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Top 10 Facts About Antarctica




Though it’s larger than both Europe and Australia, Antarctica remains almost entirely uninhabited.

This mysterious continent is home to Hardy wildlife and the occasional scientist but most of the

region remains completely enigmatic but with advancements and Science

we are slowly learning more about this frozen continent. 

Today we’re exploring

Top 10 Facts About Antarctica 

10. Volcanic Activity

We don’t normally associate ice and volcanoes but both of these elements

exist in abundance in Antarctica. 

In fact Antarctica is home to the largest volcanic region on earth.

it is home to at least 91 different volcanoes most of which are deeper

than the best ice sheet with the highest as tall as the Eiger which stands in almost 4000 m in Switzerland. 

There have been no eruption in Antarctica for more than 2000 years but by some measurements,

the region is overdue measuring volcanoes in Antarctica is problematic as the traditional means of

assessing volcanoes heat and smoke are difficult to assess in sources

very deep below the ice and the activity of this range could have worrying consequences. 

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If one of these volcanoes were to irrupt, it could further destabilize west antarctic ice sheet said

glacier expert Robert Bingham.

Of the many volcanoes that protrude above the surface, the most active is mount Arribas which

stands about 12,400 Feet above sea level, it is located in the Ross dependency

on Ross Island which is also home to three inactive volcanoes. Mount terror, mount bird and mount Terranova.  

The volcano has been active since about 1.3 million years ago. 

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9. Abundant Resources 

Though it appears to be a frozen wasteland, antarctica is actually home to plentiful natural resources,

the vast majority of the continent is coded in thick ice making exploration difficult but the

resources are present all the same for example 90 percent

of the world’s freshwater ice and 70% of the total freshwater is stored in Antarctica.

To put that in perspective, if even a single as sheet were to melt,

the earth’s oceans would rise by a whopping 16 feet.

At the moment Antarctica is mostly a hurd for scientific research rather than commercial projects.

But through recent exploration, it is believed to contain large mineral deposit, primarily copper,

some also believe that Antarctica is home to large

petroleum deposit but no one has confirmed this fact due to the Antarctic treaty signed in 1959,

no commercial mining is allowed on Antarctica. 

This was a fortunate choice because the continent is home to numerous unique species that would

suffer from large scale industry, it would be further complicated by the fact that no one formally

owns Antarctica and opening the area to commercial pursuit would lead to

a land graft and maybe even a proxy war among the world’s many nations. 

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8. Antarctica Was Once A Tropical Continent

In the vast history of the earth, many areas have undergone cataclysmic changes.

Ocean floor has often become deserts and vice versa,

Would you believe that Antarctica was once home to a tropical climate, in fact for most of the past

100 million years the south pole was a tropical paradise, it was a green beautiful place said

Professor Jane Francis of Leeds university school of urban environment.

Lots of ferry mammals including possums and beavers lived there, the weather was tropical it is

only in the recent geological past and it got so cold the study also underlined the extreme contrast

between modern and pass climate conditions in Antarctica

and the extent of global warming Breeds of elevated carbon dioxide levels from the atmosphere. 

The exceptionally warm 55 to 48,000,000 years ago was the warmest era in the earth’s history during

the past 70 million years, this is particularly important because it means the atmospheric carbon

dioxide is trapped in the ice from this.

As the ice melts it will release the carbon dioxide and create a Feedback loop,

if it continues unabated, this will result in a major climate shift with cataclysmic results.

It’s possible that Antarctica will return to a tropical state in the near future. 

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7. Babies Of Antarctica

In total 11 babies have been born on Antarctica and remarkably none of them died as infants.

  Antarctica therefore, has the lowest infant mortality rate of any continent at 0%,

the first human born on Antarctica was Emilio Marcos Palmer who was born in Argentina armies Esperanza base near the tip of the Antarctic venezuela on January 7,

1978, it’s worth was not happenstance however, at that time Britain,

Chile and Argentina were competing to affirm the sovereignty of the eye Island,

one way for a government to demonstrate its commitment in a certain order of authority was to

populate the land with native born citizens,

so the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet airlifted a pregnant Chilean woman under the barren

landscape so she could give birth to a Chilean baby And arctic soil,

the ensuing joke apparently was the Chileans were sending recently married

couples to their own Antarctic base in order to claim the first baby both conceived and born in the territory. 

To this day, Chile is the only country with non-scientific settlements on the South Pole,

American country has two full-time military outpost with populations in the low hundreds. 

6. Areas With No Precipitation

The most of the continent is coded in snow there are parts of Antarctica that have been dug the

driest place on earth, an area called the drive Elise has seen no rain for nearly 2,000,000 years,

there is absolutely no precipitation in this region and it makes up at 4800 km² region of almost no water,

ice or snow.

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The similarity between to rain in nature with mars surface has allowed NASA to conduct experiments.

It became the perfect place to test the Hill-slope ability of Viking spacecraft but that pales in

comparison to the Hills which have not seen water in 14 million years.

The next Driest place in the world is the Atacama desert in Chile and Peru, there were no bleachers that feed water to this area and thus,

very little life can survive. Some weather stations in this region have

not received rain for years while another station reports an average of 1 mm per year. 

5. World’s  Oldest Sperm

Scientist from Sweden found a fossil ice cocoon in Antarctica containing the worlds oldest sperm,

the discovery of the fossilized sperm Found inside the walls of a 50 million-year-old warm cocoon has been branded remarkable by scientists.

The findings published by the royal society in 2015 say that the specimen is the oldest animal

sperm ever found, the prehistoric sex cells belong to a class of earthworms

Which is called Little Lafa in date from 50 million years ago. When the first horses,

rhinos and sheep are merged, the fossil was able to form and survive so long because the sperm

became trapped in the jelly like wall of the clear life of cocoon before it hardens.

They are similar to bugs becoming trapped in amber the creature was then fossilized and preserved

over millions of years.

Spermatozoa being very transient and delicate are hardly ever preserved in the fossil,

record set the lead author to the study. 

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The ancient worm is thought to have secreted the cocoon while mating,

Egg and sperm would then be released into the cocoon and protected by surrounding material.

The cocoon finally being sealed, it will take several hours for the surrounding material to harden. 

Biological materials within become trapped in this wall,

researchers suggest this is how the sperm fossil was able to be preserve for millions of years. 

4. The Lake That Never Freezes

In Antartica, there is a pond so salty that it is impervious to freezing and remains liquid throughout

the harsh arctic winters. To make matters even stranger, scientists are clueless as to how the lake got there.


seeing as Antarctica is as close as we can get to studying Mars without actually going to the red planet, scientist are keened as to understanding the waters mysterious origins. 

Don Juan Pond as the body of water is called almost never freezes due to It ‘s incredibly high salinity

which is wild because the region regularly reaches -100°C with a salinity level of 33.8%,

Don Juan  pond is the saltiest of the Antarctic lakes and the second saltiest body of water on earth. Behind the  Gaet’ale pond, Ethiopia. 

Understanding the ponds origins are not only important for earth science but could also expand our

knowledge of extraterrestrial landscapes in addition to the pond the area also has dark surface

streets indicative of the waters existence, the streets are similar to those found in Mars,

a suggestion of water on the red planet and as any science-fiction film has taught us

“where there is water there is life”. 

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3. Antarctica Tinder

Though the south pole is notoriously in hospitable,

it was the side of at least one burgeoning romance.

Back in 2014 and American scientist was working at the McMurdo Station and thought he would get on tinder to pass the time,

he had used the app with limited success back in the states and thought it would be novel to find a

date in the frozen tundra of the South Pole, at first no profile Showed up, but when he expanded

the mass location radius, he found someone, another researcher working at a deep field camp at 45

minute helicopter ride away from the base station, he swiped right indicating his interest and a few minutes later they matched she was actually in her tent in the dry Valley swimming Set,

the scientist who asked not to be named due to concerned that the government would revoke his

Internet privileges if anyone found out he was using precious broadband to look for hookups,

she was quite literally camping in Antarctica, went on tinder and found me it’s mind,

blowing three years later an Agency followed up with the researcher,

he stated he had not set the record for the first hook up in

Antarctica but he really hope he would see the female researcher again. 

2. Blood Falls

There is a small waterfall near McMurdo Station that has a very distinctive

and ominous appearance called blood falls. 

This hunting waterfall appears to consist of human blood due to do its bright red color,

for years researchers straight away from these false believing that they were bad luck but in recent

years they were able to explain the strange phenomenon.

Image Underneath a glacier help solve the mystery revealing a complex network

of sublethal rivers and is a glacial lake all filled with running high and are giving the falls it’s reddish tint. 

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The research team calculate that the brine water takes approximately 1.5 billion years to finally

reach the blood falls as it makes its way through features and channels in the glacier,

perhaps most amazingly this unique ecosystem is home to a community of microbes

which has been present for more than 2 million years proving that life can exist in the most extreme locations. 

1. Ice Shelf The Size Of France

The Ross ice shelf is the largest ice shelf of Antarctica, it is several hundred meters thick,

the current estimate of its area is about 182,000 mi.² making it roughly the size of France. 

The shelf has served as an Important gateway for explorations of the antarctic interior including

those carried out by many of the most famous expeditions, as the idiom goes the visible part of the

Ross I shelf is just the tip of the iceberg, though it rises 50 m above the surface of the water,

the vast majority lies below the oceans waves just as the rest of Antarctica is melting,

the Ross ice shelf is slowly dissolving into the water but

it is a common misconception that the ice shelf itself leads to rising Tide. 

Melting of the ice shelves has no direct effect on global sea levels,

The ice is already at equilibrium with the surrounding water but the ice shelves greatly slow the flow of glaciers on the continent that would otherwise slide faster into the ocean causing water

levels to rise if it continues at its current rate, the Ross ice shelf could cause  water levels to rise as much as 38 feet.

