Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World


For most of recorded history, the pyramids of Giza with the tallest structures in the world,


they rained for almost 4000 years until the Lincoln Cathedral was built in London in 1300,

since then the race for the world’s tallest building

Has become much more competitive with a new contender every few years. 

today we are counting down the

top 10 tallest buildings in the world. 

10. Tapei 101

Though it hasn’t held the distinction of the tallest building in the world Since 2011.

The Taipei 101 has been soaring over Taipei the capital of Taiwan for almost 2 decades towering

above the city like the gigantic bamboo stalk it was designed to resemble.

Taipei 10 is impossible to miss at 508 meters away, Taipei 101 is still the 10th tallest building on Earth,

construction began in 1999 and was completed

in 2005 it was built for a total cost of $1.895 billion and remained

the tallest building in the world for more than five years. 


The tower rises from its base in a series of eight story modules that flare outward invoking the form

of a Taiwanese pagoda it is also Lead certified and became the largest green building in the world.

The 101 floors represent adding one to the number 100 which is considered perfect and auspicious

in Taiwanese culture in other words the building is meant to be even better than perfect. 

 The eight sections of the tower are not to be auspicious

number eight which represents abundance and good fortune in Taiwanese culture. 

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9. China Zun

Located at the corner of Beijing’s new 30 hector central business district, the China zun tower is the tallest building in the capital.

The 1730 foot skyscraper now the world’s eight tallest was completed at the end of 2018 it was

extremely costly With a price tag of $3.8 billion.

The tower is broader at the base and top than it is in the middle, giving it the appearance of having

a tightened waist, the floors which are square with rounded corners are 78 m wide at the tower’s

base and 69 m wide on the top floor why the smallest floor is only 54 m wide and the shape is based on a zun,

a type of wine vessel rich and symbolic and ritual significance that dates back to the Bronze Age. 

Traditional zun vessels Come in many forms but they typically have a broadbase,

the tape is in before widening again at the rim,

Citic tower seem to mimic that shape and unusual choice of design for a skyscraper given that the

most narrow at the top to achieve additional height That’s the modern building pays tribute to China’s passed. 


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8. Tianjin Center

Completed in 2019 for an undisclosed sum of money the tianjin centre

is the eighth tallest building in the world,

the design for the Tianjin centre uses undulating curves to subtly

express three programmatic elements by presenting a bold monolithic expression on the skyline. 

The 530 meter tall skyscraper houses offices, 300 service department And a five star 350 room hotel.

The design team also wanted to find a way to minimise the window to wall ratio to reduce solar

gain while still providing ample daylight,

they ended up with V shaped Millions almost 11 inches

wide on the exterior and narrow to a much smaller profile on the interior. 

The massive structure stands 530 m tall with 103 floors and covers a vast area of 30090 square meters.

The gleaming structure is also a new city brand for the area showcasing its modern construction

technology and commercial vitality,

the centre has adopted stylish and artistic designs for multiple use functions as offices, hotels,

service department and shopping malls efficiently allocated within the different floors. 

The city of Tianjin hopes that this building alone will boost the local economy. 


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7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center

Continuing the trend of enormous buildings constructed by huge Chinese cities is the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre,

the towel was built for $1.8 billion and construction ended in 2016 the seventh tallest building in

the world also has the world’s Fastest elevators which can zoom to speed to 47 mph as China second

tallest structure the charity fuck Finance Centre demonstrates

the alignment of supertall design with cultural environmental and contextual Sensitivity,

Guangzhou located on the pill River Delta is a megalopolis of

southern China that leads to country and economic power completed in 2016. 

The 530 meter tall at OCT finance centre is the city is tall Building and represents the regions

recent prosperity and urban growth it features four steps in the exterior,

they do know the changing functions inside the building

while the level of each setback corresponds with varying heights of nearby buildings. 

Verdant outdoor occupies the top of the indents offering views across the city in all directions there

are a total of 111 above ground and five below ground floors and a shopping mall, offices,

apartment and a direct connection to the underground public transportation centre in the building. 

The rosewood hotel opened to the public in spring 2019 and occupies

the top 16 floors and podium of the building. 

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6. One World Trade Centre

Towering over lower Manhattan New York City one World Trade Centre is a Bastion for government

and business and a constant reminder of the tragic destruction of the twin towers on September 11

2001, finally completed in 2015 the building cost almost $4 billion to construct about 8000 Work in

the building mainly for media and tech companies in addition to 78 floors of office bases with jaw

dropping views the building has an employee amenities floor with a café and a game room with

video game consoles shuffleboard and billions tables with entrances on all four sides of the building

one WTC has been designed to smooth the integrate traffic of visitors and office tenants.


The cubic base has a footprint identical to the original twin towers, the surface of the base is

clouded in more than two Thousand pieces of shimmering prismatic glass,

The towers is 69 stories and impresses anyone lucky enough to view the New York City skyline.

The crown of one WTC is a 408 foot spire consisting of a masts and a communication platform Rick,

at night a beacon at the top sends out a horizontal light beam which can be seen from miles away,

the building itself stands at more than 1700 feet tall. 

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5. Lotte World Tower

With 123 floors, the lotte world tower in Seoul South Korea is the fifth tallest building in the world. 

