Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht


Owning a boat is notoriously expensive.

Aside from the initial price, they are costly to maintain and repairs are frequently exorbitant

and because of this, the average person may aspire to own a motorboat or

a modest houseboat but for the world’s billionaires,

a mega yachts is an essential purchase. 

Today we are looking at the incredible yachts of billionaires on our list of

Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht

1. Dilbar

The Dilbar is the largest yacht in the world and it is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. 

The bespoke yacht is truly enormous and the 156meter Dilbar has redefined the notion of space in yachting.

The third yacht to bear the same name and it cost a total of $600 million proving that Usmanov has some spare cash lying around.

That’s because he is a true Russian oligarch with more than $12 billion in the bank.

At 15,917 tons, the 156 meter super yacht features entertainment and recreation spaces never before

seen on a yacht and these includes a 25 meter swimming pool that holds

an increase 180 m² of water making it the largest pool ever to have been installed on a yacht,

obviously Usmanov have earned a tremendous amount of money over the years. 

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He is an early Facebook investor, but he made his first fortune as a manufacturer of plastic bags

which used to be a rare commodity in the Soviet Union.

Dilbar requires a crew of around 100 people to keep her running to a high standard.

A total up keep costs half a million dollars every single year. 

2. Eclipse

 In the world of soccer, Roman Abramovich is a popular figure as he owns the leading English club Chelsea

The Russian businessman helps the blues to become a big spender in the transfer market,

spending millions of euros to bring the top players to his team but he’s almost equally famous

for his world-class yacht the Eclipse,

with $590 million this may sound like a small fortune but Abramovich

is worth $11.9 billion so he can afford any expense. 

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Abramovich first made his money by producing dolls but he soon created a huge conglomerate

and within a few years, his wealth spread from oil companies to pig farms. 

In the world of yachting and lavish lifestyles, Abramovich is best known for the Eclipse.

Eclipse’s interior configuration has been designed to comfortably accommodate

Up to 36 guests overnight and 18 cabins comprising a master suite and 17 VIP staterooms.

It is also capable of carrying up to 70 crew on board.

To ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience,

her generous deck areas play host to a wide range

amenities including an outdoor bar Jacuzzi and ample space for some lounging and relaxing.

Once considered the most expensive yacht in the world, the Eclipse is truly one of a kind. 

3. Serene

The serene yacht is one of the biggest in the world and has served

as a floating home for some of the worlds most elite individuals.

The ship was built for Russian tycoon Yuri Shefler for $330 million.

In the summer of 2014, Bill Gates leased the yacht for $5 million per week. 

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In 2015, while vacationing in the south of France, prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

bought the vessel for approximately $500 million considering he’s worth $17 billion

and has a stake in his family’s company worth $1.7 trillion.

A fancy yacht is a small expense and of course this was before

Prince Mohammed bin Salman got into deep water of he’s on for the killing

of journalist Jamal Khashoggi,

but he did have some issues with the boat before the scandal.

In 2017, the mega yacht ran around in the Red Sea 20 nautical miles east of popular Egyptian Holiday resort,

the vessel was reportedly bag up on the rocks and had sustained structural damage to the bulb and

hold and the hole was allegedly punctured forward, 

 they were concerns about it sustaining further

damage to the rocks because it’s not to be a navigational track air and propulsion failure. 

This damage Was truly unfortunate because they ship included some of the greatest amenities of any extent vessel.

Among her many features, Serene hosts two helicopter landing platforms, hot and cold Jacuzzi,

health club and spa, a slide between the decks,

storage for a large submarine and a huge internal sea water pool which can be adopted to be used

for tender docking and then there’s a dance floor complete with bandstand, a wood fire pizza oven

and a Teppan-Yaki grill plus an enchanting

Nemo room that allows guest of you all the subsea marine life. 

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4. Sailing Yacht A 

Sailing Yacht A is the prize possession of Russian billionaire Andre Melinchenko.

The $480 million vessel has amassed taller than London’s Big Ben,

it is more next to Melnichenko second favorite yacht for $240 million Motor Yacht A.

Three-masted monster is currently more than Monica even though Monica was a haven for the worlds ultra rich,

these boat still stand out for their incredible beauty and opulence.

Mr. Melnichenko, a 45-year-old Russian industrialist worth around $14.3 billion.

He deals in fertilizer and coal,

He’s the main shareholder of Eurochem one of the leading fertilizer producers in the world. 

The staggering yacht is a 468 foot long vessel which has  3300 foot mass,

the super yacht boasts eight floors with a helicopter pad on one of the decks and an underwater Ovation room.

It is powered by a hybrid diesel electric package with controllable pitch propeller

and is designed to accommodate 20 guests in a crew of 54.  

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Project director dirt Klosterman called the yacht the most challenging assignment of his career,

he added that he was confident,

Sailing Yacht A will be the world’s greatest yacht in terms of design and technology for the years ahead,

other amenities include a fleet of jets

and a limousine garage for transporting Melnichenko to and fro his watercraft. 

5. Rising Sun

Rising sun is a super yacht David Geffen.

The 12th largest yacht in the world has a valuation of $300 million,

Geffen is one of the biggest names in film and music as a co-founder of Geffen records,

asylum records and DreamWorks Studios, all of these projects earned him

an overall net worth of 8.5 Billion dollars. 

As with most of these incredible ships,

rising sun was built by the legendary German yacht company Luressen,

rising sun is something of a playground for the rich and famous as Geffen has been known to host celebrities like Oprah Winfrey,

Jeff Bezos and Leonardo DiCaprio on board.