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Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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10 worst countries for women in the world 2020





The image of the 21st century woman is confident, prosperous, glowing with health and beauty. But for many of the 3.3 billion female occupants of our planet, the perks of the cyber age never arrived. As International Women’s Day is celebrated every year, they continue to feel the age-old lash of violence, repression, isolation, enforced ignorance and discrimination. Many countries, there in the world victim of violence against women. India tops the world’s worst countries for women in a survey conducted by The Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Here is the list of the 10 worst countries for women in the world 2020.

10. United States

worst countries for women in the world

The only western nation in the top 10 was the US, where women were most at risk of sexual violence, harassment, being coerced into sex and a lack of access to justice in rape cases. worst countries for women in the world

The survey came after the #MeToo campaign went viral last year, with thousands of women using the social media movement to share stories of sexual harassment or abuse. In addition, USA is at top position for rape crimes in the world.

9. Nigeria

Ranked as ninth worst country for women, with human rights groups accusing the country’s military of torture, rape and killing civilians during a nine-year fight against Boko Haram militants. Nigeria was also named world’s most dangerous country when it came to human trafficking and risks women face from traditional practices.

8. Yemen

Eighth in the list of worst countries for women, due to the poor access to healthcare, economic resources, risk from cultural and traditional practices, and non-sexual violence. Due to the ongoing armed conflict in Yemen, Yemen is undergoing a humanitarian crisis worldwide with 22 million people in need of vital assistance. Also, women and girls have been left vulnerable to inhumane violence, physical and psychological abuse and exploitation.

Yemen has been at civil war for three years after Houthi rebels backed by Iran seized much of the country, including the capital, Sana’a. But here is another thing that really matters: Yemen is one of the hungriest places in the world even hungrier. It is a famine-level humanitarian crisis, without the charity concerts.

7. Democratic Republic of Congo

After years of factional bloodshed and lawlessness, the country listed as seventh worst country for women as regards sexual violence. In the eastern DRC, a war that claimed more than 3 million lives has ignited again, with women on the front-line. Many others were victims of direct attacks and violence perpetrated by the warring parties or by rogue armed militias. Women in the Congo face especially harsh realities; around 1,100 are raped every day. Since 1996, more than 200,000 rapes have been reported in the country. 57% of pregnant women are anaemic; women can not sign legal documents without their husbands’ authorization.

6. Pakistan

Sixth most dangerous country for women in the world. In some tribal areas, women are gang raped as punishment for men’s crimes. But honor killing is more widespread, and a renewed wave of religious extremism is targeting female politicians, human rights workers and lawyers. Women are victims of violence and abuse, and the country still lacks a law against domestic violence. Last year the country saw around 1000 honor killings of women and girls, a practice that has been exported to the West.

Pakistan is ranked amongst worst countries for women in terms of economic resources and discrimination as well as the risks women face from cultural, religious and traditional practices, including so-called honour killings. The country also ranked for non-sexual violence, including domestic abuse. In Pakistan, 90 percent of women experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.

5. Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi is ranked fifth dangerous place in terms of economic access and discrimination, including in the workplace and in terms of property rights. According to Ahlam Akram, founder of British Arabs Supporting Universal Women’s Rights;

“One of the worst laws that prevent women from having equal opportunities is guardianship – because every woman is subjected to a male guardian. She cannot get a passport, cannot travel, sometimes she cannot work,”.

4. Somalia

Somalia, where more than two decades of war has put women, who were the traditional ministry of the family, under attack. The war fuelled a culture of violence. In Somalia, 95% of girls face genital mutilation mostly between the ages of 4 and 11. Only 7% of parliament seats are held by women. In addition, only 9% of women give birth in a health facility. worst countries for women in the world worst countries for women in the world

Somalia named fourth dangerous in terms of access to healthcare and for putting them at risk of harmful cultural and traditional practices. Also one of the worst countries for women in terms of having access to economic resources. worst countries for women in the world worst countries for women in the world

3. Syria

The civil war raging in Syria since 2011 shows no sign of abating. According to the BBC report, Syrian women were being sexually exploited in return for humanitarian aid.

Ranked as third most dangerous country for women in terms of access to healthcare and both sexual and non-sexual violence. There are so many dangers for girls and women. The country is on the risks women face of sexual abuse.

The executive director of Women Now For Development, Maria Al Abdeh said:

“There is sexual violence by government forces. Domestic violence and child marriage are increasing and more women are dying in childbirth. The tragedy is nowhere near an end.”

2. Afghanistan

Second in the list of worst countries for women in the world. In Afghanistan, women were stripped of their rights nearly 17 years after the overthrow of the Taliban. Gender-based violence is rampant, more than 80% of women are illiterate, and many die in childbirth. worst countries for women in the world

The average Afghan girl will live to only 45 – one year less than an Afghan male. After three decades of war and repression, an overwhelming number of women remain illiterate in Afghanistan. Afghan girls are also discouraged, sometimes fatally, from seeking an education and Afghan rape victims can be forced, by law, to marry their attacker. More than half of all brides are under 16, and one women dies in childbirth every half an hour. A large majority, up to 85 percent, of women in Afghanistan give birth with no medical attention. It is the country with the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. worst countries for women in the world 

Ranked as the worst country for women in three areas – non-sexual violence, access to healthcare, and access to economic resources. Also, according to the 2018 Women, Peace and Security Index, Afghanistan is the worst place to be a woman.

1. India

worst countries for women in the world

Tops the list of worst countries for women, due to the high risk of sexual violence and slave labor, according to a survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The world’s fastest growing economy is shamed for violence committed against women. A crime against a women is committed every three minutes. A women is raped every 29 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes and one case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relative of the victim occurs every nine minutes. 50 million girls were killed in the past century in the practice of female infanticide or foeticide. Around 100 million women and girls are estimated to be victim of human trafficking; 44.5 percent of girls are married before the age of 18.

worst countries for women in the world worst countries for women in the world worst countries for women in the world worst countries for women in the world worst countries for women in the world

India ranked as the most dangerous country for women on three issues; Cultural traditions, sexual violence and human trafficking. Domestic violence in India is endemic and widespread predominantly against women. Around 70% of women in India are victims of violence includes; Rape, marital rapes, sexual assault and harassment, cultural and traditional practices, and human trafficking including forced labor, sex slavery and domestic servitude.

cr: wonderlist

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15 Amazing Websites That Pays You $200+ To Write Blog Posts For Them….(how to get paid to write articles)




how to get paid to write articles

how to get paid to write articles 

On today’s article I am going to be talking about how to get paid to write

articles or blog posts and I’ve put together an amazing list of websites that pay you

$200+ to write a blog post or an article For them,

so this is per article, per blog post this isn’t like writing a bunch of them or writing something that’s

like an entire book it’s just one post and it will pay you around $200 or more for each one and these

are 15 sites that will do that, but before we get to that, i have put together a beginner guide on how to start freelance writing even if you have no experience at all.

so if you want to get paid to write articles online these are some

websites you definitely want to check out. 

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1. Photoshop tutorials

So if you go to Photoshop tutorials on their website they have a place where you can actually submit tutorials. 

They have a wide range of what they will pay you but if you do a quick tip you can earn about 50 bucks,

if you do a full tutorial you can make $150-$300. You can make $200 or even more you can make up

to $300 just for one tutorial on Photoshop tutorials so this is all about Photoshop. 

Obviously it’s very straight forward because you’re basically doing tutorials about how to use Photoshop for art,

for photography etc. 

So if you know a little bit about Photoshop then you might consider Doing some articles or some

tutorials for this website and be earning pretty good money from the website. 

 2. The Travel Writers Life

So the travel writers life is a website that’s all about the business of getting paid to travel so

basically you’re making money while traveling and if you Want to write for them you

could make as much as $50-$200 per article. 

The writers life is all about Traveling and making money while doing it which has become kind of a

big trend that people want to follow these days, after books that were written like the “4 hour work week”

and stuffs like that where you can have a lifestyle design,

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3. Cracked 

Cracked is another website that pays you pretty well For writing for them,

it’s kind of like a general news in general. 

They talk about all kinds of different things on cracked and they also do a lot of humor and stuff like that.

They talk about celebrities, TV shows and a lot too.

If you go to the website you’ll see some things that are viewed the most right now and you’ll see things about celebrities and stuffs on Netflix, things like entertainment article.

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So if you like entertainment type of articles, if you like talking about celebrities

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4. Treehouse 

Treehouse pays you as well and you can make money from treehouse basically by Writing articles for them where you cover design/freelance type of stuff. 

So when it comes to coding and things like that, that’s one of the main search topics.  

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They have WordPress, CSS, design, JavaScript, ruby, android stuffs like that so when you’re into

programming and things like that you could really make some good money by submitting articles

to treehouse and they accept a lot of different topics but like I said mostly freelancing and coding and things like that,

and you can also earn around $100-$200 per article. 

So treehouse is another one you might want to look at,

you may have to actually Submit it directly to the editors though, so just keep that in mind. 

And I think they actually have a specific page where you can submit your articles but they do pay

pretty well as far as that goes and if you know a lot about coding or you know a lot or pretty much

about freelancing and things like that then they are a great option. 

5. Tuts+ Code

So basically it’s about coding tutorials and it’s what it basically stands for and if you

want to do this then you can actually make money by submitting articles. 

And this is through the envato market brand which does all kinds of stuff like plugins, wordpress,

website beams and coding, so they cover basically anything related to computer and Tuts+ code allows you to make up to $250 per article and as well as $100. 

So obviously it’s all about things like PHP, HTML5,

CSS and things like that so you can do a quick tip tutorial Which will pay you $100.

