Top 10 Strangest Cars Ever Made


There have been some pretty intriguing cars to enter the market in the recent years and some of


them have more than major questions on how they ever got through the design stage. 

From cars with three wheels to vehicles fit for the Pope,

Here are Top 10 Strangest Cars Ever Made. 

10.1942 Oeuf Electrique

If you thought Elon Musk was the man behind the electric car then you’d be mistaken,

not only is electric vehicle technology far older than you would think but

an electric vehicle seemed to have existed in 1942. 

The Oeuf Electrique also known as the electric egg was a three wheel battery powered car that

dominated the market for a long time,

the Oeuf Electrique was developed during the time when gasoline price

were on their prime but so to a few restrictions. 


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Parisian Paul Arzens who was a railway local motor designer and a painter came up with the idea as

a way to get around those shortages.

The electric egg was light contemporary and boast of flexing glass materials,

there was space for one driver and passenger on the bench seat and the chassis contained of dual

Electrique tube that joined to the rear wheels elastic folk.

The interior and driver experience was surprisingly pleasant and the rear of the car was hoped to

five batteries and these batteries weighed a total of 660 pounds

and offered a 62-mile range at speeds of up to 43 miles per hour. 

9.Pope Mobile

The pope mobile is a broad term to describe any mortified vehicle,

the pope of the time used it for public appearances.

Well the make and modeling of each popemobile has changed over time,

the general concept has of this strange vehicle has remained the same.


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Some have open air design, designed for the pope to sit or stand so he can see the crowd while

others featured bullet proof glass.

The pope can decide which is the more appropriate type depending on the security level of each

appearance. The driver will seat in the driver seat like any other vehicle but the rear of the car has

an extra tall cab almost like a canopy and sits over the top. 

The latest pope mobile is a Mercedes Benz. 

8.1956 BMW Isetta 

If you don’t pride yourself at  having the best parallel parking skills then step back in time and purchase a 1956 BMW Isetta.

This small bubble car metalloid design will surely have the answer to your traffic blows,

they say that “good things comes in small packages”

and in this case they certainly do, once this beauty hit the market over 161,000 units flew out of the

door but it wasn’t the speed that sold the BMW Isetta for it didn’t have any of that it had a small

engine that produced about 9.5 horsepower in prime,

it was undoubtedly the uniqueness, weirdness and general oddball looks that stole the show. 


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Unlike every other car on the planet, this one had no doors instead, you access the bench sit in the

front by opening the front of the vehicle and as you open it, the dashboard,

the steering and the engine and everything else swings out along with it no wonder BMW had to

buy all the tooling to produce this car,

it wasn’t exactly a cookie cutter. If such a vehicle appeals to you and you can’t find a traditional

BMW Isetta then you’re in luck.

Word on the street! Is that a Chinese manufacturer is looking to produce

a knock Off version but battery powered with 5 horsepower and 4 doors   

7.1936 Stout Scarab 

It’s a bit of a mess. 

The 1936 Stout Scarab is easily one of the most unusual automobile of its time and it won’t take you

long work out why the idea never took off.

The scarab was the brainchild of William Stout

who used to worked as an aircraft engineer before he tried his hands on cars.

Williams Stout is also a household name known for making transportation not only functional but

luxurious. It’s thought that he was even responsible for inflate wheels. But for making flight travel

comfortable so for that we thank you but we don’t thank you for the Stout scarab. 

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The idea of the scarab was to incorporate the look of a dinner car with luxury and class,

it had an extended aluminum body. Ford V8 Engine in the rear and a few fancy pieces to make it

look and sound incredible but it came at a price it costs $5000 to own which is the equivalent of

$150,000 in today’s money that was price more than Cadillac at that time, fewer than 10 more made

so you will be unlikely to see one in person. 


6.1955 Chrysler Gilda

The car Chrysler Gilda looks like a future Pepsi commercial car but that wasn’t the intension for the Chrysler Gilda. 

Giovanni Savonuzzi was Italian designer came up with the car design that would tackle a whole hosts of problems,

the shape of the car which is unique is both functional and ecstatic.

It offers cross wind resistance,

turbine power and rear end grip with computer and wind toddling modeling which was quite advance for its time. 

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The manufacturers also carefully calculated that a 70 horse power turbine can move the car at

speeds of up to 160 miles per hour so this car had looks, it had speed but what else did it had?

