Top 10 Youngest Self Made Billionaire Of All Time


For the most part, billionaires who weren’t born that way aren’t young even if they were born into wealth?

It takes a long time to go from $1 million to a billion.

Although some However,

have no patience to wait around for the Hundreds of millions to come pouring in.

So they find a way to make the gigantic box super fast,

try not to feel jealous as we countdown the

Top 10 youngest self made billionaire of all time

10. Kylie Jenner: 21 years old 

What were you doing when you were Twenty-One years-old buying your first beer while it was your first legal one Anyway, that’s great. 

But Kylie Jenner celebrated turning 21 an entirely different way by becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in known history.

Obviously Kylie Jenner didn’t come from Rags as a member of the high-profile Kardashian / Jenner Clan. Young Kylie was already worth quite a bit of money,

but recently she’s picked it up many notches.

Kylie owns a Cosmetics company called Kylie Cosmetics for a while, but nothing too crazy then in November 2018.

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 She started an exclusive deal with beauty retailer “Ulta” suddenly

her Cosmetics ran over 1,100 stores around the country,

that combined with Kylie social media-savvy and fan-friendly personality set business skyrocketing. 

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Within few months, Kylie cosmetics was valued at over $900,000,000 And guess what Kylie Jenner is the one and only  owner.

The Kashi already had and figure that she only has a handful of employees and she is now worth

over a billion dollars while Jenner didn’t bootstrap her way to

10 figure status she still took a small company and made it absolutely enormous. And that simply cannot be denied.

9. Mark Zuckerberg: 23 years old 

If any Tech figure has influenced your day-to-day lives more than Mark Zuckerberg. We’d like to meet them,

the founder of Facebook.

AKA that site you keep checking when you should be

checking our site is the reason social media is as omnipresent as it is today. 

He didn’t invent the idea of social media, but he made it so accessible that everyone who had no

internet connection can have access to it.

He started an Harvard only website called the Facebook.

Yes, besides original name was literally what old people call it to annoy their grandkids originally

as a fun yet sophomoric way to rank Harvard girls hotness level but soon enough Zuckerberg realize that Facebook could do far more than ranked pretty girls.

They could connect people.

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 So he tweeted to become more of a social network one that quickly took off around the campus.

It proved so popular. In fact, that zuckerberg realized other colleges would love it too.

So he expanded it again making it so anyone with a college email address could join after just a

couple of years Zuckerberg concluded that catering to college kids was limiting.

Facebook should be enjoyed by all.

So Anyone with an email can join. Did it ever occur that Facebook simplistic style appeal to every possible demographic.

Soon Virtually Everyone of every generation had a Facebook account all this propelled Zuckerberg

value to the stratosphere and in 2008.

He became the youngest self-made billionaire ever Kylie Jenner broke his record a decade later,

but at a current net worth of over 68 billion dollars, we are guessing zuck isn’t crying much about it. 

8. Evan Spiengel: 25 years old

Worried about your pictures lingering around the internet long after you posted them then Snapchat is for you.

It’s apparently also for a ton of people judging by how quickly their CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel became a billionaire off the app.

Spiegel was born wealthy with both his parents being high-priced lawyers who resided in Malibu

California Spiegel went to an expensive private school and later to Stanford there He met fellow

tech nerds Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown together They designed an Innovative app called

peekaboo where you would send pictures to your friends that would disappear moments later. 

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It was a social media sharing app for people who valued privacy. In 2012 Spiegel left Stanford and

begin working on picabo now called Snapchat full-time,

the move paid off as the company quickly grew in popularity. It grew so big that in 2013 Facebook

owner Mark Zuckerberg offered to buy it for an incredible $3,000,000,000,

how many people will say no to that much money? Spiegel did, telling mark to buzz off,

He believed Snapchat was his and he would make his billions using it and not by selling it.

And guess what? He was right. 

 In 2015 speigle joined the billionaires Club at the tender age of 25 in 2017 he

received an incredible $800,000,000 cash bonus after successfully taking Snapchat public. 

At his Peak he was worth over 4 billion dollars more than Zuckerberg was willing to pay him to go away.

In 2018 Snapchat lost almost eight hundred million dollars with Rihanna called for her fans to

delete the app after it posted an offensive ad related to her break up with Chris brown,

just a short while later Kylie Jenner tweeted “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?

Or is it just me…..ugh this is so sad”

That single statement cost the company 1.3 billion dollars but don’t cry for

Evan Spiegel tho because he’s still worth about $3,000,000,000. 

7. John Collison: 26 years old 

Checks are dead. Nobody carries cashing and online payments are all the range.

So companies like stripe which let’s both businesses and individual send money over the internet

are in high demand, the brothers in charge of stripe aren’t just in high demands,

they are in the money.  

John and his brother Patrick whom we will talk about later are Irish entrepreneurs who founded a

software company called shuper in 2007 and within a year shuper had both merged with another

company and got bought out entirely and this gave the 17 year old collison a decent amount of

money which he used to attend and graduate from Harvard University,

after leaving Harvard in 2009,

the collisons founded a company called stripe. It paid off as 6 years later stripe has grown So huge that both collisions are Bonafide billionaires. 

 John was just 26 at the time, today he is still going strong with a net worth of over two billion dollars.

Not bad for the owner of a company that is essentially PayPal only not. 

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6. Dustin Moskovitz: 26 years old 

Facebook is so powerful even people who aren’t with the company

any more are making billions off of it such as the story of Dustin moskovitz. 

 Moskovitz was Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard and the two launched Facebook together.

 Moskovitz served as the company’s Chief technology officer until 2008 when he left to strike out on his own.

