Top 10 Most Heavily Guarded People In The World


A handful of people control the disproportionately large percentage of the worlds power,


whether they are political figures or business mogul,

these individual’s can restructure the lives of millions with a single decision.  

Of course these figures inevitably make numerous enemies and require a veritable arsenal to keep them safe. 

From tech titans to repressive presidents,

we are looking at the 10 most protected people in the world on our list of

Top 10 Most Heavily Guarded People In The World

10. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Security arrangements of Prince Harry and Megan’s new home cost $654 million sources closed to the couple report.

They settled on Frogmore cottage and boat about 45 minutes outside of London.

It is located in Windsor Berkshire and it’s near the famous Windsor Castle,

according to Royal experts Katie nicholl, the place is basically like a fortress,

Vanity Fair has also reported that security at Frogmore cottage is fort Knox style,

with high tech cameras and sensors around the perimeter,

those who have been in the area said that drones are banned near the home. 


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“Police flight safety notice drones prohibited in this area” a sign reads. Launching,

landing or operating drones or remote control aircraft is prohibited in this area,

this is an addition to a security force with more than

1000 highly trained soldiers dedicated to the safety of a young couple. 

9. Bill Gates

In February 1998, Bill Gates was already a household name and his company Microsoft was proving to be the single most successful software company in the world.

However, the same month,

a team of pranksters attacked bill gates in Brussels,

Belgium and threw cream pie on his head, though the prank was innocent enough,

It shocked bill gates to his core and if the attack was more insidious, he easily could’ve been dead. 


After this, he built a new office with bulletproof walls and windows,

suddenly employees need a security clearance just to meet with their executives.

After the .com bubble burst,

gates received numerous death threats from Former employees who Microsoft was forced to layoff. 

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It is unclear if the increase in security came from Gates or

from the Microsoft board but it is obvious that his brilliance has been instrumental in the success

of the company and they couldn’t afford to lose him. 

8. Mark Zuckerberg

Prominent Silicon Valley companies spend liberally to protect their intellectual property,

some also shell out considerable amounts to protect their executives,


apple’s most recent proxy statement shows the company

spent $310,000 for personal security  for CEO Tim Cook but that’s a fraction of other tech Giants expenditures. 

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the most costly executive to protect, Facebook spent $7.3 million on his security in 2017

and last summer the company told investors that in anticipate Spending $20 million annually.

This has balloon since 2013, when Zuckerberg security detail cost $2.6 million in a statement Facebook said we believe that

Mr. Zuckerberg’s role puts him in a unique position,

he is synonymous with Facebook and as a

result Negative sentiment regarding our company is directly associated with and often transferred to Mr. Zuckerberg. 

Armed executive protection officer stand on constant guard outside Zuckerberg’s gated homes in the Bay Area,

at least one of which also features a panic room. If he goes to a bar,

his team will first sweep through to make sure it’s safe.


He’s driven everywhere with the security team monitoring traffic and adjusting his route accordingly. 

7. Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping President of China is another controversial and powerful head of state,

the central security bureau remain secretive and little is known about its internal functions.

However, the team is allegedly 5000 people strong and uses a network of helicopters,

drones and armed guards to secure locations days in advance of Jinping arrival,

because China puts a huge emphasis on cyber security,

the central security bureau has a separate team to deal with any perceived online threat.

However, in the past the CSB has been used directly against the Chinese head of state, apparently in the 1970s,

many of its highest ranking officers planned a failed coup against the then leader mal xa dong.

Though the coup was squashed,

people still question the loyalty of the sami autonomous organization. 


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When the unit was first formed, it had high requirements for enlistment. Any candidates must be a Junior high school graduate,

a requirement that does not appear to be much

today but it was considered tough back in the early 1950s and over half of the Chinese population was a literate. 

The unit was prohibited from participating in any public parad with only a single exception, after the arrest of the Gang of Four

a huge celebration was held in October 1976 in

Beijing and the unit was granted permission to participate in the single public event. 


6. Mohammed bin Salman

Mohammed bin Salman the crown prince of Saudi Arabia wills a huge political Economic power in the world. 

Through the state on the oil company, saudi aramco,

bin salman and his family are some of the richest people

on the planet and since his  alleged involvement in the assassination of journalist JaMal Khashoggi,

the crown prince has made some international enemies. 


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Since coming to power in 2017, he has consolidated the power of his military personnel,

combining Saudi Arabia’s military and security agencies,

he has a 1000 person strong security team that includes traditional soldiers and a cyber security team and he announce

that 800 new officer appointments are planned by the end of 2019. 

Bin Salman has already spent more than $20 billion in military equipment in the last two years,

how he plans to use this technology is another question entirely. 

5. Queen Elizabeth 

Part of being royal involves Regular interactions with the public

and remaining accessible as possible but security can be a big issue especially in today’s world.

How the members of the royal family continue to do their jobs without putting themselves at risk, the answer is that they have an


enormous team of security that try to remain entirely invisible at public events. 