Lotte world tower is one of careers architectural Crown Jewels,

the tower symbolises the meeting of the modern with the traditional Nature and cutting edge

technology and the accomplishments of man. Lotte world tower contains everything that is

necessary for modern urban living, soaring 555 meter into the air Lotte world tower is home to

Korea’s tallest observation deck Seoul sky. careers newest luxury landmark hotel Ziagna Seoul is

also located at Lotte world tower also located in the tower is podium, a multi floor multipurpose

space where visitors will find a healthcare center, a fitness centre and a financial centre.


The tower is home to a few record-breaking components including the worlds highest glass

bottomed observation deck at 500 m high, the World’s  highest swimming pool located on the 85th

floor and the World’s second fastest elevator which can transport visitors from bottom to top in one minute.

Boasting twice the capacity of a conventional elevator, the towers lift directly connects the

basement and the observation deck skipping the floors in between which is full of  Shopping complexes,

offices and even a seven star hotel. 

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4. Ping An Finance Center

Coming in at number four is the ping an finance centre in Shenzhen China, ping an is the physical

and iconic center of Shenzhen growing central business district

with more than 100 floors of office space and a large podium with retail and conference space. 

The project also connects to neighbouring commercial and residential properties and public transportation,

it’s heights It is 100 office floors above a retail and conference podium accommodating 15,500

workers at 9000 daily passages to an observation deck and bear in mind that it stands have a 1900

feet tall Ping An Finance Centre stances a stone in the last hour on the north east corner of its

central site anchoring the entire development the structure stone support branded a Chevron shape

columns converge at the towers height and mediates the tension of earth to a single point in the sky. In Chinese,

the words ping an literally means safe and well.

The building is owned by ping an insurance and the group occupies a large amount of space in the building.


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Designed for local weather resistance, the tower tapered facade reduces wind load by 40% and it’s

stainless steel appears from a protective net against lightning strikes with its completion in 2016

pin and Finance Centre is now the tallest building in Shenzhen the second In China and the fourth tallest in the world,

It was constructed in 2014 for $1.5 billion. 

3. Abraj Al Bait Tower. 

Costing an amazing $15 billion, the Abraj Al Bait Clocktower stands at 1972 feet making at the third

tallest building in the world, located in the holy city of Mecca Saudi Arabia, this massive structure

looms of the community, Mecca is the holiest place for 1.7 billion Muslim,

the buildings exact location is also special, it is situated at a place that only 50 m away from Islam’s

holiest site carbal which is surrounded by the masjid Alborán the largest mosque in the world. 


For this special location, the authorities even demolished a hill and a foot on it. it’s unique location

and height make it the cities new landmark shooting 26 searchlights 10 km into the skies and

blaring it’s called the press 7 km across the valley. Abraj Al Bait Tower is truly a sight to behold

encrusted with mosaics and inlaid with gold it is

the most visible sign of the frenzies building boom that is taken

hold of Saudi Arabia’s holy city over the last 10 years. 

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it is truly indescribable Says Sani an Ali the architect and founder of the Jeddah -based harsh

research Centre who has spent the last three decades researching and documenting the historic

buildings of Mecca and Medina view of which now remain. 

The central hotel tower The Makkah Royal clock tower has the

world’s largest clock face and contains the clocktower museum that occupies the top four floors of the tower. 

2. Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is now as of 2015 the tallest

Chinese skyscraper reaching over 2073 feet in height after six years of construction. 


 Shanghai Tower has a total construction area of 576,000 m² including 380,000 m2 on the ground.

it is considered to be the second tallest building in the world and cost a total of $2.4 billion to

construct as a complex supertall building the tower is subdivided into five main functional areas 24-hour offices for multi Your company is in financial services,

five-star hotels and support facilities offering personalised service in amenities high-end retail shops for example,

a recreation zone forming a new business and cultural centre in the city and clear departure from

ghost town image of Luggy Asgh Wii after working hours and conference facilities including

sightseeing rooms and other floors and a multifunction conference centre measuring of a 2000 m²

awarded the top green rating lead platinum. 

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The government is hailing the tower as a sign of China’s growing Green credentials, China

sustainability record in the past has been abysmal the country burns 47% of the world is called

according to the US energy information administration and is facing the impact of decades of rapid

deforestation and water pollution with some of the most polluted air on the planet killing as many

as 4000 people a day and increasing the rest of population is demanding more government action. 

However, the government hopes that the Shanghai

Tower is an example of their new commitment to environmentalism. 


1. The burj Khalifa

Described as both a vertical city and a living wonder, burj Khalifa

developed by Dubai-based MR properties is the world’s tallest

building rising gracefully from the desert. 

Burj Khalifa honors the city with its extraordinary union of art engineering and meticulous craftsmanship,

at 828 m the 200 story Burj Khalifa has over 160 habitable stories the most of Building in the world.

The tower was inaugurated on January 4 2010 to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the

ascension day of shai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as the ruler of Dubai,

arguably the world’s most prestigious address. 

Burj Khalifa is responsible for a number of worlds first, the tower became the worlds tallest man-made

structure 1325 days after excavation work started in January 2014. The Burj Khalifa is also the

tallest Freestanding structure in the world,

has the highest number of stories in the world, the highest occupied floor in the world,

the highest outdoor observation deck in the world,

the elevator with the longest travel distance in the world and the tallest service elevator in the world. 


It’s three times tall as the Eiffel Tower and nearly twice as tall as the Empire State building,

blade end to end its pieces stretch over a quarter of the way around the world. 

This building is truly the epitome of opulence and wealth with a price tag Of over $1.5 billion just for the initial construction.

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