Top 10 Strangest Facts About The Titanic


The sinking of the Titanic is an event that has left an indelible


mark on the face of modern humanity. 

Though the tragedy occurred more than 100 years ago,

the average citizen still knows about the supposed unsinkable ship

but few people know what really occurred on board. 

Today we are looking at the

Top 10 Strangest Facts About The Titanic

10. John Jacob Astor IV

(The Richest Person On Board)

It’s well documented that the Titanic had

many rich Patriots because of the unsinkable ships notoriety,

the worlds ultra wealthy lined up to get on board,

this include An American businessman named John Jacob Astor IV.

Not only was he the richest man on board he is widely believed to be the richest living person

then at the time,

his net worth at the time of his death was $87 million it’s equivalent to $2.3 billion

When adjusted for inflation. 


Astor left behind a number of accomplishments, he was a decorated military veteran and also write

a popular science fiction novel called

“a journey to other worlds”

like generations of astors before him he also made millions in real estate. 

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9. Astoria Hotels

in 1997, Astor build the Astoria Hotels.

It was named as the world’s most luxurious hotel in New York City,

adjoining the Waldorf hotel owned by Astor’s cousin and rival William.

The complex became known as the Waldorf Astoria and it’s still one of the most iconic hotels in the

world more than 100 years later. Tragically Astor perished with his dog kitty,

his wife and unborn child who were on board managed to survive

and inherited his prodigious wealth. 


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8. Lucky Unlucky Violet Jossep

Violet Jossep is either the luckiest or the unluckiest woman in the world

depending on your perception, she was a British nurse who grew up in Argentina,

she was 24 when she first boarded the Titanic where she was working as a nurse,

Jossep was not quite Asleep when the Titanic hit the iceberg, she later wrote

“I was ordered up on deck calmly, passengers strolled about

and stood at the bulkhead with the other stewardesses,

watching the women cling to their husbands before being put into the boats with their children”

After eight hours Jossep  became one of the small percentage

of Titanic passengers and crew rescued by the Carpathian. 

Four years later she was on board the Titanic sistership the Britannic,

when it sank in the AGNC due to an unexplained explosion.

Britannic sank within 55 minutes killing 30 out of the 1066 people on board.

British authorities hypothesized that the ship was either struck by torpedo

or hidden mines planted by German forces,

remarkably Jossep survived both of these capsized ships that were once believed to be unsinkable,

in addition she had been on board RMS Olympic, the eldest of the three sisters ships,

when it collided with the British warship called the HMS Hawk though it didn’t sink,

it was remarkable that she was on board all three unlucky ships. 

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7. James Cameron And The Titanic Movie

Back before James Cameron was known as one of the most successful filmmakers of all time,

he was a sci-fi film maker attempting to create a big budget blockbuster about

a cruise ship sinking 100 years Ago.


The film was titled Titanic and it quickly became the most popular movie in history.

When Titanic came out in 1997 it was the highest grossing film of all

time with a worldwide box office of over $1.8 billion,

it was the most viewed movie ever but the film was not cheap to produce either,

it cost a whopping $200 million which essentially in 1990s money was a ton of cash,

today this would be equivalent to $360 million But even more amazing is the fact of the movie was

that the movie was more expensive to produce than the original Titanic was to build.

it was constructed in 1912 for a total cost of $7.5 million

even adjusted for inflation that is just $190 Million,

a full 10 million short of James Cameron’s budget.

However, Camerons endeavor turned out to be much more successful

than that of the unfortunate ship of the same name.

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6. The Ship Wreckage 

Despite the fact that the Titanic was the largest ship ever constructed at the time of sinking,

It still took 73 years to find its wreckage, understandably the ocean is vast

and even after numerous dedicated rescue missions, the public never knew where it actually rested.

In the end, authorities gave up and many decades passed before the

Titanic was discovered by accident.

The 1985 discovery of the Titanic stand from a secret United States Navy investigation of two

wrecked nuclear submarines according to the oceanographer who found the infamous ocean liner,

essentially, the discovery was part of a top secret mission during the

Cold War of the Navy was sworn to secrecy on the matter until recently. 


