Top 15 Richest Rappers Of 2019


Rappers are notorious for highlighting their lavish lifestyles and massive fortunes although some


MCs are accused of stunting when they are actually broke while other rappers manages to grow

wealth through music sales, touring and cooperate endorsements. 

Today we are counting down the top 15 Richest rappers of 2019. 

15.Meek Mill

Robert Rihmeek Williams better known by his stage name meek mill is a Philadelphia base rapper

with huge following, despite the 12years court battle an ongoing legal challenges,

meek is still a relatively prolific artist with 4 albums all of which has been certified as a gold

or platinum. Beyond this,

meek mill has a number of corporate endorsements to help him at his finances.

During his infamous feud with drake, he was sponsored by Burger King while drake was sponsored

by WhataBurger the end result was that 2019 was a huge year for meek financially,

he earned approximately $21 million. 


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14.Swizz Beatz 

Swizz beatz is a big rapper who had his A-days in the early 2000s

but clearly things are still going well for the MC,

he accumulated $23 million in 2019 alone. 

First hired by Ruff Ryders Records he went on to produce hits for Jay-Z, Busta Rhymez and many others.

Swizz has worked with rappers recently like Kanye west,

Kendrick Lamar and has released arguably popular solo albums in 2018, aside from musics,

Swizz is added multiple entrepreneurs endeavors to his achievements including fashion designs,

art collecting and board directing.

He’s been a creative director for these companies, Monster Cable and Reebok. 

13.Cardi B

Coming in at number 13 is Cardi B, she had a huge break out in the year 2017 with her single Bodak

Yellow And has showed no signs of slowing down since then, despite having her first child and a

messy public split with rapper offset, tho she only has one album under her belt that granted her

the Grammy for best rap album and she has been heavily featured on other artists songs in the

following years.

Clearly she still has the strong revenue stream and she pulled in over $28 million in 2019. 


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Born in 1992 in lebron New York,

Cardi B first got the world’s attention through social media with her open life as a stripper,

fast forward to 2017 when she stopped being an influencer to pursue music full time. 

12.Nicki Minaj

Though she recently announced her retirement from music,

Nicki Minaj still made $29 million in 2019 making her the 12 best paid rapper in the world. 

Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in queens,

In 2010 she sign a record deal with lil Wayne’s young money entertainments and she released her breakthrough record

“Pink Friday” which peaked at No.1 on the Us billboard 200 and was ultimately

certified triple platinum by the recording industry association of America. 


She now has four album under her belt and a huge holds of endorsements form brands like MAC cosmetics, Nokia, Adidas and Tidal among many others. 

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11.J cole

Jermaine Lamarr Cole better known as j cole initially gained recognition as a rapper following the release of his day view mixtape

“the come up” in early 2007, he intended on pursuing a solo career as a rapper,

he went on to release two additional mixtapes “the warm up” and “Friday night lights”

at the signing of jay-z roc nation in 2009 but his breakthrough came in 2011 when he released his debut album

“cole world the sideline story” and it immediately hit the No 1. 

The rapper now has 5 albums under his belt his own record label and launched his own music

festival in 2019 and that earned him more than $31 million making him number 11 in our list. 


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10.Childish Gambino

Donald Glover also known by his rapper name Childish Gambino is one of the most multi talented

rapper of today, aside from his lucrative rap career Glover is a writing,

director, actor, stand up comedian and a producer. 

His credits includes the tv show Atlanta in addition to rows in the lion king, solo in Star Wars story

and spider man homecoming and he also wrote for the acclaimed show “30 rock”

and starting the show Community. His last album “Awaken my love” was recently certified platinum.

Although he is allegedly retiring from music he earned $35 million in 2019 alone he has also

benefited from an ongoing endorsement deal with adidas.

No doubts his numerous fans are curious what Glover has up his sleeves next. 


This is the only rap group on the count down. Migos is an America hip hop trio from Laurence ville

Georgia founded in 2008 and they are composed of three rappers known by their stage names

Takeoff, offset and Quavo. 


It’s unclear how their total earnings are split up but it’s obvious that the trio has had a big year

following the release of their big album “Culture” in 2007, Migos spends  time in the public eye

mastering their craft and releasing their second No 1 album in its many years “Culture II” and their

next album “Culture III” is set to be release in 2020 still having a great year,

the group pulled a total of &36 million in 2019. 

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8.Kendrick Lamar 

Indisputably the most acclaimed rapper artist of his generation.

Kendrick Lamar is a rear MC who has achieved critical and commercial success. 

