Everything You Need To Know About ViewsPayForum


Viewspayforum is a new website that has just been launched few days, it’s basically a website that pay you for the amount of views your post can amass on their forum.


Viewspayforum members can earn as much as possible,by posting news,by sharing sponsored post,daily logins on viewspayforum.

But before you register and start posting, you need to know that they are some guidelines you will need to follow so your posts can get approved and your account do not get banned.

Here are some things you need to take note of before making a post: Viewspayforum

Posting of irrelevant or a copy and paste news can lead to deactivation of account if our admins keep getting your news post that is not well structured or a copy and paste news.

If you post any news from any news website it is very important for every member to also include the source of where they got their news from,by doing that your news can be approved without delays.

Viewspayforum pays members for posting latest news online and reading news online.

There you have it, those are the important guidelines you need to take note of.

How the sign up works

1. Sign up for free and get ₦100 welcome bonus.

2. Earn ₦50 daily login.

3. Earn ₦500 when you refer your friends.

4. Earn ₦100 for sharing sponsored post.

5. Earn over ₦500 when people view your news post online.

6. Withdraw ₦2,000 daily with ₦800 recurring subscription fee per daily withdrawal.


NOTE: payment is made within 48hours due to the number of withdrawal request from members and compiling of payment list,also referral is not compulsory.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Viewspayforum.

1.Question: Can i register for free on viewspayforum?


Answer: Yes,registration is free on viewspayforum.


2.Question: Can I refer more than one person?


Answer: Yes,members can refer more than one person to join viewspayforum.


3.Question: Is the ₦800 subscription fee a one time fee for daily withdrawal?


Answer: No, the ₦800 subscription fee is a recurring fee each time a member wants to request for their daily withdrawal.


4.Question: Without referrals will I still get paid within 48hours?


Answer: Yes,without referral,we still pay our members within 48hours.


5.Question: Why are members paid within 48hours?


Answer: Members are paid within 48hours due to the number of withdrawal request from much users.


6.Question: Can I post unlimited news?


Answer: Yes,members are allowed to post as much news as they can post and wait for approval from our admins.


7.Question: Can I withdraw more than ₦2,000 per day?


Answer: No, members can only withdraw ₦2,000 per day.


8.Question: Without sharing daily sponsored post,will I get paid?


Answer: No,without sharing our sponsored post daily,members won’t get paid,sharing of sponsored post is compulsory.


9.Question: How long before my news post can be approved?


Answer: Members news post get approved within 24hours after submission.


10.Question: How much can one earn per view?

✔ 100 view ⚌ ₦100

✔  500 views ⚌  ₦500

✔  1000 views ⚌  ₦1,000

✔  2000 views ⚌ ₦2,000

✔  3000 views ⚌ ₦3,000

✔  4000 views ⚌ ₦4,000

Post more news and turn your views into cash

I hope this review has covered everything you need to know about Viewspayforum.

Please leave your thoughts below in the comment section.


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  1. I have some questions:
    1. Does it mean I can’t cash out all the money in my viewspayforum into my bank account?
    2. How do I get my cash?
    3. What is I don’t request to withdraw, will I still be charged the #800 daily subscription fee?

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