Rise Vest Reviews: Everthing You Need To Know About It.

Rise Vest Reviews

This Rise Vest Reviews will be covering everthing you need to know about it before you go in an invest.


Rise vest is a dollar investment platform that gives its users the opportunity to invest in US stocks, real estate and Eurobonds

According to them, they are a tech-driven finance company connecting Africans with the best dollar investment around the world. The platform was launched in February 2020. And since then, they’ve been providing investment opportunity for Africans with over 40,000 investors. You can now invest your money in dollar from Nigeria using rise vest. In the course of this article we’ll be exclusive talking about rise vest, it’s founder, how to sign up, how to withdraw, and then honestly review it if it’s a good investment platform or not.

Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews

Rise vest is a Nigerian investment company but you invest in dollars and not Naira. It is a financial online platform where you get the opportunity to invest in US stock. This is a channel to investing in dollars. Investing is one of the best ways of making money now in Nigeria but investing with caution because you could lose some or all of your money if you’re not careful.

Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews

Rise Vest Investment

Rise vest investment platform brought an opportunity to Nigerians to invest not in local investments/businesses which are too volatile but to invest in the US stocks. Of course we know the US economy is way better than Nigeria’s. This is absolutely a great idea. Nigeria investments suffer to bad economy because returns or profits are constantly destroyed by inflation, devaluation and lack of growth. This idea by rise vest is  absolute.

This idea was gotten in 2014 but rise vest was founded in 2019 by Eke Urum. According to him he studied accounting and finance at South Carolina state university. He is an entrepreneur, investor and financial analyst. Cofounder of Buycoins Africa inc a cryptocurrency exchange in Lagos.

Also, he claims that he was a consultant at price water house cooper LLP. Bosun, Mayowa Lawal and Anthony Odiba were involved in the creation of the platform. The three co-founders worked with Eke to create rise vest. And now, rise vest has been helping people to invest their money in dollar.

You can start investing with rise with a minimum of $10

With just $10, you can invest in a portfolio of 30 high growth US stocks. You’ll own stakes in popular companies like Google, Alibaba and Facebook. The ROI is 10 -12 per annum. You can invest in income security with stable returns. If you invest in Euro bonds, you don’t have to worry about inflation that can negatively affect your income. With just $10, you can invest in Eurobonds and earn between 10 -20 ROI per annum.


Rise.capital Sign Up 

Signing up on rise vest takes just a few minutes.

Follow the few steps below to sign up. Is Rise Vest Legit Is Rise Vest Legit Is Rise Vest Legit Is Rise Vest Legit

•    Download the risevest app from Google play store.

•    Launch the app and create an account.

•    Go further and Select an asset class which includes US stock, US real estate and euro bonds. You can also select a mixture of them if you want.

•    Set duration and invest. You can select 3, 6 or 12 months. Once it’s successful, you’ll start seeing returns within 3 days for euro bonds and stocks. However, returns on real estate are reported monthly.

Rise vest Withdrawal

To withdraw, open the app and click on the three dots at the top right comer of your plan screen. After that, choose the “withdraw fund” option to withdraw. This can only be done when the investment duration you chose must be due before you can withdraw.

Is Rise Vest Safe and Credible 

The reason  why you should invest in dollar and not in Naira is because dollar is quite stable . And it can withhold or keep up with inflation. Naira as we know isn’t stable and loses it’s value just by the day. You can’t compare Naira to dollar, Naira loses more than 10% of its value every year. Investing in Naira, in the long run won’t mean much because of how Naira loses its value. Is Rise Vest Legit Is Rise Vest Legit Is Rise Vest Legit Is Rise Vest Legit

To avoid this, you have to invest in a stable currency. Dollar is, without any doubt, one of the most stable currencies. Therefore, you should consider investing your money in dollar to avoid losing its value. Is Rise Vest Legit


Is Rise Vest Legit

Rise vest helps you invest in dollar and that sounds really nice but it’s imperative to know if it’s safe and credible. Investments involves risks, all investments. The best thing to do is find out the right investments platform. Rise vest claim they have experts that are experienced in finance to guide you in investing your money safely. So, you should just sit back and relax after you’ve invested and watch it grow since it’s handled with care. They are registered under SEC as investment advisers in the United States, Rise is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, RC Number:1622382 and holds users investments through its Cooperative License Number: 17080. Is Rise Vest Legit

And member’s funds are overseen by their partners who are also registered with the Nigerian securities and Exchange Commissions. This means that your money is safe with them. Is Rise Vest Legit Is Rise Vest Legit


Is Rise vest scam? Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews

Any online investment always has its risks and it’s always best to join when it’s fresh because that’s when they keep to their promise most. Most online Ponzi scheme have come and gone I mean crashed because they couldn’t go through with their promise. Rise vest isn’t a Ponzi scheme though. So it’s most likely not to crash.

On the basics of this Rise vest, No one has reported it’s scam anywhere online yet. Always share your opinion in the comments section. This will help potential Investors or users of the platform from falling prey. Likewise, don’t forget to also scroll down to check if there is any comment. You can reach them via email on [email protected] and on phone  +234 818 714 7405. They’ll answer you and you can ask them all the questions you’d like to ask.

Their address: Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews Rise Vest Reviews 

Jacob Mews Estate, Adebisi street, Yaba, Lagos.

Please do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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