A quick tip is $100 to $250 for a complete tutorial and no more in depth but if you know about

programming and things like that then you might want to do Tuts+ code.  

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6. Write Naked

So write naked is another one that you might want to do some

guest blogging with because they tend to pay pretty well. 

If you want to write for them you can get paid $50-$200 per post. It’s very easy to find their page to

be a guest writer,

it’s in the top header menu up here as you can see highlighted in red here and they mostly cover things like having a writing business for example you write for a living and things like that,

so if you were a blogger or you write books or Whatever, it is related to writing for a living or maybe

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7. International living 

So this is more of a travel type of website and basically it’s all about living overseas,

so maybe if you’re a US citizen but you decided to move overseas in Europe or Asia or somewhere

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hear from you and you could write articles about it for them. 

And they actually are one of the highest Paying per post of the ones on this list or any of the ones I’ve actually seen that pay you per blog post,

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8. SitePoint

Sitepoint pays you to Write articles as well so if you want to try that out,

there are more into like tutorials and stuff like that has to do with coding so as you can see coding

is one of the bigger trends as far as websites that pay you pretty well per article,

they love to hire people to do tutorials that are very in depth about programming and different

things and because programming is so vast and there’s so many different languages and so many

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you really can’t run out of ideas for articles so if you can come up with

some great ideas that haven’t been covered yet then you can get paid around $150-$200 per article

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They also have writing guidelines that you need to follow but like i said you can make $150-$200

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 9. Metro Parents

So metro parents is another one but a little different,

so if you want to write about things that are a little different like parenting,

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post and they tell you some of the guidelines here on their “write for us” page and they are

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10. A List Apart 

so if you go to a list apart website you can go straight to the top menu and click the write for us

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They pretty much just pay a flat fee of $200 per article if it gets accepted.

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11. Tuts+ vector

So i covered Tut+ code earlier and this is all more about vectors and things like that,

so they have a lot of related type of industries that they cover. 

They also do another one that I’m going to talk about here in a minute and they all pretty much pay

between $50 and $200 or so for each article and these are all about vector tutorials obviously,

so this has to do with like Adobe illustrator or Adobe in design, corel draw and things like that, those type of vector related tutorials. 

So If you know a lot about that type of stuff, being familiar with things like adobe Illustrator,

inscape and things like that,

these are the types of tutorials they are looking for and they will accept multiple articles if they’re pretty good and you can make about $175 per quick tip tutorial,

$150-$200 per regular tutorial.  

12. Tuts+ WP

This basically stands for tutorials for WordPress. 

So WordPress of course is one of the most popular website platforms now, even my website runs on

WordPress and pretty much every major blog runs on WordPress and it takes up to 25% and 30% of

the entire Internet now so they have plenty of website with WordPress tutorials and stuff like that

but WP Tuts+  actually pays you between $60 and $500 per article so if you do like a quick tutorial

you can get paid 60 bucks maybe a hundred bucks or something like that and then once you get

more to like a premium level you can make $300-$500 for premium level tutorials. 

So that’s kind of a breakdown of their pay, so you expect to make almost

a full-time living by just doing tutorials for them if you do it right. 

13. Digital  Ocean

So if you go to digital ocean, you can work to submit some articles for them and basically they’re all about linux,

so that’s just a type of operating system, if you’ve ever used Something like a raspberry pie which is

like a miniature cheap computer that you can turn into media boxes and stuff like that if you want or all kinds of stuff anyway,

Linux applies to a lot of different things and if you know a lot about Linux,

you can get $50-$200 per article and you get paid via PayPal. 

Most times, some of them don’t really tell you how you get paid or they have multiple ways for you

to get paid but with Digital ocean,

they pay you via PayPal so it’s very easy and straightforward and it’s all about written tutorials about Linux,

FreeBSD, cloud hosting and things like that. 

It’s Basically Right there on the “get paid  to write page”. 

14. Smashing Magazine 

Smashing Magazine also allow you to write for them and get paid obviously or they wouldn’t be in this article,

but they are more related to design, coding, user experience and those types of things and that’s a

very common trend with the ones that pay you the most money. 


it has something to do with programming and stuff like that because that basically is the future of

everything in our world and that’s basically how the Internet is structured and that is how Software

is structured and that’s how programs are built and also that’s how apps are built. 

If you know coding, that is one of the most valuable skills you can have and I can’t literally stress that enough.

You will always have a future if you know coding and this is just an example of how you can make

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They pay around $50-$200 per article here on smashing magazine And you can submit articles related to web design, graphic design,

UX design, WordPress, mobile app design and all that type of stuff. 

So as far as that goes, smashing magazines is another great option for getting paid pretty well to write each article. 

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15. A Fine Parent

We have covered another parenting site earlier and this is just another one,

so if you’re good with things like parenting and you have a lot to say about that and you feel like you’re a pretty good parent,

you feel like your kids have turned out pretty well then you can write for “a fine parent” if their submission window is open then you can submit.

Mind you, sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not so they kind of fluctuate as to when they accept article. 

And you can write an article and get paid $100 per article via PayPal which is nice of course.


So these are pretty much the ones I’ve covered so far and I think they are great. You can start

making a living from whichever one you decide to pick or you’re good at. 

My advice is,

you should go for just one or maybe two,

so long your articles are top notch and typo free and most importantly original. 

If you have any suggestions or contribution,

thoughts please do drop it in the comment section below.

I love hearing from my readers as to what they think about my articles. 


how to get paid to write articles

get paid to write articles from home

get paid to write articles online

get paid to write articles at home


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how to get paid to blog and write articles from home how to get paid to blog and write articles from home  how to get paid to blog and write articles from home how to get paid to blog and write articles from home how to get paid to blog and write articles from home how to get paid to blog and write articles from home how to get paid to blog and write articles from 

get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online get paid to write articles online aid to write articles get paid to write articles get paid to write articles get paid to write articles get paid to write articles get paid to write articles get paid to write articles get paid to write articles get paid to write articles 

get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home get paid to write articles at home

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TOP 10s

Top 10 Most Valuable Sport Teams In The World






For many people, sports are much more than a hobby. Devoted fans will follow their teams religiously and


support them through successes and failures alike and all this are highly lucrative for the sports franchises. 


From ticket sales to merchant Endorsements, sports teams find numerous ways to monetize their fans passion.  


Today we are counting down the top 10 most valuable sports franchise in the world.


Top 10 Most Valuable Sport Teams In The World


10. Golden State Warrior



Tied for the 10th spot with a $3.1 billion valuation are the Golden State Warriors, the Oakland base team has its roots in Philadelphia where the


franchise was founded in 1946 and over the course of its history, the Warriors have won 5 NBA titles, two from Philadelphia and three from the Oakland squad.

The team has hosted Some of the greatest players in the game like Wilt Chamberlain, Rick Barry and Stephen Curry.




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The Warriors are a juggernaut on and off the court, the team won it’s third NBA title in four years during the 2017/18 season.


The team has managed to capitalize on its success with record-breaking deals, The Warriors secured a record $2 billion in contractually


obligated income from sponsorships, suites and season-ticket holder fees for the teams new arena. 



The $1 billion chase centre was scheduled to open a head of a 2019 2020 season, the Warriors rule the airway As well with the highest local TV ratings for the


third straight year and an average of 8.36 on NBC sports play area similar to the Redskins the Golden State Warriors benefit from an affluent and populous fan

base in the Bay Area, with their current era of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson notice the splash brothers leading the team, it looks like


the Warriors will only become more popular and more profitable. Experts predict they will be valued at $3.5 billion in the next year. 


9. New York Giants



The New York Giants franchise almost perished in the early days of the NFL.  The late Tim Mara now a member of the Pro football Hall of Fame


purchased the franchise for $500 in 1925 and before the Giants first season had ended, he had invested another $25,000 to keep the franchise alive. 


The value of New York exposure was clearly demonstrated in December of the 1st season, with more than 70,000 fans turned out at the polo grounds

to see the Giants play the Chicago Bears who had just signed Red Brange the most famous


pro football player of the 1920s. 



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Fast forward to now, the Giants have won eight NFL champions in their history  and one of the most valuable teams in the world with a whopping $3 billion Dollar valuation,


they are boosted by a $493 million annual profit and a huge fan base in


New York City and the surrounding area, their stadium alone is valued at $550 million. 



Even though they just finished a disastrous losing season, the franchise has been around for almost 100 years and has multiple generations of devoted fans


willing to shell out for tickets and merchandise. 



8. LA Lakers



Across the country is the NBA team tied for the 8th most valuable franchise in the world,


the team was originally based in Minneapolis given that Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes,


they settled on the Lakers then the Lakers moved to Los Angeles. Before the 1960 season their nickname was


retain because of the tradition the team have established in Minnesota. 



The Lakers are by far one of the most successful basketball teams in history with 16 NBA championships,


the second most in the league hosting legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,


Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal And wilt Chamberlain.


The team has gained a rapid following and the team is currently valued at $3.3 billion according to Forbes. 



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Hosted in the staple center, the team charges an average of


$135 a ticket with the capacity of 19,000 people that means the team pulls in $395 million every year. 



The stadium itself is worth $573 million meaning the franchise will retain its value for decades to come. 


7. New York Knicks



Continuing the trend of teams with a New York Fanbase,


the New York Knicks are number seven on our list with a valuation of $3.6 billion.


The New York Knicks are one of the oldest teams in the NBA,

having played in the league for over 70 years. Originally called the New York knickerbockers,


the New York Knicks have a long and storied history which includes eight conference titles,


two NBA championships and scores of great players.


They’ve retired nine numbers at a regular season MVP, two NBA finals MVPs, several wall stars and numerous Hall of Famers.