The artist hasn’t released an album since 2017 but the album in question

“DAMN” has been certified as triple platinum and received many more listens. 

The rapper only played five shows in 2019 and didn’t release any new music so it’s unclear were

exactly his revenue is coming from but he still managed to accrued $38.5 million during the year,

well this is very impressive,

it’s much less than he made in 2018 when he pulled in $58 million. 

7.Dj Khaled

Khaled Mohamed Khaled better known by his stage name

Dj Khaled is an American record producer and radio personality Dj and record executive. 

He was a radio host for the Miami radio host for the Miami based music radio station 99jamz and

the Dj for the hip hop group “Terror Squad”.

Although some might protest his qualifications as a rapper,

Khaled has been as stable in the music scene for many years following the series of widely funny Snapchat stories.

In 2016 Khaled began to earn some cloud online and his new found online recognition

cost him to gain popularity which made him an Internet phenomenon.

Well deserved or not, Khaled is doing very well for himself his 11th studio album father of Ashad

debut at No 2 on the billboard chart. Allegedly this cost Khaled to threaten to sue

billboard for not featuring him at No 1 but it still earned him an impressive $40 million. 


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Eminem is one of the biggest name in hip hop and though many seem to believe he’s passed his

prime but that hasn’t stopped the Detroit based MC from mounting a massive come back over the

past three years with two new albums and consistent touring. 

Many consider Marshall to be the link between classic gangster rap and and the commercially

successful radio rap of the early 2000s. Though he took 2019 off and 2018 was a big year for slim

shady who release his comeback album “Karmakaze” the rapper only played eight shows this year

but his royalties must be working wonders because the Detroit rapper made an insane $50 million in 2019. 


5.Travis Scott

More than doubling the amount he made in 2018,

Euston rapper made $58 million in 2019 alone he came to prominence in 2012 after signing to

kanye west good music label and after successfully collaborations with quavo,

Kendrick Lamar and drake,

Scott established himself as one of the hottest rappers in the game although he’s still riding high on

the double platinum album Astro World from 2018 and allegedly working On another album for 2020. 

These past years has been relatively quiet for Scott as he released a tribute song for Game of

Thrones and produced a documentary for Netflix but otherwise earned a ton from streaming

revenues and corporate partnerships this is an addition to messy break up with his partner Kylie Jenner. 

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Sean John Combs has been known by a number of stage names over the years including puff daddy,

p diddy, puffy, diddy, brother love and b love. 

Diddy has learned the secret to being one of the richest man in rap, started selling albums and then

move on to other business ventures although he hasn’t released an album since 2010,

Diddy is still the second richest rapper in the world,

Fortune magazine listed combs at No 12 on their top 40 of entrepreneurs under 40 in 2002.

Though he has retired from music, Diddy still made $70 million in 2019.

His last studio album was in 2006 but Diddy makes his money from his clothing line. 

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Getting his start as a wheelchair bound teenager in the after school special “The grassy”

this Canadian rapper is one of the biggest force in contemporary music,

after leaving the show he became one of the biggest rappers on the planet

after signing a deal with lil Wayne’s label Young money entertainments. 


He’s rarely out of the headlines whether it’s for dating Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez,

founding his own label OVO sound or fronting the NBA Toronto’s Raptors as the teams global

ambassador, it’s no surprise that Jay-Z labeled him the coby Bryant of hip hop. 

Like many other rappers on this list he neither released an album this

year nor went to a world tour but he still manages to make an astonishing $75 million. 

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The only rapper worth an excess of $1 billion. Jay-z is by far the wealthiest rapper of all time and

like most truly wealthy rappers he realized that big money is made outside of the world of entertainment. 


The New York City native sold crack to make ends meet when he was growing up but in the

successive years he became one of the biggest rappers in the world after selling millions of record

with his roc-fellas label Jay-z created his own clothing line and founded an entertainment company

he wed popular singer and actress Beyoncé  in 2008 making them one of the wealthiest couple on earth.

As such, the rapper manages to make $81 million. 

1.Kanye West

2019 was a huge year for Kanye west the Chicago rapper has never taken the top spot but in 2019 he

earned a whopping $150 million almost twice as much as the next highest earning rapper  though

his controversial album “Jesus is King” picked at No 1 and it was not nearly as popular as his past album.

To put it in perspective, he’s returned to the Christian faith has sold about 100 thousand

units where as his first album sold 3.3 million in total but Kanye isn’t making most of his money from music these days. 

His Yeezy clothing brand is expected to do $1.5 billion on sales and he’s well

on his way to matching Michael Jordan in over all snickers sales. 

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