and Credible

Richvest seems credible because of the plan they have and the type of businesses they invest in. And the information of the founders and administrators are on their website. The thing is to just be careful and do not just invest in anything you see online, even the information of themselves on their page could be fake too.


Is Richvest 360 Scam

Any online investment always has its risks and it’s always best to join when it’s fresh because that’s when they keep to their promise most. Most online Ponzi scheme have come and gone I mean crashed because they couldn’t go through with their promise. Richvest isn’t a Ponzi scheme though. So it’s most likely not to crash.

On the basics of this Richvest 360 review, No one has reported it’s scam anywhere online yet. Always share your opinion in the comments section. This will help potential Investors or users of the platform from falling prey. Likewise, don’t forget to also scroll down to check if there is any comment.

Please do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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