Though the average NBA team is worth just $1.9 billion,


the Knicks are worth almost double and the single most valuable basketball team in the world. 




Apparently, owner James Dolan has even been offered $5 billion in exchange for the team


but he recognizes that they are a good investment pulling in


at least $443 million every single year and their stadium Madison square


is worth $995 million more than almost any stadium on earth.


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6. New England Patriots 



Though they are a contentious team within the NFL,


the New England Patriots have an undeniably loyal fan base and a long list of accomplishments.


The franchise join the Football league in 1960 as the Boston patriots and quickly filled up of a competitive team. 


The patriots have won six Super Bowl titles and 11 American football conference championship, in 2001,


a series injury to quarterback Drew Bledsoe and paved the way for Tom Brady a relatively unknown Round draft choice to take over the patriots

offense and lead the team to a surprising Super Bowl win the following February.


Brady would become an elite passer and guide the patriots to five more Super Bowl victories in 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017 and 2019.



That means that Brady has made nine Super Bowl appearances and only 18 seasons,


on top of $593 million in annual revenue, the owners use the team success to build patriot Place,


adjacent to Gillette Stadium with more than 1,300,000 ft.² of shopping,


dining and entertainment. That means the team is valued at $3.7 billion making it the second most valuable team in the NFL. 




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5. New York Yankees



The last New York team on the list and by far the most profitable,


the New York Yankees are valued at over 4 billion. 


The New York Yankees organization was founded in Baltimore Maryland in the year 1901,


they originally wanted to be based in New York but because the New York Giants were already established,

they were put in Baltimore. 



The team which became known as the Yankees in 1913 rarely contended for the America championship.


Before the acquisition about the other Dabe Ruth,


after the 1919 season with Ruth in the lineup,


the Yankees won their first American league title in 1921 followed by the first World Series championship in 1923 and since then the team has hosted such legend as Mickey Mantle,


Yogi Berra and Derek Jeter.


With an annual income of $668 million, the New York Yankees are the most profitable baseball team in the world and the fourth most valuable sports franchise globally. 


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4. Barcelona



The first international team on our countdown, Barcelona has been a powerhouse football team for well over a century.


FC Barcelona was founded by Swiss businessman Hans Gamper together with a mix of foreign and cattle in sportsman.


At a Time when the exotic game of football was becoming popular amongst the money class of the city of Barcelona 1899,


during their long and immensely successful history, they have won 23 La Liga titles, 27 Copa Del Rey trophies,


5 champions league and 4 cups winners cups. 




As one of the richest and most popular clubs in the world, they can afford to be own and finance exclusively by their own supporters.


Since its inception,


Barcelona has been a major symbol of Catalonia and its culture as evidenced by its motto which says “more than a club”. 


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Barcelona pulls in $824 million a year and is valued at $4.064 billion.

Last season represent the start of Barcelona’s $246 million shirt sponsorship With Japanese e-commerce group Rakuten, as well as the start of


a 10 year agreement with Nike worth at least $174 million annually. 




3. Real Madrid



Real Madrid CF are professional football club based in Madrid Spain,


to date they have been crowned Champions of Europe a record 13 times,


the club was founded in 1897 by some of the first individuals ever to bring the game to Spain. 



Real Madrid has won more Spanish La Liga championships than any other Spanish squad, the club has also won the COPA Del Rey

the main Spanish Competition 19 times as well as nine Spanish SuperCups, needless to say they’ve been a major force in the sport for more than a century


with a valuation of $4.09 billion they are the third most valuable team of any kind on earth, similar to Barcelona they make $896 million every single year


and show a 5% annual growth meaning that they are projected to be worth $5 billion in the next decade. 


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2. Manchester United 



Believe it or not, this legendary football team was once known as Newton heath L&YR football club by the carriage and


wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Depot at Newton health. This was in 1878 and the franchise quickly discovered that the unwieldy name was not good for business.


Thus, they simplified to Manchester United,

they are together with Liverpool England’s most successful football clubs ever. 



The red Devils have more national titles than Liverpool but the rival has collected more titles in international tournaments.


  the club has a valuation of $4.123 billion making it the second most valuable sports team in the world. Though their revenue was only $795 million,


they have lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Kohler. 



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1. Dallas Cowboys 



Coming in at number one, the valuation far beyond any other team on earth is the Dallas Cowboys. Founded in 1960 and nicknamed America’s team,


the Dallas Cowboys are worth $4.8 billion, revenue exceeds $894 million annually and AT&T stadium is worth 1.13 billion. 


With some of the most fanatical supporters in the world, the Cowboys can count on a steady stream of income.

It is also the first NFL franchise department with the casino. 



WinStar casino is located 85 miles north of AT&T Stadium in Oklahoma,


sport betting is not legal in Oklahoma but the state has introduced legislation to do so. 


The cowboy sponsorship revenue is the most in the NFL and nearly twice as much as any other franchise,


though they were far from the first team to join the NFL, they have 8 Super Bowl appearances in 5 league championships.


They’ve been the top grossing NFL team 12 years in a row and show no signs of slowing down.



Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. As always, thanks for reading. 


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TOP 10s

Top 10 Most Heavily Guarded People In The World





A handful of people control the disproportionately large percentage of the worlds power,

whether they are political figures or business mogul,

these individual’s can restructure the lives of millions with a single decision.  

Of course these figures inevitably make numerous enemies and require a veritable arsenal to keep them safe. 

From tech titans to repressive presidents,

we are looking at the 10 most protected people in the world on our list of

Top 10 Most Heavily Guarded People In The World

10. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Security arrangements of Prince Harry and Megan’s new home cost $654 million sources closed to the couple report.

They settled on Frogmore cottage and boat about 45 minutes outside of London.

It is located in Windsor Berkshire and it’s near the famous Windsor Castle,

according to Royal experts Katie nicholl, the place is basically like a fortress,

Vanity Fair has also reported that security at Frogmore cottage is fort Knox style,

with high tech cameras and sensors around the perimeter,

those who have been in the area said that drones are banned near the home. 

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“Police flight safety notice drones prohibited in this area” a sign reads. Launching,

landing or operating drones or remote control aircraft is prohibited in this area,

this is an addition to a security force with more than

1000 highly trained soldiers dedicated to the safety of a young couple. 

9. Bill Gates

In February 1998, Bill Gates was already a household name and his company Microsoft was proving to be the single most successful software company in the world.

However, the same month,

a team of pranksters attacked bill gates in Brussels,

Belgium and threw cream pie on his head, though the prank was innocent enough,

It shocked bill gates to his core and if the attack was more insidious, he easily could’ve been dead. 

After this, he built a new office with bulletproof walls and windows,

suddenly employees need a security clearance just to meet with their executives.

After the .com bubble burst,

gates received numerous death threats from Former employees who Microsoft was forced to layoff. 

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It is unclear if the increase in security came from Gates or

from the Microsoft board but it is obvious that his brilliance has been instrumental in the success

of the company and they couldn’t afford to lose him. 

8. Mark Zuckerberg

Prominent Silicon Valley companies spend liberally to protect their intellectual property,

some also shell out considerable amounts to protect their executives,

apple’s most recent proxy statement shows the company

spent $310,000 for personal security  for CEO Tim Cook but that’s a fraction of other tech Giants expenditures. 

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the most costly executive to protect, Facebook spent $7.3 million on his security in 2017

and last summer the company told investors that in anticipate Spending $20 million annually.

This has balloon since 2013, when Zuckerberg security detail cost $2.6 million in a statement Facebook said we believe that

Mr. Zuckerberg’s role puts him in a unique position,

he is synonymous with Facebook and as a

result Negative sentiment regarding our company is directly associated with and often transferred to Mr. Zuckerberg. 

Armed executive protection officer stand on constant guard outside Zuckerberg’s gated homes in the Bay Area,

at least one of which also features a panic room. If he goes to a bar,

his team will first sweep through to make sure it’s safe.

He’s driven everywhere with the security team monitoring traffic and adjusting his route accordingly. 

7. Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping President of China is another controversial and powerful head of state,

the central security bureau remain secretive and little is known about its internal functions.

However, the team is allegedly 5000 people strong and uses a network of helicopters,

drones and armed guards to secure locations days in advance of Jinping arrival,

because China puts a huge emphasis on cyber security,

the central security bureau has a separate team to deal with any perceived online threat.

However, in the past the CSB has been used directly against the Chinese head of state, apparently in the 1970s,

many of its highest ranking officers planned a failed coup against the then leader mal xa dong.

Though the coup was squashed,

people still question the loyalty of the sami autonomous organization. 

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When the unit was first formed, it had high requirements for enlistment. Any candidates must be a Junior high school graduate,

a requirement that does not appear to be much

today but it was considered tough back in the early 1950s and over half of the Chinese population was a literate. 

The unit was prohibited from participating in any public parad with only a single exception, after the arrest of the Gang of Four

a huge celebration was held in October 1976 in

Beijing and the unit was granted permission to participate in the single public event. 

6. Mohammed bin Salman

Mohammed bin Salman the crown prince of Saudi Arabia wills a huge political Economic power in the world. 

Through the state on the oil company, saudi aramco,

bin salman and his family are some of the richest people

on the planet and since his  alleged involvement in the assassination of journalist JaMal Khashoggi,

the crown prince has made some international enemies. 

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Since coming to power in 2017, he has consolidated the power of his military personnel,

combining Saudi Arabia’s military and security agencies,

he has a 1000 person strong security team that includes traditional soldiers and a cyber security team and he announce

that 800 new officer appointments are planned by the end of 2019. 

Bin Salman has already spent more than $20 billion in military equipment in the last two years,

how he plans to use this technology is another question entirely. 

5. Queen Elizabeth 

Part of being royal involves Regular interactions with the public

and remaining accessible as possible but security can be a big issue especially in today’s world.

