Tonso Elite Investment Review

Tonso Elite Investment

tonso elite investment

This is an investment platform where you invest and get back your investment plus interest without any work or stress. tonso elite investment tonso elite investment tonso elite investment tonso elite investment


TonsoElite Investment Company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number RC: 1684061

What They Do: tonso elite investment tonso elite investment tonso elite investment tonso elite investment

They gather funds from people that are willing to invest their money and trade the FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET (FOREX Market, FX or currency market), into real estate agriculture and invested into all of the operations Tonso Elite Enterprise runs.

The FOREX MARKET is by far the largest financial market in the world. It’s basically the buying, selling and exchanging of currencies. tonso elite investment tonso elite investment tonso elite investment

The forex market is open to anyone and everyone. So, trading on your own and getting your profit to yourself is not impossible but you are going have to be good at it or even be a professional to be able to make good money out of it. This takes a lot of work, practice, study, passion and dedication. So, if you want to go down that road, you should give yourself a lot of time and not put pressure on yourself.

Tonso Elite Investment is a platform with very skilled and professional traders that has done all these and are certainly making profits from the forex market. Now all you need to do is invest your money and let them trade it for you and then you’re given back a percentage from the profit generated constantly.

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How It Works:

You invest your money by paying the amount you want to into an account number that’ll be provided on the website, you’ll be sent an MOU(memorandum of understanding) which will have the evidence of the transaction done.

Immediately, they start trading with your money while you wait for the next 25 working days. You’ll be requested for your account number so your refund can be made plus the interest accumulated.


The one thing that differentiates this platform from the others is the option of either reinvesting or not reinvesting that they give you. You have the option to withdraw your Capital,Interest or Roll over to next Pay day. Your Money, Your Choice. Most of their members reinvests because they kept to their promises and are trustworthy.

The minimum amount you can invest on the platform is NGN30,000 and they don’t have a limit for the maximum that can be invested. no long time commitments. You can cancel your Investments anytime.

The TonsoElite platform has two plans the long term and short term plan. I’ll be talking more about it below.

For the Long Term Investments plan;

Lasts for 3 months and 6 months with a return on investment (ROI) of 30%

Note that you won’t be able to withdraw Capital on long term investments until your stated payday.

For the Short Term Investments plan:

Lasts for 25 working days with a return on investment (ROI) of 20%

The short term investment plan spans for 25 working days (excluding the weekends) which is more than a month. A month has 22 workings days in it.


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Note: The Return on investment percentage has been reduced for investments below N2,000,000 from 30% to receive ROI OF 20% this is to take effect from 1st of October 2020.

All investments made before the 1st of October 2020 will still be paid the 30% as earlier agreed.

Also, all investments transactions from N5,000,000 and above will only be addressed physically at their office.

This is to take effect from 5th October 2020. But investors will still be get their returns online through the website.

They think decreasing the return on investment will make the program last longer and help them to serve investors better and more efficiently.



Head office:

Floor 6 , Opic Tower , Oke-ilewo, Abeokuta, Ogun State .

Anambra Office:

Floor D1, Chiamaka plaza. Onitsha-Enugu Expressway Aroma junction Awka.

Their phone number: tonso elite investment review tonso elite investment review tonso elite investment review

Phone: +234 702 500 0028 tonso elite investment review tonso elite investment review 

Email: [email protected]



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How to register on the Tonso Elite investment platform;

Follow these steps to register and invest your money tonso elite investment review tonso elite investment review 

•    Go to the website click on the menu button and click on register

•    You’ll first be given a form to fill.  tonso elite investment review tonso elite investment review

•    Choose a username for yourself and wait for validation. If it’s available it’ll be validated. Then proceed to the next step.

•    Add an email.

•    Create a strong password.

•    Fill in your first name and last name then click on register.

Immediately you’ll be sent an email with your username and password to confirm the email and password.

Next, proceed to sign in and follow the instructions.

Do feel free to leave our thoughts below in the comment section.


tonso elite investment review

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