However, even though he no longer work for Facebook. He retained his 6% stake in the company in

2010 when Facebook ballooned in Value, that minority stake made Dustin moskovitz a billionaire at

age 26 nearly a decade later being a singular billionaire must feel old to moskovitz, he’s currently

worth over 11 billion dollars. Thanks those Facebook shares for being more valuable than ever and

additions to project management tool he founded after Facebook. Asana is currently valued at 1.5

billion dollars once Asana becomes profitable who knows how heavy moskovitz wallet will be.

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5. Bobby Murphy: 27 years old 

Unlike the Facebook group, two of Snapchat co-founders are still running the company together.

This means that Evan Spiegel success is Bobby Murphys as well and both are extremely young self-made

billionaires Murphy attended Stanford and was in the same Fraternity as Spiegel and Reggie Brown. 

 After launching their college advise start up called future freshman that went nowhere.

The trio went on to work on something called picaboo,

They change the name to Snapchat and after graduating from Stanford, Murphy worked an

engineering job to pay Snapchat sample server bills,

that sacrifice paid off as Snapchat blew up in both popularity and value has majority stockholders by a wide Margin,

Murphy and Spiegel both profited significantly with Murphy becoming a billionaire at age 27

and he’s currently worth over 3,000,000,000. Although as for the other guy Reggie brown in 2013 he

was kicked out of the company so filled a lawsuit,

he was claiming he thought of the idea and he wasn’t given any credit. He was hoping to get half a

billion dollars in the suit but in 2014 settled for 157.5 million dollars and that’s not a billion,

but it’ll definitely pay the bills.

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4. Patrick Collison: 28 years old 

Stripes other founder Patrick Collison became a billionaire at the same time as his brother but because he’s two years older.

He technically took longer to make his money, he isn’t complaining though. 

Patrick was interested in technology and science from an early age,

in 2005 at just 16 he won Ireland’s young scientist

and Technology exhibition by creating his own programming language.

In 2010 already a millionaire thanks to merging and selling his first company Shuper. 

Patrick and his brother founded stripe and 6years later,

the company was valued at over 9 billion dollars and both brothers were young billionaires,

Patrick alone is currently worth over 2 billion dollars and That’s the kind of money that allows someone to pursue all sorts of passions.

In Patrick’s case,

He’s a huge bookWorm and parlay that into launching his own Publishing Company Stripe Press and whether he makes Money off of that,

is irrelevant since stripe as given him enough to live for his rests of his days. 

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3. Eduardo Saverin: 28 years old 

If you need further proof of how huge Facebook really is, then consider this.

In 2010 only 8 American billionaires were under 40 years old, three of them founded Facebook.

We’ve already discussed two of them and now here’s the third and  Saverin, you may know the

fictionalized version of his story as told in the movie The Social Network. Here’s the real version of

fellow Harvard students that helped Mark Zuckerberg to launch Facebook and until 2005 service the

company’s business manager but around that time Zuckerberg got frustrated with saverin’s non

Facebook interest and decided to caught him out of the company after some crafty illegal wrangling,

when Zuck’s new company bought out zuck’s old company and didn’t transfer any of the new

company shares to Saverin, the breakup was official but Saverin wasn’t interested in going away

quietly, he filled a lawsuit that Facebook settled by giving him around 5% of the company’s shares

in 2010 as Facebook exploded in value those shares gave Saverin  over a billion dollars currently.

He’s worth over 10 billion.

In 2012,

he renounced his US citizenship to live in Singapore, this move has saved him hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.

Apparently for some people you don’t get to 10 billion dollars without bending a few rules.

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2. Sergey Brin: 30 years old 

Google the Search engine to end all search engines is practically synonymous with the internet,

if you say you googled something,

people know exactly what you mean and it all started with one young billionaires self-made Tech Guru Sergey Brin. 

 Brin attended Stanford and Medicaid name to Larry Page during orientation,

the two formed a bond at least partially because both realize the world needed a better search engine.

They created one called Google that was powered by their very own algorithm called pagerank.

This algorithm analyze the amount in ranking of websites Backlinks to determine how high or low

the site would appear in a Google search.

Google took off at Stanford and once it became available to anyone with a computer it completely revolutionize web surfing.

it became so huge that when the company went public in 2004. It was already valued at 27 billion

dollars this made brin just a few days shy of 31 years old and overnight billionaire, 15 years later

Google and Sergey Brin show Absolutely No signs of stopping, ever. 

Google is currently worth over 300 billion dollars and its parent company “Alphabet”

is worth an incredible $ 1,000,000,000,000 and since sergey brin owns both he’s making money like

crazy. He is currently the 10th richest person on Earth with almost 54 billion dollars to his name

not bad for a website that upon first glance is a white screen and a search bar and not much more.

1. Elizabeth Holmes:30 years

Technically Elizabeth Holmes was a self-made billionaire in reality just about everything that made

her rich was a giant scam, in 2003 a 19 year old homes found in fairness of blood testing startup

that claim they can perform a full blood test using a minuscule fraction of the amount of blood other tests require. 

The idea attracted many backers and by 2014, the company was valued at 9 billion dollars that

meant for 30 year old homes was worth 4.5 billion dollars making her the youngest female self-made billionaire at the time.


just two years later Forbes revise her net worth to a whopping zero that’s because a series of Investigations revealed their noses revolutionary blood testing technology Simply didn’t exist.

One By One Financial backers dropped out of funding the company, pharmaceutical companies backed out of working with them and Holmes found herself legally barred from owning another company for 10 years.

Problems aren’t through she’s also been charged with multiple counts of criminal wire fraud with a

trial set to begin in the summer of 2020 and her lawyers are currently attempting to remove

themselves from the case since she apparently haven’t paid them in over a year. 

It’s not hard to see why Fortune Magazine ranked her among the world’s most disappointing leaders.

Let’s us know your thoughts regarding this list in the comment section below. 

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