How the members of the royal family continue to do their jobs without putting themselves at risk, the answer is that they have an

enormous team of security that try to remain entirely invisible at public events. 

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One is called the queens guard and they are tasked with caring for Queen Elizabeth specifically,

the 93-year-old monarch has a special role as a figurehead of her country and her safety is paramount. In combination with the Scotland Yard,

the queens guards screens each building

that she enters and always has a carefully calculated escape plan in place to keep her out of harm’s way

and in addition to bodyguards and Shelford cars,

the royal family always travels with a motorcade or police escort even to Prince George’s school,

this helps clear the road as well link protection for members of the royal family. 

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4. The pope

Because of the decorum surrounding the Catholic churches ceremonies, most of the pope security team are dressed like they’re about to

attend a Renaissance fair but the truth is they are a high-end military force made up of top Swift X soldiers referred to as the Swiss guard.

The group was actually established in 1506 under Pope Julius the second, the pontifical swiss guard is

among the oldest military units in continuous operation. Recruits to The Guard must be unmarried Swiss catholic males between 19 and 30 years

of age who have completed basic training with swiss armed forces. And apparently,

pope Francis has been a headache for this elite force because he is the People’s pope,

Francis insists on walking amongst his followers even though that presents a great threat to his safety. 

The crowds throw things says the head of the security in an interview,

“they throw flags, dolls and obviously babies toward him and it’s

difficult because we don’t want our agents to overreact,

he doesn’t want to see an overreaction either but you don’t wanna miss anything”

the order remains very secretive and it is unclear how many personnel are involved but one thing is clear,

this is not a military force you want to mess with. 

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3. Kim Jong-Un 

Kim Jong-un is the president of North Korea and easily one of the most contentious politicians on the Globe.

His repressive government is Renowned as one of the most brutal totalitarian forces in history and Kim Jong-un is not someone to take lightly,

on December 12 2013, Kim ordered the execution of his uncle for treachery. Kim is widely believed to have ordered the assassination of his half brother

Kim Jang nam in Malaysia in February 2017. 

The same year the North Korean government stated that the CIA of the United States and the South Korea national intelligence service hired a

North Korean lumberjack who worked in Russia to assassinate Kim Jong-un with a bio chemical weapon that was

both radioactive and nano poisonous and who is affected would’ve been delayed by a few months. Since then,

Kim has beefed up his already impressive security squad,

his team is comprised of dozens of highly trained martial artists who juggling side kims limo when he travels.

One bizarre requirement being they can’t be taller than pint size kim who is about 5’5″.

The mysterious bunch seems to appear from

nowhere every time their leaders limo slows down, they also seem to be able to choreograph themselves so

that they always have a 360° view around Kim. 

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Whenever Kim travels, he flies with twoDicoiled jets,  so it’s unclear which plane he’s actually traveling in. All in all,

Kim is said to have 90,000 soldiers at the ready to defend him personally at any moment. 

2. Donald Trump

Long before Donald Trump was elected president of the United States,

he had a substantial security team due to his celebrity status and massive fortune. 

However, you feel about his politics it is undeniable

that Trump has made some enemies and his safety has never been more jeopardize.

Though he is following standard procedure established by his previous heads of state,

Trump now roams with a variable army of security personnel 1000 people strong. 

The presidential motorcade includes a quick response to a sealed cabinet and a unit to respond to nuclear,

biological or chemical weapons. In addition to Air Force One debatably the most secure aircraft in the world,

Trumps armory includes the presidential limousine nickname “the beast”,

the marine one helicopter plus a litany of supporting vehicles and staff.

They’re all designed to keep the president safe and away from protesters.

However, trumps leisure trip has invokes criticism,

his trips to play golf at his Morrow Lago Norton Florida have cost taxpayers just shy of $150 million.

While his security is government mandated,

he has cost taxpayers more than three times the amount as the Obamas for the equivalent period. 

Trump also spent $16 million on a new state of the art Cadillac CT6 sedan,

with everything you need to stay alive in the midst of an attack including bullet proof glass,

a supply of the presidents blood type and an independent air supply to wand a chemical attack. 

1. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin worked for many years and rushes Security service before climbing the political ladder in becoming President.

Putin of all people has an appreciation for the necessity of heighten protection. Because he is a man with many enemies,

he has beefed up the presidential security service during his time in office. Though the organization is necessary Secretive,

Putin employs 2000 to 3000 plainclothes officers to guard him at any given time. 

They secure any buildings that he is scheduled to enter and work around the clock to mitigate any threats to his safety,

the unit has armored cars,

drones and even a dedicated psychologic Security unit to collect intelligence regarding any

perceived threat either at home or abroad and it pays to do well in these positions. 

Many of Putin’s guards have been promoted to prestigious positions in the Kremlin and gain wealth and prosperity and

Putin has Gifted many of them priced properties in the most highly sought after part of Russia often turning to bribery

and intimidation and blackmail to scare the current residence out of their homes, some were decorated

World War II veterans whom the Soviet union had promised lifetime employment

and pensions but in the newly independent Russian federation there can be no such guarantee. 

During the 1990s, these workers say “a small click of powerful businessmen and criminals use manipulation, forgery,

intimidation and even beatings to seize their land. Needless to say,

Putin is a very well protected man.

Let’s us know what you think about these very well protected individuals.  

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TOP 10s

Top 10 Billionaires Who Are Now Broke





Though billionaire status is becoming increasingly common,

it’s hard to imagine amassing such a prodigious fortune over the course of a human lifetime.

Most individuals who have the skill or luck to stockpile

this much money manage to invest it wisely and build generational wealth,

but others don’t have the business acumen to maintain their fortunes. 

Today we are looking at billionaires who lost it all on our list of

Top 10 Billionaires Who Are Now Broke.

10. Allen Stanford

Alan Stanford is a Texas native who ran the second biggest Ponzi scheme of all time.

Though he made off with an absolute Incredible sum of money ($1 million per day),

he was discovered a mere two months after Bernie madoff

and he did not make the same headlines but unlike the victims of Bernie madoff who have

gotten back large chunks of their principal,

the 18,000 customers of Stanford have recovered practically nothing

in total he stole more than $8 billion and remained

unchallenged because he donated millions of dollars to politicians in both the United States and the Caribbean. 

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Initially judges ruled that insurance companies were liable to pay $65 million to the victims of this

terrible scheme but in the end they boiled It’s ruling.

After the SEC rated Stanford’s offices in 2009, his business empire was essentially shut down.

While Stanford claimed the accounts were back by solid assets

and posted returns that consistently beat the market,

the SEC alleged the entire operation was a fraud that financed Stanford’s lavish lifestyle. 

He’s now serving a 110 year sentence for his misdeeds but the bottom line is that his victims,

many of them elderly retirees will never see a penny of their money back. 

9. Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson

Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson was once Iceland’s richest man,

he became Iceland second billionaire after his own son. 

He was at one time the majority owner and chairman

of a now nationalized Icelandic Landsbankinn the second largest company in Iceland.

He was ranked by Forbes magazine in March 2000 As the 1014th richest person in the world with a net worth of $1.1 billion. 

In the 1990s, he was sentenced to 12 months in prison and suspended for two years for bookkeeping offenses,

having faced around 450 charges,

he went to We made his fortune and return to Iceland where he also had interest in shipping,

publishing, food, communications and property.

Fast forward to 2009 when he was $759 million in debt,

it was the largest bankruptcy filing in Icelandic history,

Essentially Landsbankinn was hit by the credit crunch that wrote

the financial industry in 2009 and Gudmundsson lost everything. 

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Although they were both implicated in the panama papers, his son is still a billionaire. 

8. Patricia Kluge

It reads almost like a Cliché movie plot, the sad tale goes like this,

a beautiful young woman marries a billionaire divorces

and uses her healthy settlement to strike out into a celebrated business only to lose it all.

Rather than a contrived film plot,

this is the real life story of Patricia. 

Her former husband John Kluge was a legendary businessman who at one point

was the richest man in the world,  Born in Chemnitz, Germany.

He Eventually became a media mogul and made a huge $4 billion

fortune in 1986 after selling his production company to 20th Century Fox.

Patricia kluge married the billionaire John Kluge 34 years her senior.

In 1981, there Jet Setting life became a myth among the ultra rich and when kluge

divorced her in 1990 she walked away with $1 billion and their family home. 

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Kluge’s plan was to use their Virginia estate as a vendor and establish the area as the California of the East Coast,

she took out millions of dollars of loans to accomplish this and obviously

Virginia did not become the epicenter of refined wines.

Deeply in debt, kluge sold her winery to president Donald Trump. 

He still owns the property and allowed kluge to work there for one year before firing her. 

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7. Sean Quin

As of 2008, Sean Quinn was the richest man in Ireland with a wealth of roughly $5 billion,

only three years later he was filing for bankruptcy. 

When he was only 14 years old,

he dropped out of school in order to borrow 100 pounds and sell gravel. This eventually became a massive conglomerate,

with arms in construction,

banking and healthcare Quin suddenly became a legend for Irish people during the 90s

When he literally punched a British soldier who tried to detain him at a checkpoint.

This goodwill served him when he lost the entirety of his fortune on bad banking investments,

in the end he served a small period of jail time and was released for good behavior,

he still doesn’t have another business empire but he continues trying to track lucrative investments,

he was recently in the news because gangsters beat the director of his company and claimed

that Quinn was threatening the conglomerate to allow him back on the board.

Quin obviously denied these claims but it’s clear that he has fallen from grace. 

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6. Alberto Vilar

Alberto vilar is another billionaire who lead a life of crime,

he made his fortune investing in tech stocks but in 2008 he was convicted of money laundering.

For Mr vilar who lived in a luxury apartment with marble floors and a large bronze statue.

