Top 10 Most Valuable Sport Teams In The World



For many people, sports are much more than a hobby. Devoted fans will follow their teams religiously and



support them through successes and failures alike and all this are highly lucrative for the sports franchises. 


From ticket sales to merchant Endorsements, sports teams find numerous ways to monetize their fans passion.  


Today we are counting down the top 10 most valuable sports franchise in the world.


Top 10 Most Valuable Sport Teams In The World



10. Golden State Warrior



Tied for the 10th spot with a $3.1 billion valuation are the Golden State Warriors, the Oakland base team has its roots in Philadelphia where the


franchise was founded in 1946 and over the course of its history, the Warriors have won 5 NBA titles, two from Philadelphia and three from the Oakland squad.


The team has hosted Some of the greatest players in the game like Wilt Chamberlain, Rick Barry and Stephen Curry.





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The Warriors are a juggernaut on and off the court, the team won it’s third NBA title in four years during the 2017/18 season.


The team has managed to capitalize on its success with record-breaking deals, The Warriors secured a record $2 billion in contractually


obligated income from sponsorships, suites and season-ticket holder fees for the teams new arena. 



The $1 billion chase centre was scheduled to open a head of a 2019 2020 season, the Warriors rule the airway As well with the highest local TV ratings for the


third straight year and an average of 8.36 on NBC sports play area similar to the Redskins the Golden State Warriors benefit from an affluent and populous fan


base in the Bay Area, with their current era of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson notice the splash brothers leading the team, it looks like


the Warriors will only become more popular and more profitable. Experts predict they will be valued at $3.5 billion in the next year. 


9. New York Giants



The New York Giants franchise almost perished in the early days of the NFL.  The late Tim Mara now a member of the Pro football Hall of Fame


purchased the franchise for $500 in 1925 and before the Giants first season had ended, he had invested another $25,000 to keep the franchise alive. 


The value of New York exposure was clearly demonstrated in December of the 1st season, with more than 70,000 fans turned out at the polo grounds


to see the Giants play the Chicago Bears who had just signed Red Brange the most famous


pro football player of the 1920s. 



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Fast forward to now, the Giants have won eight NFL champions in their history  and one of the most valuable teams in the world with a whopping $3 billion Dollar valuation,


they are boosted by a $493 million annual profit and a huge fan base in


New York City and the surrounding area, their stadium alone is valued at $550 million. 



Even though they just finished a disastrous losing season, the franchise has been around for almost 100 years and has multiple generations of devoted fans


willing to shell out for tickets and merchandise. 




8. LA Lakers



Across the country is the NBA team tied for the 8th most valuable franchise in the world,


the team was originally based in Minneapolis given that Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes,


they settled on the Lakers then the Lakers moved to Los Angeles. Before the 1960 season their nickname was


retain because of the tradition the team have established in Minnesota. 



The Lakers are by far one of the most successful basketball teams in history with 16 NBA championships,


the second most in the league hosting legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,


Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal And wilt Chamberlain.


The team has gained a rapid following and the team is currently valued at $3.3 billion according to Forbes. 




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Hosted in the staple center, the team charges an average of


$135 a ticket with the capacity of 19,000 people that means the team pulls in $395 million every year. 



The stadium itself is worth $573 million meaning the franchise will retain its value for decades to come. 


7. New York Knicks



Continuing the trend of teams with a New York Fanbase,


the New York Knicks are number seven on our list with a valuation of $3.6 billion.


The New York Knicks are one of the oldest teams in the NBA,


having played in the league for over 70 years. Originally called the New York knickerbockers,


the New York Knicks have a long and storied history which includes eight conference titles,


two NBA championships and scores of great players.


They’ve retired nine numbers at a regular season MVP, two NBA finals MVPs, several wall stars and numerous Hall of Famers.


Though the average NBA team is worth just $1.9 billion,


the Knicks are worth almost double and the single most valuable basketball team in the world. 





Apparently, owner James Dolan has even been offered $5 billion in exchange for the team


but he recognizes that they are a good investment pulling in


at least $443 million every single year and their stadium Madison square


is worth $995 million more than almost any stadium on earth.


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6. New England Patriots 



Though they are a contentious team within the NFL,


the New England Patriots have an undeniably loyal fan base and a long list of accomplishments.


The franchise join the Football league in 1960 as the Boston patriots and quickly filled up of a competitive team. 