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5. Robert Ballard

On September 1 1985,a joint American French expedition headed by famous American

oceanography doctor Ballad found

the Titanic over 2 miles below the ocean surface by using a man made submersible called Argo.

This discovery gave new meaning to the

Titanic sinking and gave birth to new dreams in ocean exploration.

The initial purpose of the trip was to discover if there was any nuclear waste leftover from two

nearby submarines but in the end the mission was fruitful

and later the most famous underwater discovery in history. 

4. Deadly Disaster 

It’s no secret that the sinking of the Titanic was a deadly disaster,

but the truth is that the vast majority of the passengers died in the wreckage,

over 1500 people died in the Maritime disaster while 705 individuals survived. 

A Researcher crunch the numbers breaking down the demographics of the survivors,

he found out that 97% of the 144 female first class passengers were rescued while

only 32% of their 175 male counterparts were saved.

Ultimately he found Male second class passengers fear

the worst in terms of survival with only 14 out of 168 making it out alive,

the total survival rate for women were 74% while the male survival rate was 20%. 


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3. Family Pets On board

Another Terrible Tragedy is that the boat hosted many family pets.

Though their quarters were opened after the ship begin to sink

only two of them managed to survive.

For one passenger named Elizabeth Isham this may have led to her own demise,

legend states that Elizabeth died because she did not want to leave

behind her great Dane after the ship began to sink. 

A woman was reportedly sighted in the water with her arms frozen around her dog,

in the end she was only one of four first-class women who perished. 


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2. The Youngest Person On Board

Eliza Gladis Novena Dean was a British civil servant cartographer

and the last survivor of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

At two months old, she was also the youngest passenger on board,

her parents had decided to leave England for America with her father

having family in Kansas and hoped to open a tobacco shop.

The Danes were not chosen to be aboard the Titanic,

but because of a coal strike they were transferred to the ship

and boarded it as third class passengers at Southampton.

The father felt a crunch of the ships collision with the iceberg on the night of the 14th arrival in

1912 and went up to investigate and he returned

to the cabin telling his wife to dress the children and go up on deck,

though she doesn’t remember it,

Dean and her mother and siblings survived while her father perished in the tragic accident.

As soon as Dean reached the shore, reporters crowded her,

Hoping to snap a photo of the Titanic infant,

almost 100 years later she passed away at her senior home in England.

In the final years of her life, her housing bills were paid by Leo DiCaprio,

Kate Winslet and James Cameron. 

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1. The Titanic Sheep

The Titanic was a singular ship with some crazy statistics to back it up

for example the ship was 883 feet long burned 800 and Five tons of coal

a day and used more than 10,000 light bulbs. 

Though many people perished during the crash, there were actually two workers who passed away

during construction, in addition the anchor was so heavy that it took 20 horses to transport it.

The Titanic had a maximum capacity of 3500 passengers though

they were roughly 2300 on board when it sank,

of these they were 13 honeymoon couples,

this was not a very festive way to celebrate their marriage.

The life boats had a capacity of 65 people, though they were only 28 on the first boat. 

The Titanic was equipped to carry 65 lifeboats but it

only had 20 on board because they assumed they would never need them.

On board they were 1000 bottles of Wine and 40,000 fresh eggs and amazing

14,000 gallons of drinking water was drunk every day.

miraculously the Titanic received six iceberg warnings

before finally colliding with a massive icy monolith,

30 Percent of the passengers survived but 53%

could have survived if the boat was properly prepared.

The ship currently rests at 12,600 feet below sea level, the Titanic was the largest

ship in the world for its time, it was longer than the Famous Lusitania built in 1906

by more than 100 feet. 


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The Lusitania itself was 790 feet in length before construction of the ship three births of the Belfast

shipyard had to be modified to accommodate the Titanic

To sisterships the Britannic and the Olympic,

also across the Atlantic,

modifications had to be made to the pier in New York City harbour to receive these large ships. 

The Titanic and it sisterships did not hold the distinction of being

the largest ships for long even though they were 883 feet from bow to stone. 

The current largest ship in the world absolutely dwarfs the

Titanic with 18 decks and seven neighborhoods.

symphony of the seas is the world’s largest cruise ship at 1188 feet,

it’s more than 300 feet longer than the Titanic and can have an excess of 5000 more people.


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