He fall from grace with swift, he was a legendary arts patron

and had a particular pension for opera but after the revelation that he defrauded thousands of people,

the arts community responded with a unified front, the mat took his name off it’s Gran tear,

the Royal opera House Covent garden in London removes

Vilar from its Laura Hall and the Salzburg festival took his picture out of its programs,

finally a judge sentenced him to nine years in prison for his role in a

$22 million fraud scheme but now he is a freeman,

his first act after his release from prison was to buy tickets to an opera at the met. 

Though he remains an extremely controversial figure,

it’s clear that the septuagenarian will not make his billions back anytime soon. 

5. Jocelyn Wildestein

Nicknamed Catwoman for the results of her Believably unflattering plastic surgery,

Jocelyn Wildenstein is an American socialite who made her billions by marrying rich. 

She was born in Lausanne Switzerland in 1940 and was introduced to Alec

and Wildenstein by a sudden arms dealer Adrian Khashoggi at a shooting Weekend at his ranch in Africa.

The two were married when they were both in their 30s,

Wildenstein was a horse breeder and art dealer with a net worth of over $10 billion,

when they split in 1999,

she walked away with $2.5 billion in her divorce settlement and $100 million

Each year for the following 13 years but

her lavish lifestyle took its toll and the sad divorcee filed for bankruptcy in 2018. 

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4. Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford university at 19 to start blood testing startup Theranos And grew the company to evaluation of $9 billion.

They claim to have revolutionize the blood testing industry

but it all came crashing down with the shortcomings and inaccuracies of the companies technology

were exposed and Theranos and holmes were charged with massive fraud.

The decline of Theranos began in 2015 with

a series of journalistic and regulatory investigations revealed doubts about the companies technology claims

and whether holmes have missed lead investors and the government.

In 2018, the SEC charged Theranos and holmes

with deceiving investors by Massive fraud through false or exaggerated claims

about the accuracy of her blood testing technology. 

Holmes settled the charges by paying a $500,000 fine,

returning shares to the company relinquishing her voting control of

Theranos and being barred from serving as an officer or Have a public company for 10 years.

After making Forbes list in 2014, holmes has been embroiled

in a legal scandal the following years and can’t even afford to pay her lawyers.

This has been a spectacular fall from grace. 

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3. Vijay Mallya 

Vijay Mallya is a former liquor baron who made his fortune with united spirits the largest

spirits company in India and continues to serve

as chairman of United breweries group in Indian conglomerate with interests including beverages,

aviation infrastructure, real estate and fertilizer.

He has been the chairman of Sanofi India and the chairman of Bayer

Crop science in India for over 20 years and the chairman of several other companies,

his father actually founded these businesses which Mellya inherited when he was 28 years old,

since then the group has grown into a multinational conglomerate of over 60 companies. 

With an annual turnover which increased by 64% over 15 years to $11 billion in

1998 but as with most individuals

on this list Mallya made one bad investment that take his entire fortune,

kingfisher airlines went down in 2013 and had $1.5 billion in bad loans connected with the Indian air carrier. 

Mallya was recently convicted as a wealth of the falter

and is fighting extradition in London at the moment. 

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2. Eike Batista

Eike Batista was once Brazil’s richest man but he lost his Fortune in monumental fashion.

Batista’s meteoric rise and fall mirror the recent portions of Brazil,

where a commodities boom faded as his energy, mineral and logistics empire fell apart earlier this decade. 

His swashbuckling attitude and confident forecast of a prolong Golden era

for Brazil evaporated as Latin America’s largest economy suffered its worst recession on record.

In early 2012,

Batista had a net worth of $35 billion ranking him the seventh wealthiest person in the world, by July 2013,

his wealth plummeted to $200 million due to his debts and his companies falling stock prices.

Bloomberg reported in January 2014 that Batista has a negative net worth,

he was convicted for paying $16.6 million to get government contracts

as part of a sprawling corruption Prop known as “carwash”

and sentenced to 30 years which he is serving under house arrest but earlier this year,

he was also sentenced to seven years of prison for insider trading

adding to his already heavy prison time. 

1.Bernie Madoff

Here is a billionaire who we properly recognize.

Bernie madoff became the face of a 2008 financial meltdown,

when it became clear that he was responsible for the single largest Ponzi scheme in world history. 

 Madoff founded a penny stock brokerage in

1960 which eventually grew into Bernard El Madoff investment securities. 

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He served as its chairman until his arrest on December 11, 2008.

Despite claiming to generate large steady returns through an investing strategy called split-strike conversion

which is an actual trading strategy, madoff simply deposited

client funds into a single Bank account that he used to pay existing clients who wanted to cash out.

In total, he smuggled more than $64 billion away in order to pay for his own lavish lifestyle. 

On June 29, 2009 he was sentenced to 150 years in prison with restitution of $170 billion,

though some of this money has been reclaimed and distributed amongst his victims,

the vast majority of this wealth will never be returned,

almost 5000 individuals lost their savings in the scheme and

they were not able to retire comfortably as a result.

Madoff recently asked President Trump to commute his sentence proving

he still has no signs of remorse in prison. 


Adolf Merckle

Adolph Merkel was born in Dresden Germany and over the

course of his lifetime he became one of the wealthiest people in his home country.

He developed his bohemian Fathers chemical wholesale

company into Germany’s largest pharmaceutical wholesaler phoenix farmer handle,

in the early 1970s,

he found a Germany’s first generic drug manufacturer ratio farm,

for several decades he also held large parts of cement company

Heidelberg cement as well as Vehicle manufacturer Kassbohrer.

In 2007 he was worth $12.8 billion according to Forbes but Merkel never had an appetite for the finer things.

He live so modestly that he cycle to work on

a 15-year-old bike for most of the year and in bad weather he drove a four years old VW golf,

he had no bodyguards or servants.

Without so much as a CCTV camera for protection

and stopped off at his local pub on the way home each night to share a drink with regulars

But just like most other billionaires on this list,

Merkel lost a fortune during the 2008 economic downturn,

this was accompanied by a poor investment in Volkswagen and in the end,

Merkel came to the external pressure and took his own life.

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TOP 10s

Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht





Owning a boat is notoriously expensive.

Aside from the initial price, they are costly to maintain and repairs are frequently exorbitant

and because of this, the average person may aspire to own a motorboat or

a modest houseboat but for the world’s billionaires,

a mega yachts is an essential purchase. 

Today we are looking at the incredible yachts of billionaires on our list of

Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht

1. Dilbar

The Dilbar is the largest yacht in the world and it is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. 

The bespoke yacht is truly enormous and the 156meter Dilbar has redefined the notion of space in yachting.

The third yacht to bear the same name and it cost a total of $600 million proving that Usmanov has some spare cash lying around.

That’s because he is a true Russian oligarch with more than $12 billion in the bank.

At 15,917 tons, the 156 meter super yacht features entertainment and recreation spaces never before

seen on a yacht and these includes a 25 meter swimming pool that holds

an increase 180 m² of water making it the largest pool ever to have been installed on a yacht,

obviously Usmanov have earned a tremendous amount of money over the years. 

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He is an early Facebook investor, but he made his first fortune as a manufacturer of plastic bags

which used to be a rare commodity in the Soviet Union.

Dilbar requires a crew of around 100 people to keep her running to a high standard.

A total up keep costs half a million dollars every single year. 

2. Eclipse

 In the world of soccer, Roman Abramovich is a popular figure as he owns the leading English club Chelsea

The Russian businessman helps the blues to become a big spender in the transfer market,

spending millions of euros to bring the top players to his team but he’s almost equally famous

for his world-class yacht the Eclipse,

with $590 million this may sound like a small fortune but Abramovich

is worth $11.9 billion so he can afford any expense. 

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Abramovich first made his money by producing dolls but he soon created a huge conglomerate

and within a few years, his wealth spread from oil companies to pig farms. 

In the world of yachting and lavish lifestyles, Abramovich is best known for the Eclipse.

Eclipse’s interior configuration has been designed to comfortably accommodate

Up to 36 guests overnight and 18 cabins comprising a master suite and 17 VIP staterooms.

It is also capable of carrying up to 70 crew on board.

To ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience,

her generous deck areas play host to a wide range

amenities including an outdoor bar Jacuzzi and ample space for some lounging and relaxing.

Once considered the most expensive yacht in the world, the Eclipse is truly one of a kind. 

3. Serene

The serene yacht is one of the biggest in the world and has served

as a floating home for some of the worlds most elite individuals.

The ship was built for Russian tycoon Yuri Shefler for $330 million.

In the summer of 2014, Bill Gates leased the yacht for $5 million per week. 

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In 2015, while vacationing in the south of France, prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

bought the vessel for approximately $500 million considering he’s worth $17 billion

and has a stake in his family’s company worth $1.7 trillion.

A fancy yacht is a small expense and of course this was before

Prince Mohammed bin Salman got into deep water of he’s on for the killing

of journalist Jamal Khashoggi,

but he did have some issues with the boat before the scandal.

In 2017, the mega yacht ran around in the Red Sea 20 nautical miles east of popular Egyptian Holiday resort,

the vessel was reportedly bag up on the rocks and had sustained structural damage to the bulb and

hold and the hole was allegedly punctured forward, 

 they were concerns about it sustaining further

damage to the rocks because it’s not to be a navigational track air and propulsion failure. 

This damage Was truly unfortunate because they ship included some of the greatest amenities of any extent vessel.

Among her many features, Serene hosts two helicopter landing platforms, hot and cold Jacuzzi,

health club and spa, a slide between the decks,

storage for a large submarine and a huge internal sea water pool which can be adopted to be used

for tender docking and then there’s a dance floor complete with bandstand, a wood fire pizza oven

and a Teppan-Yaki grill plus an enchanting

Nemo room that allows guest of you all the subsea marine life. 

