Top 10 Weirdest Mansions In The World


Not every mansion is a palatial 25 room estate, some are design with more eclectic tastes in mind


and while they’re still amazingly comfortable places to live,

any visitor would likely be more interested in the architecture than the couches and beds. 

Here are the

Top 10 Weirdest Mansions In The World

10. Arkup: Miami Florida

You’ve heard about rising water levels in melting ice caps but what can you do about it?

you could prepare for a pneumatic Waterworld lifestyle but since that involves drinking your own filtered urine,

you probably shouldn’t.

Instead how about moving into a floating mansion that’s powered by the sun called Arkup,

this giant houseboat is essentially that,

a modern day Noah’s Ark designed to protect its inhabitants against the worst and what mother nature has to offer.

It is built on a series of hydraulic pilings that can either dig into the ocean’s floor or raise the house

up above the waves so if you grew up watching Looney Tunes and wishing daffy duck would sell you

a pushbutton home that can rise into the sky, here’s  your chance, it will only cost you $5.5 million.

It’s not just for vanity sake though.

The ability to raise your home higher and higher would prove mighty helpfulness

as sea levels rise ever higher as well. 


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Some climate experts predict see levels could rise by as much as 7 feet come 2100 particularly in

places like South Florida where the Arkup was designed.

It is currently docked, if that happens, living in a place that can rise with the tide will prove mighty

helpful indeed plus it’s super sturdy windows are resistant to hurricane winds of up to 155 mph,

if climate change affects our waters as much as experts say it will,

well life-threatening hurricanes are likely to become in place soon enough. 

If the Arkup can handle that then it’s worth every penny. 


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9. Capital Hill Residence: Moscow Russia

when you’re a billionaire, you can get away with just about any housing design you have in mind.

many preferred normal looking mega mansions but then there’s Vladislav Doronin the Russian CEO of Imam resorts,

he decided one day that he would like to live in a giant spaceship and so he had it built,

you certainly can’t fault the guy for a lack of imagination.

Doronin 28,500 square-foot mansion is described on his architects website

as fluid geometries emerging from the landscape and remaining partially embedded within the hillside. 

Apparently it’s not professional enough to just say our client lives in an imperial star destroyer from

Star Wars, nevertheless,

we’re going to say exactly that because come on, what else could this not humble abode possibly resemble. 


The 72 foot tall lookout tower portion of this mansion simply makes it look even more like the

preferred battle vehicle of the Darkside, it doesn’t sound like Doronin had space in mind,

his request to his architect was simply

“I want to wake up in the morning and just see blue sky”

how the architect got spaceship out of that when the sky is extremely not blue outer space I don’t know but I’m also super glad you did. 

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8. Cohetillos: El Alto Bolivia 

As beautiful as many mansions are, they can suffer from monochrome patterns in an overall seamless.

not so in  El Alto  Bolivia, Where are a local architect

set out to create the most colorful charismatic mansions he could imagine and he most certainly delivered.

Architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre mansions are popularly they called

“cockatiels” which is Bolivian for (spaceships) one look at them and you’ll see why.

Each home Covered in dozens of crazy colors, nontraditional window shapes,

bizarre rooftops and unpredictable patterns they truly

do look like spaceships or maybe a castle run by an alien overlord.

These mansions aren’t at all boring on the inside either between LED lights,

Chinese Chandeliers, very geometric motives,

pillars and columns and more colors than an extra large box of Kranz.

Every inch of the Silvestri mansion is a feast for your eyes but he doesn’t

just design this way for kicks or because most of the buildings in the area look-alike,

his intention is to introduce indigenous Culture into a modern world.


The timeless on Dan and Tina Custo Style he used really stand out

against a sea of functional ticky-tacky, Silvestri is built over 70 of the spaceship so far.

Each one completely different from the next and shows no signs of stopping,

so you live around Bolivia or plan to move there and have a $300-$600,000 he asks for Per place? 

 U too can live in an architectural masterpiece that’s truly like no other. 

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7. Desert “Supervillain Lair” Joshua Tree California 

You know those creepy super villain lairs built into the mountain?

the kind where Blofeld would bring James Bond to for torture and unnecessary exhibition. 