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One is called the queens guard and they are tasked with caring for Queen Elizabeth specifically,

the 93-year-old monarch has a special role as a figurehead of her country and her safety is paramount. In combination with the Scotland Yard,

the queens guards screens each building

that she enters and always has a carefully calculated escape plan in place to keep her out of harm’s way

and in addition to bodyguards and Shelford cars,

the royal family always travels with a motorcade or police escort even to Prince George’s school,

this helps clear the road as well link protection for members of the royal family. 


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4. The pope

Because of the decorum surrounding the Catholic churches ceremonies, most of the pope security team are dressed like they’re about to

attend a Renaissance fair but the truth is they are a high-end military force made up of top Swift X soldiers referred to as the Swiss guard.


The group was actually established in 1506 under Pope Julius the second, the pontifical swiss guard is

among the oldest military units in continuous operation. Recruits to The Guard must be unmarried Swiss catholic males between 19 and 30 years

of age who have completed basic training with swiss armed forces. And apparently,

pope Francis has been a headache for this elite force because he is the People’s pope,

Francis insists on walking amongst his followers even though that presents a great threat to his safety. 

The crowds throw things says the head of the security in an interview,

“they throw flags, dolls and obviously babies toward him and it’s

difficult because we don’t want our agents to overreact,

he doesn’t want to see an overreaction either but you don’t wanna miss anything”

the order remains very secretive and it is unclear how many personnel are involved but one thing is clear,

this is not a military force you want to mess with. 


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3. Kim Jong-Un 

Kim Jong-un is the president of North Korea and easily one of the most contentious politicians on the Globe.

His repressive government is Renowned as one of the most brutal totalitarian forces in history and Kim Jong-un is not someone to take lightly,

on December 12 2013, Kim ordered the execution of his uncle for treachery. Kim is widely believed to have ordered the assassination of his half brother

Kim Jang nam in Malaysia in February 2017. 

The same year the North Korean government stated that the CIA of the United States and the South Korea national intelligence service hired a

North Korean lumberjack who worked in Russia to assassinate Kim Jong-un with a bio chemical weapon that was

both radioactive and nano poisonous and who is affected would’ve been delayed by a few months. Since then,

Kim has beefed up his already impressive security squad,

his team is comprised of dozens of highly trained martial artists who juggling side kims limo when he travels.

One bizarre requirement being they can’t be taller than pint size kim who is about 5’5″.

The mysterious bunch seems to appear from

nowhere every time their leaders limo slows down, they also seem to be able to choreograph themselves so

that they always have a 360° view around Kim. 


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Whenever Kim travels, he flies with twoDicoiled jets,  so it’s unclear which plane he’s actually traveling in. All in all,

Kim is said to have 90,000 soldiers at the ready to defend him personally at any moment. 

2. Donald Trump

Long before Donald Trump was elected president of the United States,

he had a substantial security team due to his celebrity status and massive fortune. 

However, you feel about his politics it is undeniable

that Trump has made some enemies and his safety has never been more jeopardize.

Though he is following standard procedure established by his previous heads of state,

Trump now roams with a variable army of security personnel 1000 people strong. 


The presidential motorcade includes a quick response to a sealed cabinet and a unit to respond to nuclear,

biological or chemical weapons. In addition to Air Force One debatably the most secure aircraft in the world,

Trumps armory includes the presidential limousine nickname “the beast”,

the marine one helicopter plus a litany of supporting vehicles and staff.

They’re all designed to keep the president safe and away from protesters.

However, trumps leisure trip has invokes criticism,

his trips to play golf at his Morrow Lago Norton Florida have cost taxpayers just shy of $150 million.

While his security is government mandated,

he has cost taxpayers more than three times the amount as the Obamas for the equivalent period. 


Trump also spent $16 million on a new state of the art Cadillac CT6 sedan,

with everything you need to stay alive in the midst of an attack including bullet proof glass,

a supply of the presidents blood type and an independent air supply to wand a chemical attack. 

1. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin worked for many years and rushes Security service before climbing the political ladder in becoming President.

Putin of all people has an appreciation for the necessity of heighten protection. Because he is a man with many enemies,

he has beefed up the presidential security service during his time in office. Though the organization is necessary Secretive,

Putin employs 2000 to 3000 plainclothes officers to guard him at any given time. 


They secure any buildings that he is scheduled to enter and work around the clock to mitigate any threats to his safety,

the unit has armored cars,

drones and even a dedicated psychologic Security unit to collect intelligence regarding any

perceived threat either at home or abroad and it pays to do well in these positions. 

Many of Putin’s guards have been promoted to prestigious positions in the Kremlin and gain wealth and prosperity and

Putin has Gifted many of them priced properties in the most highly sought after part of Russia often turning to bribery

and intimidation and blackmail to scare the current residence out of their homes, some were decorated

World War II veterans whom the Soviet union had promised lifetime employment

and pensions but in the newly independent Russian federation there can be no such guarantee. 


During the 1990s, these workers say “a small click of powerful businessmen and criminals use manipulation, forgery,

intimidation and even beatings to seize their land. Needless to say,

Putin is a very well protected man.

Let’s us know what you think about these very well protected individuals.  


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