The yacht can accommodate 18 guests and a staff of 55 people, it even has a basketball court.

To further ensure the absolute comfort and enjoyment of every guest on board,

the luxury yacht is also equipped with a full gymnasium, a wide ranging wine cellar and a sunner and a spa.

The top deck is dedicated entirely to the owner and includes a double height cinema,

Geffen has crews everywhere from Saint Barts and Tobago keys in the Caribbean

to Portofino Italy and Ibiza Spain according to his Instagram but not without a few friends,

most recently Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos,

the investment banker Lloyd Blankfein and the model Karlie Kloss were spotted on board  in Spain. 

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6. Tatoosh

The tatoosh is a 303 foot super yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Valued at $160 million and is one of the most lavish boats on the seven seas

and it’s owner was corresponding with one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of $20.3 billion. 

Built in 2001, this boat features amenities that are beyond comprehension of us non-billionaires,

from multiple helicopter landing pads to basketball courts,

this includes nine gas state rooms, two staff cabins,

a cinema, swimming pool and two helicopter decks,

in addition to a staff of 35 people it also has a saloon with a French limestone fireplace,

a dining area, state rooms and the ladies room on the main deck, oh yeah and there’s a big weekly bill for upkeep,

Paul’s costs him $38,000 each week but that was no problem for Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft.

Though he’s s not as wealthy as Bill Gates,

he had a multibillion dollar in bed Portfolio including technology, media companies, scientific research,

real estate holdings, private spaceflight ventures and steaks and other sectors. 

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Tragically, Alan passed away in 2018 leaving his fortune and his yard in limbo. 

7. Lady Lara

Lady Laura is a 160 million Dollar yacht owned by billionaire Alexander Mashkevitch. 

Its amenities include zero speed stabilizers, elevator, beach club, helicopter landing pad on the bow,

spa, swimming platform, garage, air-conditioning,

On deck Jacuzzi, gym, barbecue and underwater lights among many others. 

Her interior also designed to perfection by Raymond Lancton design is contemporary.

Unique features of the lady Laura include a massive beach club area

and a spa in the lower deck as well as two guests state rooms with C terraces with a net worth of $2 billion,

Mashkevitch is one of the least rich billionaires on this list but he

can still splash up for a huge mega yacht like lady Laura which he had custom built by Lurssen in 2015.

The khazatk billionaire originally wanted to do a career in academic philology but soon turn his

sights to business, he soon gained control of the recently privatized chromium,

alumina and gas operations in Kazakhstan which has some of the largest stores on earth,

these days he spends most of his time in Israel but he’s a dual citizen

and only visits Kazakhstan when it’s absolutely necessary to do business. 

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8. Madame Gu

Madame Gu is a tremendous yacht owned by Andre scotch another Russian oligarch with $4.8

billion in the bank it comes as no surprise that scouts can afford a 150 million Dollar yacht. 

The yacht is the largest super yacht ever built in the Netherlands and by fed ship.

The helicopter hanger in the bal features two door split down the center line each parking

to the side to accommodate the owners new Eurocopter AS 365 dolphin,

Hydraulic helipad then raises and lowers the aircraft with its blades fold at the back,

the helicopter hanger is also a squash court. 

This luxury yacht is also filled with zero speed stabilizers which work at anchor increasing onboard

comfort with yellow stationary particularly in rough water,

As for scouts, in 1999 he became a member of the Russian parliament’s lower house,

this was a post that was unofficially bestowed on him by Putin himself

since then his investments have grown as has his political clout.

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9. Sunrays

Ravi Ruia company has interest in shipping and oil refining, this Indian magnet is worth a total of $2.3 billion.

Despite the collapse in the Indian export business,

all that money helped him snap up a $150 million yacht called Sunrays,

of course the boat is well equipped with a spa, helipad, swimming pool,

underwater lights, dance floor, golf Tee Box, outdoor bar, balcony, air-conditioning,

deck Jacuzzi, gym, stabilizer on the way and a grand piano in case any of the Guests are creatively

inspired. Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings

and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. 

In terms of Ruia’s wealth, he has one of the most robust investment portfolios in the world,

the revenues of the portfolios companies are worth $15 billion.

The international standards of safety, health and environmental protection and corporate

governance are maintained by the companies which operate more than 50 assets across the globe. 

10. Aquila

The Aquila yacht is one of the largest catamarans in the world and is own by none other than

Walmart Zion Ann Walton Kroenke, she is an hearest to one of the worlds largest business empires.

Though she is not involved in the day-to-day operations of Walmart she still has a net worth of

more than $7 billion, that means her $150 million Dollar yacht is a negligible purchase. 

When she snapped up the boat in 2014, she made some major luxury renovations,

she applied a new arrangement that made room for a larger bar

in the half deck and a greater lounge area to match. 

The area was also remodeled tp house a DJ booth, drop-down disco lighting

and a large cinema screen with complementary sound equipment. 

Gone is the colorful mosaic tile splash pool on the half deck and instead a Jacuzzi

cannot be found forward of the new wellness center that separates the two areas.

Aside from her Walmart Revenue, Kroenke is the owner of the Denver Nuggets

and the Colorado avalanche, her husband Stan Kroenke is the majority owner

and CEO of the Los Angeles Rams, Arsenal, Colorado Rapids and Colorado mammoth.

Let’s us know your thoughts as regards these luxurious boats. 

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