Well one exist for real and if you want to see it you simply need to visit California’s Joshua tree

desert, no license to kill required, designed in 1988 but not truly finish until the early 2000s.


This 4600 square-foot mansion officially called the desert house looks like it was carved right of from the mountains.

it’s copper walls and roofs look almost exactly like stone slabs and the roofs jet out far beyond

the house itself providing plenty a cool shade for viewing and From a Bird’s Eye view,

it may be difficult to even see your house there at all,

the designers goal was to make the house seem like an organic part of the desert so mission accomplished.

Plus since the home stands on 10 acres of land, your only neighbors

are miles of Joshua tree desert so you’ll be free to carry out all your evil schemes and absolute privacy. 

Inside the home, it’s just a super villain with the building ceilings, crazy spirals alien looking

chandeliers and sharp edges seemingly everywhere even in the chair legs the designers website

called the interior warm and intimate and it Probably is when you hang out there but let’s face,

it it looks like a place you extract top-secret information from your enemy and don’t expect to

move into this place anytime soon sadly it was purchased for $3 million in 2014

by Manhattan Beach couple who according to the New York Times wish to preserve it as a work of art. 

If you want your stylishly evil lair to carry  out your stylist evil schemes,

you’re just gonna have to build one yourself. 

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6. Dr Seuss House: Talkeetna Alaska

Would you live inside this house? would you live there with a mouse? don’t worry,

That’s  my one and only Dr. Seuss rhyme.

But I had to do it because this mansion looks exactly like something

the good doctor would’ve drawn from one of his books technically called the goose Creek tower,

everyone who isn’t the owner calls it the Dr. Seuss tower.

How else could you describe this thing? it’s a house with another house built on  Top then there’s

another smaller house on top of the second house and this pattern continues until they were four increasingly smaller house piled on top one another.

If that’s not head scratching enough, sitting on top of the fourth house is a 185 foot tower,

you may be wondering what’s the Masterpiece the designer ripped this house from.

The answer is none of them, people don’t call it the suess house because it came from any particular story, they call it that because it could have come from one.

Though if any seuss character would live here it would probably be the

cat in the hat because it could use all that extra tower space to store his hats.

but what is it used for? well according to the owner and designer Phil beater,

he wants to install a telescope at the top as well as launch a ham radio station.

He wants to call it radio free goose Creek but I think radio free whoville makes far more sense. 

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Technically His tower isn’t finished, not that Vidor mind, he sees the mansion

as less a place to live in and more a poem to the sky.

In other words,

don’t expect him to place it on the market anytime soon but maybe you could convince him otherwise. 


5. Bat Casa: San Miguel Mexico

Who doesn’t love Batman?! besides all the criminals of Gotham I mean, the Cape crusader is so

popular it makes perfect sense that somebody designed a mansion based on him,

San Miguel Steve Did just that, building his very own bat casa,

it’s a two-story home with a Batman symbol displayed prominently out front.

With that said, it doesn’t exactly look like the grim and dark Batcave we see in the movies

and comics rather this bizarre 1500 square-foot mini mansion looks like something out of an art

gallery with wavy white walls that simultaneously melt into one another

and attempt to pull itself apart like cheese and a mozzarella stick. 

This bizarre ecstatic  building continues as you venture inside, everything looks like it was fused

together with strange shapes Kruzan Rid of sculpted branches twisting and dancing together to form a living space,

unlike any other, it almost looks like you’re living in a plaster jungle no more so than when you’re

sleeping in a bed built right into the plaster and in that sense,

it does seem like you’re living in a grande cave though not the kind that will attract martial artist dressed like bat’s. 

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The bat casa is so unique, it’s become a local landmark and you can stay there too.

While the Abat Casa is not on the market, you can rent it out for around $90 per night on average,

for a place with three bedrooms, two baths and an ecstatic abstract of art gallery, that’s a downright bargain.  


4. Falcon’s Nest: Prescott Arizona 

Living in the mountains is hard, living near a mountain however

inside a luxury mansion over 100 feet in the sky surrounded by trees with no noisy neighbors is both easy and desirable. 