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4. Sailing Yacht A 

Sailing Yacht A is the prize possession of Russian billionaire Andre Melinchenko.

The $480 million vessel has amassed taller than London’s Big Ben,

it is more next to Melnichenko second favorite yacht for $240 million Motor Yacht A.

Three-masted monster is currently more than Monica even though Monica was a haven for the worlds ultra rich,

these boat still stand out for their incredible beauty and opulence.

Mr. Melnichenko, a 45-year-old Russian industrialist worth around $14.3 billion.

He deals in fertilizer and coal,

He’s the main shareholder of Eurochem one of the leading fertilizer producers in the world. 

The staggering yacht is a 468 foot long vessel which has  3300 foot mass,

the super yacht boasts eight floors with a helicopter pad on one of the decks and an underwater Ovation room.

It is powered by a hybrid diesel electric package with controllable pitch propeller

and is designed to accommodate 20 guests in a crew of 54.  

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Project director dirt Klosterman called the yacht the most challenging assignment of his career,

he added that he was confident,

Sailing Yacht A will be the world’s greatest yacht in terms of design and technology for the years ahead,

other amenities include a fleet of jets

and a limousine garage for transporting Melnichenko to and fro his watercraft. 

5. Rising Sun

Rising sun is a super yacht David Geffen.

The 12th largest yacht in the world has a valuation of $300 million,

Geffen is one of the biggest names in film and music as a co-founder of Geffen records,

asylum records and DreamWorks Studios, all of these projects earned him

an overall net worth of 8.5 Billion dollars. 

As with most of these incredible ships,

rising sun was built by the legendary German yacht company Luressen,

rising sun is something of a playground for the rich and famous as Geffen has been known to host celebrities like Oprah Winfrey,

Jeff Bezos and Leonardo DiCaprio on board.

The yacht can accommodate 18 guests and a staff of 55 people, it even has a basketball court.

To further ensure the absolute comfort and enjoyment of every guest on board,

the luxury yacht is also equipped with a full gymnasium, a wide ranging wine cellar and a sunner and a spa.

The top deck is dedicated entirely to the owner and includes a double height cinema,

Geffen has crews everywhere from Saint Barts and Tobago keys in the Caribbean

to Portofino Italy and Ibiza Spain according to his Instagram but not without a few friends,

most recently Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos,

the investment banker Lloyd Blankfein and the model Karlie Kloss were spotted on board  in Spain. 

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6. Tatoosh

The tatoosh is a 303 foot super yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Valued at $160 million and is one of the most lavish boats on the seven seas

and it’s owner was corresponding with one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of $20.3 billion. 

Built in 2001, this boat features amenities that are beyond comprehension of us non-billionaires,

from multiple helicopter landing pads to basketball courts,

this includes nine gas state rooms, two staff cabins,

a cinema, swimming pool and two helicopter decks,

in addition to a staff of 35 people it also has a saloon with a French limestone fireplace,

a dining area, state rooms and the ladies room on the main deck, oh yeah and there’s a big weekly bill for upkeep,

Paul’s costs him $38,000 each week but that was no problem for Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft.

Though he’s s not as wealthy as Bill Gates,

he had a multibillion dollar in bed Portfolio including technology, media companies, scientific research,

real estate holdings, private spaceflight ventures and steaks and other sectors. 

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Tragically, Alan passed away in 2018 leaving his fortune and his yard in limbo. 

7. Lady Lara

Lady Laura is a 160 million Dollar yacht owned by billionaire Alexander Mashkevitch. 

Its amenities include zero speed stabilizers, elevator, beach club, helicopter landing pad on the bow,

spa, swimming platform, garage, air-conditioning,

On deck Jacuzzi, gym, barbecue and underwater lights among many others. 

Her interior also designed to perfection by Raymond Lancton design is contemporary.

Unique features of the lady Laura include a massive beach club area

and a spa in the lower deck as well as two guests state rooms with C terraces with a net worth of $2 billion,

Mashkevitch is one of the least rich billionaires on this list but he

can still splash up for a huge mega yacht like lady Laura which he had custom built by Lurssen in 2015.

The khazatk billionaire originally wanted to do a career in academic philology but soon turn his

sights to business, he soon gained control of the recently privatized chromium,

alumina and gas operations in Kazakhstan which has some of the largest stores on earth,

these days he spends most of his time in Israel but he’s a dual citizen

and only visits Kazakhstan when it’s absolutely necessary to do business. 

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8. Madame Gu

Madame Gu is a tremendous yacht owned by Andre scotch another Russian oligarch with $4.8

billion in the bank it comes as no surprise that scouts can afford a 150 million Dollar yacht. 

The yacht is the largest super yacht ever built in the Netherlands and by fed ship.

The helicopter hanger in the bal features two door split down the center line each parking

to the side to accommodate the owners new Eurocopter AS 365 dolphin,

Hydraulic helipad then raises and lowers the aircraft with its blades fold at the back,

the helicopter hanger is also a squash court. 

This luxury yacht is also filled with zero speed stabilizers which work at anchor increasing onboard

comfort with yellow stationary particularly in rough water,

As for scouts, in 1999 he became a member of the Russian parliament’s lower house,

this was a post that was unofficially bestowed on him by Putin himself

since then his investments have grown as has his political clout.

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9. Sunrays

Ravi Ruia company has interest in shipping and oil refining, this Indian magnet is worth a total of $2.3 billion.

Despite the collapse in the Indian export business,

all that money helped him snap up a $150 million yacht called Sunrays,

of course the boat is well equipped with a spa, helipad, swimming pool,

underwater lights, dance floor, golf Tee Box, outdoor bar, balcony, air-conditioning,

deck Jacuzzi, gym, stabilizer on the way and a grand piano in case any of the Guests are creatively

inspired. Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings

and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. 

In terms of Ruia’s wealth, he has one of the most robust investment portfolios in the world,

the revenues of the portfolios companies are worth $15 billion.

The international standards of safety, health and environmental protection and corporate

governance are maintained by the companies which operate more than 50 assets across the globe. 

10. Aquila

The Aquila yacht is one of the largest catamarans in the world and is own by none other than

Walmart Zion Ann Walton Kroenke, she is an hearest to one of the worlds largest business empires.

Though she is not involved in the day-to-day operations of Walmart she still has a net worth of

more than $7 billion, that means her $150 million Dollar yacht is a negligible purchase. 

When she snapped up the boat in 2014, she made some major luxury renovations,

she applied a new arrangement that made room for a larger bar

in the half deck and a greater lounge area to match. 

The area was also remodeled tp house a DJ booth, drop-down disco lighting

and a large cinema screen with complementary sound equipment. 

Gone is the colorful mosaic tile splash pool on the half deck and instead a Jacuzzi

cannot be found forward of the new wellness center that separates the two areas.

Aside from her Walmart Revenue, Kroenke is the owner of the Denver Nuggets

and the Colorado avalanche, her husband Stan Kroenke is the majority owner

and CEO of the Los Angeles Rams, Arsenal, Colorado Rapids and Colorado mammoth.

Let’s us know your thoughts as regards these luxurious boats. 

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TOP 10s

Top 10 Weirdest Mansions In The World





Not every mansion is a palatial 25 room estate, some are design with more eclectic tastes in mind

and while they’re still amazingly comfortable places to live,

any visitor would likely be more interested in the architecture than the couches and beds. 

Here are the

Top 10 Weirdest Mansions In The World

10. Arkup: Miami Florida

You’ve heard about rising water levels in melting ice caps but what can you do about it?

you could prepare for a pneumatic Waterworld lifestyle but since that involves drinking your own filtered urine,

you probably shouldn’t.

Instead how about moving into a floating mansion that’s powered by the sun called Arkup,

this giant houseboat is essentially that,

a modern day Noah’s Ark designed to protect its inhabitants against the worst and what mother nature has to offer.

It is built on a series of hydraulic pilings that can either dig into the ocean’s floor or raise the house

up above the waves so if you grew up watching Looney Tunes and wishing daffy duck would sell you

a pushbutton home that can rise into the sky, here’s  your chance, it will only cost you $5.5 million.

It’s not just for vanity sake though.

The ability to raise your home higher and higher would prove mighty helpfulness

as sea levels rise ever higher as well. 

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Some climate experts predict see levels could rise by as much as 7 feet come 2100 particularly in

places like South Florida where the Arkup was designed.

It is currently docked, if that happens, living in a place that can rise with the tide will prove mighty

helpful indeed plus it’s super sturdy windows are resistant to hurricane winds of up to 155 mph,

if climate change affects our waters as much as experts say it will,

well life-threatening hurricanes are likely to become in place soon enough. 

If the Arkup can handle that then it’s worth every penny. 

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9. Capital Hill Residence: Moscow Russia

when you’re a billionaire, you can get away with just about any housing design you have in mind.

many preferred normal looking mega mansions but then there’s Vladislav Doronin the Russian CEO of Imam resorts,

he decided one day that he would like to live in a giant spaceship and so he had it built,

you certainly can’t fault the guy for a lack of imagination.

Doronin 28,500 square-foot mansion is described on his architects website

as fluid geometries emerging from the landscape and remaining partially embedded within the hillside. 

Apparently it’s not professional enough to just say our client lives in an imperial star destroyer from

Star Wars, nevertheless,

we’re going to say exactly that because come on, what else could this not humble abode possibly resemble. 

The 72 foot tall lookout tower portion of this mansion simply makes it look even more like the

preferred battle vehicle of the Darkside, it doesn’t sound like Doronin had space in mind,

his request to his architect was simply

“I want to wake up in the morning and just see blue sky”

how the architect got spaceship out of that when the sky is extremely not blue outer space I don’t know but I’m also super glad you did. 

