Supermatrix Smart Contract: Everything You Need To Know About Supermatrix Decentralized Earning Platform

supermatrix smart contract

SuperMatrix smart contract:

is one of its kind of platform which works on smart contract technology. We wonder what is so hyped up about smart contracts in the world of blockchain technology? Smart contract technology is a digital way of representing a program stored inside a blockchain. It is that piece of software that stores the rules for negotiating on the terms of the agreement, verifies the requirements, and automatically executes the agreed terms.


We work on decentralized smart contract technology which enables the removal of reliance on third parties while establishing business relations. The parties making the contract could deal directly. It is a self-executing contract with terms between buyer and seller Being directly sewn into codes. The codes are thereby existing along with a long, distributed, decentralized blockchain network. It works on peer-to-peer interactions and mutual profits which are earned through the smart contract matrix platform. We make sure to give you a very safe environment, zero risk factor. supermatrix smart contract  supermatrix smart contract supermatrix smart contract 


Supermatrix have introduced the smart contract on the BNB Smartchain which cannot be modified by any usual entity and that’s why it’s a win win situation and you cannot get scammed.

How does Supermatrix smart contract works

In the Supermatrix X3 and x4 Program below there’s three places below in the first line and 4places in the second.

Supermatrix is a fair, economically sound system, without any deadlines for slots with a limited number of place and unlimited number of recycles.


How x3 and x4 Slots works

Super Matrix X3

supermatrix reviews

All partners in your slots of the SUPER MATRIX x3 PROGRAM are your personally referred partners. When you invite partners, they take places under you. The distribution of payments when filling out the matrix automatically occurs as follows: supermatrix smart contract  supermatrix smart contract  supermatrix smart contract 

The first referral partner takes a place under you. 100% payout goes to your personal wallet

The second referral partner takes second place below you. Payment is also instantly credited to your personal wallet.

The third partner takes third place below you. You again receive 100% income, but in the form of RECYCLE

RECYCLE opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it. Reopening the slot, you take next free place in your superior partners’ slot. Accordingly, 100% for recycle is transferred to your superior.

Super Matrix X4

In parallel, the SUPER MATRIX x4 PROGRAM also works for you, here an overflow system is organized from above and from below. We are building a team together. There may be at least all of you invited, at least not one invited by you, or mixed.

Partners who takes two places below you in the first line are two places in the second line of the higher. A 100% payment goes to the wallet of your higher partner.

You also receive income from the second line, 100% from four people. Of these, 3 payments go instantly to your wallet


The last payout is the closing slot, and it also makes a recycle, buying you the same slot again, and the payment of 100% is transferred to your higher partner.


Overflows, spillovers and overtaking in Supermatrix:

You can overtake your superior/upline by opening more slots ahead of him, that’s upgrading.

In this case you will be above him/her and get most of his or her profits.

Spillovers are profits gotten from downlines during upgrade and recycles why overflows are gotten from uplines when there’s more inflows and if your ahead of them in slots.

Wallets to be used on Supermatrix smart contract

  • Trust wallet- Click here to Download once done, create an account then Keep 12 words safe once losted there is no retrieval.
  • Token pocket- Click here to download once done create account also, this wallet are mainly recommended for iOS users who are unable to use Trust wallet.

But I strongly recommend Trustwallet as it is more user friendly.


How To Register On SUPER MATRIX

To get registered in SUPER MATRIX a new member activates the first slots in x3 & x4 programs, which cost 0.0025 BNB each. It makes it 0.005 BNB($4) in total to register. Very cheap.

The first slots of x3 & x4 are always activated together, they cannot be purchased separately. Next slots (Upgrades) can be activated separately but only one after another.

Note you cannot join super matrix on your own, you need to be referred by someone and that’s what I am here for.

Here is my referral link you will need to register on the platform. ( You just have to copy the link and take to your trustwallet and complete your registration there via the dapp browser.

If you need guidance on how to go about it do not hesitate to reach me via WhatsApp: +2347013137367.

Is Supermatrix legit or scam

Yes 100% legit it’s just like forsage.

There’s no CEO that will run away with your money as all funds are recorded and stored in the blockchain. So there’s no rug to pull.

If you’re serious about supermatrix and you want to make real money then come straight to my WhatsApp let me put you through. Money must be made🤑.


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