Officially known as the Pace of Laurel house and many called this 10 storey estate the Falcons nest,

instead and for good reason it features living quarters that reach out to 124 feet in the air,

a 2000 square-foot solarium that looks like a nest Tower top,

that might as well be a majestic falcon.

Set against a backdrop that includes the 6500 foot thumb butte mountain. Living here is essentially like living inside a movie.

The Falcons current owners are asking for $1.5 million which is a fair chunk of change but Hey!

Whoever pays that Much is getting some primo living space with 6200 ft.²

that includes three bedrooms and four bathrooms not to mention

a main floor with a 360° view of the Arizona wilderness below. 

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3. Sunset Beach Water Tower: Orange County, California 

If you’re a 90s kid who grew up on Animaniacs, you probably think living in a water tower is more a

punishment than a luxury, well the genius architects behind this sunset beach

water tower in orange county California beg to differ. 


They turned a musty old water tower into a legitimately luxurious spot to live,

be 87 foot high PCH water tower was once a regular old water tower that stored upwards

of 75,000 gallons of water at a time.

It’s more than 300 tons but in the late 1970s, all the water

went elsewhere and the tower just stood there by its lonesome watching over us like a forgotten Greek god.

That is until the 80s when some investors decided to revamp it into a cozy private home,

later sold it to a return Fire chief named Gerald Wallace for $800,000 even attempted to flip it for up to $8,000,000,000.

But Ultimately settled for 1.5 million meaning that he still made money on the deal,

especially considering he’s been renting the place out from your $4000 per week.

This tower get a lot for their 1.5 million despite looking exactly like a water tower on the outside,

inside you’ll find 2800 ft.² of living space this includes three bedrooms, a 145 gallon aquarium

and a party room featuring a fire pit that you can Chemically lift up when it’s time to dance plus the

view of Sunset Beach simply can’t be beaten. I’m like yeah go wacko and that you won’t feel stuck

inside this place instead you’ll feel like a monarch looking down on your subjects while enjoying all the finest parts of life. 

2. The Upside-Down House: Beverly Hills, California 

We all know about the traditional multi floor home set up, living room and kitchen on the bottom bedrooms on top. 


Well here’s a mansion that flips that set up on its head literally, located in Beverly Hills California

this upside down house features it’s living corner at the top floor facing the bedrooms on the lower level,

that’s probably a little jarring when you first moved in though it does make sense after all if you’re

so tired that you just have to go to bed now,

why would you want to climb a bunch of stairs to get there

that’s not the reason this $3.2 million mansions architects design their house this way though,

the area they built it contains over 100 Oak trees all of which

are federally protected from lumberjacks coming in with the racks and turning them into toothpicks.

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So to build a multi floor estate, they had to build one of the floors directly into the hillside and since

the only earth level floor is entirely see-through,

it would make for a ton of privacy when

getting your sleep on but if you’re sleeping in the basement surrounded by protective greenery,

you have as much privacy as you need so well it’s not literally an upside down house like

“Dracula’s castle and symphony of the night” it’s still mighty bizarre in It’s own right plus it

features no evil vampires which is always a plus while looking for a comfortable place to lay your head. 


1. The Helicopter: Freiburg, Germany

Living in a spaceship is one thing but living in a giant battery is quite another,

but that’s about the only way to describe Germany’s heliotrope both in shape and function. 

This 48 foot high mansion is literally battery shape but it’s circular set up isn’t just designed to be cool,

the heliotrope actually rotates though unlike those novelty restaurants that makes it hard for those

with motion sickness to enjoy their sandwich but it doesn’t do so every day and it only rotates 180°. 

Added to that, it is solar powered and its rotation follows the sun,

it faces the sun during the cooler months and turns it insulated deck into the start during the hard times.

This means that at all times that heliotrope is a probably absorbing solar energy,

it actually produces more energy than it uses making it the first home in history to do so. 

Sadly 25 years after it was built, it remains one of the few homes that do.  Architect Rob Dish who

designed the heliotrope in 1994 and still lives there lives a luxurious life as well as an environmentally friendly one,

the heliotrope is huge with tons of rooms as well as a garden terrace,

viewing deck and naturally a sundeck. Hey who said saving the planet had to be uncomfortable.


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