The body was aluminum on a square tube chassis and the aluminum also to the passenger

apartment and the dashboard works seamlessly from end to end in the front of the vehicle.

The Chrysler Gilda might be strange which you can say is an astounding piece of automotive history,

it also showed up for auction.

Barrett Jackson the world’s greatest car collector auctions.

It didn’t meet the reserved price but it was owned by a judge. 

5.1935 Bugatti Coupe

The 1935 Bugatti Coupe is not so much strange for its looks although it isn’t the most conventional

looking car, what is even more bizarre however is how it was the car that wasn’t.

The Bugatti Coupe showcased in the in an audience show in 1935 in all its beauty,

it had clean smooth lines and an astonishing color skin. It may have never been a family car but it would sure gets head turning. 


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However after the show off of its beauty, it disappeared. Bugatti explained that they tore apart to

produce the type 57 Production Car.

But many people still wondered what it might have been.

Those who saw the beauty of the Bugatti Coupe

went on to reproduce it by researching photographs, painting and recorded parts. 

4.1948  Tasco 

The 1948 Tasco is a prototype car then ended up being such a failure and it didn’t went into production.

A prototype was produced after WWII by the America sports car company.

They only ever made one car and it was the tasco which is an accurate description of the company’s Name.

Tasco was supposed to be the next biggest thing ready to tackle the automotive market head on but it wasn’t the next biggest thing.

The wheels where a bit unusual because they were enclosed strangely enough,

the wheel covers at the front turns with the wheels. 


The finished result is what an 8 year old child who’s bored with math can do with their school book

and it wasn’t well received once the prototype was finished the entire design and company were scrapped. 

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3.2012 Extra Terrestrial Vehicle 

If you saw the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle on the street it will be hard not to think that the aliens have

finally arrived on earth,

it’s that strange the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle is one of a kind creation by Michael Vetter and looks like a grey snickers,

from the outside.

You can’t see the wheels infact you can’t see much at all, everything is designed to fit against the

body for smooth streamlined look,

the doors fold upward like those of the Delorean and a 2.2-liter Chevy engine and it produces about

270 BHP but it’s not the engine that will wow you it’s everything else the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

has elevator door engines and mounted cameras for easy parking and a LED lighting that changes

color even the vents changes color creating a type of light show as you drive, that’s not distracting

at all right? Michael Vetter Created the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle because he wanted something

different and different was what it was it even had a back seat for his 6 years old daughter,

Michael sold his ETV in 2013 to an exotic car dealer in New Jersey for $100,000. 


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2.1962 Peel P50

If you thought today’s city cars were small then you obviously haven’t seen the 1962 Peel P50,

this tiny traveler was a crowd favour back in the 1960s even though only fifty were ever produced,

it measured a mere 53 inches long and was the world’s tiniest production car. 

It had one left side door, one seat, one wind screen wiper and just one head light to guide its way at

night it was certainly a one person car, it wouldn’t be all that convenient for a trip to the grocery

store however,

it was advertised as being capable of seating one adult and one shopping bag and it also had no

reverse gear but you can use the handle at the back to turn it around if you are so inclined

and even though the peel was not the most used vehicle on the road it is undoubtedly one of the

most popular so much is that the original creators of the car

are considering producing an updated electrical version of it. 


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The original used to sell for £199 or $8,500 in today’s money but it worth’s far more today given

thoughts that there are only 7 left in existence. One also sold at an auction in 2016 for a whopping $176,000. 

1.1973 Reliant Robin

The Reliant Robin is possibly one of the well most known vehicle in the UK, even if it’s not exactly a

typical car in the road. Most people know the Robert from BBC show “Only fools and horses”


it also became famous for other reasons too firstly, it had just three wheels and that alone is no

worthy but under the UK driving laws at that time,

you can drive it on a motorcycle license not just a car license. 

It’s speeds up to 85 miles per hour which means it wasn’t messing around.

This three wheel beast also had a fiberglass body and it became the second biggest seller of all

vehicles to be sold in such materials,

over 63,000 Reliant Robins were sold and it also featured on top gear on two separate occasions. 

Which car did you think was the weirdest? Would you add any other to the list of

strangest cars ever produced

Let’s us know in the comments section below. 


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