The patriots have won six Super Bowl titles and 11 American football conference championship, in 2001,


a series injury to quarterback Drew Bledsoe and paved the way for Tom Brady a relatively unknown Round draft choice to take over the patriots


offense and lead the team to a surprising Super Bowl win the following February.


Brady would become an elite passer and guide the patriots to five more Super Bowl victories in 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017 and 2019.



That means that Brady has made nine Super Bowl appearances and only 18 seasons,


on top of $593 million in annual revenue, the owners use the team success to build patriot Place,


adjacent to Gillette Stadium with more than 1,300,000 ft.² of shopping,


dining and entertainment. That means the team is valued at $3.7 billion making it the second most valuable team in the NFL. 





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5. New York Yankees



The last New York team on the list and by far the most profitable,


the New York Yankees are valued at over 4 billion. 


The New York Yankees organization was founded in Baltimore Maryland in the year 1901,


they originally wanted to be based in New York but because the New York Giants were already established,


they were put in Baltimore. 



The team which became known as the Yankees in 1913 rarely contended for the America championship.


Before the acquisition about the other Dabe Ruth,


after the 1919 season with Ruth in the lineup,


the Yankees won their first American league title in 1921 followed by the first World Series championship in 1923 and since then the team has hosted such legend as Mickey Mantle,


Yogi Berra and Derek Jeter.


With an annual income of $668 million, the New York Yankees are the most profitable baseball team in the world and the fourth most valuable sports franchise globally. 


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4. Barcelona



The first international team on our countdown, Barcelona has been a powerhouse football team for well over a century.


FC Barcelona was founded by Swiss businessman Hans Gamper together with a mix of foreign and cattle in sportsman.


At a Time when the exotic game of football was becoming popular amongst the money class of the city of Barcelona 1899,


during their long and immensely successful history, they have won 23 La Liga titles, 27 Copa Del Rey trophies,


5 champions league and 4 cups winners cups. 





As one of the richest and most popular clubs in the world, they can afford to be own and finance exclusively by their own supporters.


Since its inception,


Barcelona has been a major symbol of Catalonia and its culture as evidenced by its motto which says “more than a club”. 


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Barcelona pulls in $824 million a year and is valued at $4.064 billion.


Last season represent the start of Barcelona’s $246 million shirt sponsorship With Japanese e-commerce group Rakuten, as well as the start of


a 10 year agreement with Nike worth at least $174 million annually. 





3. Real Madrid



Real Madrid CF are professional football club based in Madrid Spain,


to date they have been crowned Champions of Europe a record 13 times,


the club was founded in 1897 by some of the first individuals ever to bring the game to Spain. 



Real Madrid has won more Spanish La Liga championships than any other Spanish squad, the club has also won the COPA Del Rey


the main Spanish Competition 19 times as well as nine Spanish SuperCups, needless to say they’ve been a major force in the sport for more than a century


with a valuation of $4.09 billion they are the third most valuable team of any kind on earth, similar to Barcelona they make $896 million every single year


and show a 5% annual growth meaning that they are projected to be worth $5 billion in the next decade. 


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2. Manchester United 



Believe it or not, this legendary football team was once known as Newton heath L&YR football club by the carriage and


wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Depot at Newton health. This was in 1878 and the franchise quickly discovered that the unwieldy name was not good for business.


Thus, they simplified to Manchester United,


they are together with Liverpool England’s most successful football clubs ever. 



The red Devils have more national titles than Liverpool but the rival has collected more titles in international tournaments.


  the club has a valuation of $4.123 billion making it the second most valuable sports team in the world. Though their revenue was only $795 million,


they have lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Kohler. 




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1. Dallas Cowboys 



Coming in at number one, the valuation far beyond any other team on earth is the Dallas Cowboys. Founded in 1960 and nicknamed America’s team,


the Dallas Cowboys are worth $4.8 billion, revenue exceeds $894 million annually and AT&T stadium is worth 1.13 billion. 


With some of the most fanatical supporters in the world, the Cowboys can count on a steady stream of income.


It is also the first NFL franchise department with the casino. 



WinStar casino is located 85 miles north of AT&T Stadium in Oklahoma,


sport betting is not legal in Oklahoma but the state has introduced legislation to do so. 


The cowboy sponsorship revenue is the most in the NFL and nearly twice as much as any other franchise,


though they were far from the first team to join the NFL, they have 8 Super Bowl appearances in 5 league championships.


They’ve been the top grossing NFL team 12 years in a row and show no signs of slowing down.



Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. As always, thanks for reading. 



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