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8. Cohetillos: El Alto Bolivia 

As beautiful as many mansions are, they can suffer from monochrome patterns in an overall seamless.

not so in  El Alto  Bolivia, Where are a local architect

set out to create the most colorful charismatic mansions he could imagine and he most certainly delivered.

Architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre mansions are popularly they called

“cockatiels” which is Bolivian for (spaceships) one look at them and you’ll see why.

Each home Covered in dozens of crazy colors, nontraditional window shapes,

bizarre rooftops and unpredictable patterns they truly

do look like spaceships or maybe a castle run by an alien overlord.

These mansions aren’t at all boring on the inside either between LED lights,

Chinese Chandeliers, very geometric motives,

pillars and columns and more colors than an extra large box of Kranz.

Every inch of the Silvestri mansion is a feast for your eyes but he doesn’t

just design this way for kicks or because most of the buildings in the area look-alike,

his intention is to introduce indigenous Culture into a modern world.

The timeless on Dan and Tina Custo Style he used really stand out

against a sea of functional ticky-tacky, Silvestri is built over 70 of the spaceship so far.

Each one completely different from the next and shows no signs of stopping,

so you live around Bolivia or plan to move there and have a $300-$600,000 he asks for Per place? 

 U too can live in an architectural masterpiece that’s truly like no other. 

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7. Desert “Supervillain Lair” Joshua Tree California 

You know those creepy super villain lairs built into the mountain?

the kind where Blofeld would bring James Bond to for torture and unnecessary exhibition. 

Well one exist for real and if you want to see it you simply need to visit California’s Joshua tree

desert, no license to kill required, designed in 1988 but not truly finish until the early 2000s.

This 4600 square-foot mansion officially called the desert house looks like it was carved right of from the mountains.

it’s copper walls and roofs look almost exactly like stone slabs and the roofs jet out far beyond

the house itself providing plenty a cool shade for viewing and From a Bird’s Eye view,

it may be difficult to even see your house there at all,

the designers goal was to make the house seem like an organic part of the desert so mission accomplished.

Plus since the home stands on 10 acres of land, your only neighbors

are miles of Joshua tree desert so you’ll be free to carry out all your evil schemes and absolute privacy. 

Inside the home, it’s just a super villain with the building ceilings, crazy spirals alien looking

chandeliers and sharp edges seemingly everywhere even in the chair legs the designers website

called the interior warm and intimate and it Probably is when you hang out there but let’s face,

it it looks like a place you extract top-secret information from your enemy and don’t expect to

move into this place anytime soon sadly it was purchased for $3 million in 2014

by Manhattan Beach couple who according to the New York Times wish to preserve it as a work of art. 

If you want your stylishly evil lair to carry  out your stylist evil schemes,

you’re just gonna have to build one yourself. 

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6. Dr Seuss House: Talkeetna Alaska

Would you live inside this house? would you live there with a mouse? don’t worry,

That’s  my one and only Dr. Seuss rhyme.

But I had to do it because this mansion looks exactly like something

the good doctor would’ve drawn from one of his books technically called the goose Creek tower,

everyone who isn’t the owner calls it the Dr. Seuss tower.

How else could you describe this thing? it’s a house with another house built on  Top then there’s

another smaller house on top of the second house and this pattern continues until they were four increasingly smaller house piled on top one another.

If that’s not head scratching enough, sitting on top of the fourth house is a 185 foot tower,

you may be wondering what’s the Masterpiece the designer ripped this house from.

The answer is none of them, people don’t call it the suess house because it came from any particular story, they call it that because it could have come from one.

Though if any seuss character would live here it would probably be the

cat in the hat because it could use all that extra tower space to store his hats.

but what is it used for? well according to the owner and designer Phil beater,

he wants to install a telescope at the top as well as launch a ham radio station.

He wants to call it radio free goose Creek but I think radio free whoville makes far more sense. 

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Technically His tower isn’t finished, not that Vidor mind, he sees the mansion

as less a place to live in and more a poem to the sky.

In other words,

don’t expect him to place it on the market anytime soon but maybe you could convince him otherwise. 

5. Bat Casa: San Miguel Mexico

Who doesn’t love Batman?! besides all the criminals of Gotham I mean, the Cape crusader is so

popular it makes perfect sense that somebody designed a mansion based on him,

San Miguel Steve Did just that, building his very own bat casa,

it’s a two-story home with a Batman symbol displayed prominently out front.

With that said, it doesn’t exactly look like the grim and dark Batcave we see in the movies

and comics rather this bizarre 1500 square-foot mini mansion looks like something out of an art

gallery with wavy white walls that simultaneously melt into one another

and attempt to pull itself apart like cheese and a mozzarella stick. 

This bizarre ecstatic  building continues as you venture inside, everything looks like it was fused

together with strange shapes Kruzan Rid of sculpted branches twisting and dancing together to form a living space,

unlike any other, it almost looks like you’re living in a plaster jungle no more so than when you’re

sleeping in a bed built right into the plaster and in that sense,

it does seem like you’re living in a grande cave though not the kind that will attract martial artist dressed like bat’s. 

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The bat casa is so unique, it’s become a local landmark and you can stay there too.

While the Abat Casa is not on the market, you can rent it out for around $90 per night on average,

for a place with three bedrooms, two baths and an ecstatic abstract of art gallery, that’s a downright bargain.  

4. Falcon’s Nest: Prescott Arizona 

Living in the mountains is hard, living near a mountain however

inside a luxury mansion over 100 feet in the sky surrounded by trees with no noisy neighbors is both easy and desirable. 

Officially known as the Pace of Laurel house and many called this 10 storey estate the Falcons nest,

instead and for good reason it features living quarters that reach out to 124 feet in the air,

a 2000 square-foot solarium that looks like a nest Tower top,

that might as well be a majestic falcon.

Set against a backdrop that includes the 6500 foot thumb butte mountain. Living here is essentially like living inside a movie.

The Falcons current owners are asking for $1.5 million which is a fair chunk of change but Hey!

Whoever pays that Much is getting some primo living space with 6200 ft.²

that includes three bedrooms and four bathrooms not to mention

a main floor with a 360° view of the Arizona wilderness below. 

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3. Sunset Beach Water Tower: Orange County, California 

If you’re a 90s kid who grew up on Animaniacs, you probably think living in a water tower is more a

punishment than a luxury, well the genius architects behind this sunset beach

water tower in orange county California beg to differ. 

They turned a musty old water tower into a legitimately luxurious spot to live,

be 87 foot high PCH water tower was once a regular old water tower that stored upwards

of 75,000 gallons of water at a time.

It’s more than 300 tons but in the late 1970s, all the water

went elsewhere and the tower just stood there by its lonesome watching over us like a forgotten Greek god.

That is until the 80s when some investors decided to revamp it into a cozy private home,

later sold it to a return Fire chief named Gerald Wallace for $800,000 even attempted to flip it for up to $8,000,000,000.

But Ultimately settled for 1.5 million meaning that he still made money on the deal,

especially considering he’s been renting the place out from your $4000 per week.

This tower get a lot for their 1.5 million despite looking exactly like a water tower on the outside,

inside you’ll find 2800 ft.² of living space this includes three bedrooms, a 145 gallon aquarium

and a party room featuring a fire pit that you can Chemically lift up when it’s time to dance plus the

view of Sunset Beach simply can’t be beaten. I’m like yeah go wacko and that you won’t feel stuck

inside this place instead you’ll feel like a monarch looking down on your subjects while enjoying all the finest parts of life. 

2. The Upside-Down House: Beverly Hills, California 

We all know about the traditional multi floor home set up, living room and kitchen on the bottom bedrooms on top. 

Well here’s a mansion that flips that set up on its head literally, located in Beverly Hills California

this upside down house features it’s living corner at the top floor facing the bedrooms on the lower level,

that’s probably a little jarring when you first moved in though it does make sense after all if you’re

so tired that you just have to go to bed now,

why would you want to climb a bunch of stairs to get there

that’s not the reason this $3.2 million mansions architects design their house this way though,

the area they built it contains over 100 Oak trees all of which

are federally protected from lumberjacks coming in with the racks and turning them into toothpicks.

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So to build a multi floor estate, they had to build one of the floors directly into the hillside and since

the only earth level floor is entirely see-through,

it would make for a ton of privacy when

getting your sleep on but if you’re sleeping in the basement surrounded by protective greenery,

you have as much privacy as you need so well it’s not literally an upside down house like

“Dracula’s castle and symphony of the night” it’s still mighty bizarre in It’s own right plus it

features no evil vampires which is always a plus while looking for a comfortable place to lay your head. 

1. The Helicopter: Freiburg, Germany

Living in a spaceship is one thing but living in a giant battery is quite another,

but that’s about the only way to describe Germany’s heliotrope both in shape and function. 

This 48 foot high mansion is literally battery shape but it’s circular set up isn’t just designed to be cool,

the heliotrope actually rotates though unlike those novelty restaurants that makes it hard for those

with motion sickness to enjoy their sandwich but it doesn’t do so every day and it only rotates 180°. 

Added to that, it is solar powered and its rotation follows the sun,

it faces the sun during the cooler months and turns it insulated deck into the start during the hard times.

This means that at all times that heliotrope is a probably absorbing solar energy,

it actually produces more energy than it uses making it the first home in history to do so. 

Sadly 25 years after it was built, it remains one of the few homes that do.  Architect Rob Dish who

designed the heliotrope in 1994 and still lives there lives a luxurious life as well as an environmentally friendly one,

the heliotrope is huge with tons of rooms as well as a garden terrace,

viewing deck and naturally a sundeck. Hey who said saving the planet had to be uncomfortable.

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